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    i'm not sure how it would help today, but i know when i started 8 years ago or so, I crafted a lot of things and i outdistance and beat those that were almost a thousand levels higher than me becuz the items they did buy, were crap and i just out crafted what they bought each month. about three or four years ago was when i bought my first item, and now I do buy a lot of stuff, but I also craft a lot more items when i am able to craft, but at my level now, over 10000 levels, there's not a lot to craft. actually only two items left that I can craft.
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    EXCELLENT info here...Thank you very much to the author and ALL the other contributors. 5 star rating for sure! :)
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    Currently working on a complete listing of all blueprint items and boss drops. Possibly other sheets as well. About 2/3 of the second sheet is similar to the one with pictures by easy to remember and I did get the info from exham from there. It also includes owner and random boss drops however. I also got referred to his post several times. If anyone would like to use the spreadsheet and/or fill in missing info, please feel free to do so.
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    Thank you!!!
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    Ty for this.
  6. Can you help me? a I am not near the level yet to know what or where this item is? Brotherhood Assassin Gear? do you know where it is when it becomes available and what its a and d is? pleas and thank you in advance :) asking for a friend :)
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    minimum damage palermo coop boss drop. Illuminati It is on the second page of the spreadsheet in my signature. 23 att/ 27 def.
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    Not only have I added a world boss tab I made an easier link to the spreadsheet. http://tinyurl.com/LCNsheet Feel free to view it, use it, and fill in any missing info especially in the blueprints and challenge tab.
  9. Half the picture are not showing can you check please
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    < Please see Post #14 in this Thread for more information and a partial list of those who are credited for solving the Recipes! >
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    you might find the spreadsheet in my signature is much more informative.
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    Thank you for the hard work and insight I have made several of the things using the recipes and am working on getting the rest, as I work my way up the levels
  13. HyitsSmee

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    Thank you for the hard work and insight I have made several of the things using the recipes and am working on getting the rest, as I work my way up the levels
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    Thanks people for all those info !! I still haven’t understand the game fully,still trying to go up the level, if someone could tell me if it is ok to boost my defense and attack strength to the max or the health??
    Thank you much appreciate
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    I too am still learning the game, but brought with me from Mob Wars that I'm doing much better as I increase defence, attack and health as well as energy and stamina. One other in my syndicate , has more weapons and vehicles and is 140 levels above me, but because my health is higher than his, I can do more damage. So as I earn skill points, for every six I earn I raise each by one. It takes six points to raise the five qualities by one as it takes two points to raise one stamina.
    Right now, I've got 1123 energy and stamina,809 attack and defense and 10860 health. I'm at level 900 and joined 273 days ago.
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    Thank you for the info’s I’ll be trying as you say
    Thank you again
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    http://tinyurl.com/LCNsheet is now updated with as much info as I currently have up through Washington DC. Different tabs at the bottom are for different things.

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