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    Finally - a COMPLETE List of EVERY Hidden Blueprint Recipe for Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra (as of June 10, 2016) and Their Respective Category, Attack, & Defense Strengths - ALL in ONE Place!


    < Please see Post #14 in this Thread for more information and a partial list of those who are credited for solving the Recipes! >

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    ( Click on any of the Images Below to Enlarge Them )
    Razorblade Tophat
    HB Razorblade Tophat.jpg
    [WEAPON] Attack: 19 / Defense: 20
    London – Level: 55
    X1 Assault Rifle (Weapon - Purchasable)
    X1 Titanium Switchblade (Must be Crafted)
    X2 Incriminating Photos (Random Drop from London Job: "Bluesnarf at heathrow")

    Cellular Gun
    HB Cellular Gun.jpg

    [WEAPON] Attack: 24 / Defense: 22
    Las Vegas – Level: 90
    X1 Gold Brick (Must be Crafted)
    X1 Diamond Knuckles (Must be Crafted)
    X2 Lead Pipe (Las Vegas Boss Drop)

    HB Snowplow.jpg

    [VEHICLE] Attack: 19 / Defense: 19
    Moscow – Level: 120
    X1 Yacht (Vehicle - Purchasable)
    X1 S.W.A.T. Bearcat (Vehicle - Purchasable)
    X1 Turret-Armed Humvee (Vehicle - Purchasable)

    Flamethrower Lamp
    HB Flamethrower Lamp.jpg

    [WEAPON] Attack: 27 / Defense: 27
    Dubai – Level: 170
    X1 Sheik’s Scimitar (Must be Crafted)
    X1 Explosive Zippos (Gift Item)

    Dragon Cannon
    HB Dragon Cannon.jpg

    [WEAPON] Attack: 34 / Defense: 30
    Shanghai - Level: 210
    X1 Ninja Spike Chain (Must be Crafted)
    X1 Shurikaboom (Will Need: x1 Hunter Pistol from London Challenge Reward & x1 C4 Explosives Gift Item)

    Transformed Car Robot
    HB Transformed Car Robot.jpg

    [VEHICLE] Attack: 30 / Defense: 29
    Tokyo – Level: 270
    X1 Supersonic Train (Must be Crafted)
    • Will Need: x1 Nissan GTR from Tokyo Job "Run illegal street racing", x1 Nissan Skyline (Purchasable), x1 Cargo Plane (Purchasable)
    X1 Helicopter (Random Drop from Tokyo Job: "Rig a sumo match")
    X1 RAH-66 Commanche (Random Drop from Tokyo Job: "Smuggle firearms")

    Tequila Flamethrower
    HB Tequila Flamethrower.jpg

    [WEAPON] Attack: 45 / Defense: 35
    Tijuana – Level: 360
    X1 Magnum El Diablo (Must be Crafted)
    X1 Beretta Cheetah (Gift Item)
    X1 Carcano Carbine (Gift Item)

    Magnetic Charges
    HB Magnetic Charges.jpg

    [WEAPON] Attack: 41 / Defense: 32
    Medellin – Level: 420
    X1 RPG-7
    X1 Information Kit

    RG41 Rolling Thunder
    HB RG41 Rolling Thunder.jpg

    [VEHICLE] Attack: 35 / Defense: 35
    Johannesburg – Level: 700
    X1 Harley
    X1 Safari Jeep
    X1 Ford Torino

    Steel Harpoon Gun
    HB Steel Harpoon Gun.jpg

    [WEAPON] Attack: 41 / Defense: 46
    Bangkok – Level: 850
    X1 Diamond Cleaver
    X1 Attack Chimp
    X1 Zastava CZ99

    Rolex Garrote
    [WEAPON] Attack: 49 / Defense: 39
    Rio de Janeiro – Level: 1000
    X1 Incendiary AK-47
    X1 Milkor M32 MGL
    X1 Porsche 911

    Attack Gyroceptor

    [VEHICLE] Attack: 38 / Defense: 39

    San Francisco – Level: 1240
    X1 Combat Yacht
    X1 Hot Rod
    X1 Gold Jet


    [WEAPON] Attack: 54 / Defense: 40

    Sydney – Level: 1720
    X1 Damascus Katana
    X1 Scimitar

    Spike Club

    [WEAPON] Attack: 39 / Defense: 53

    Havana – Level: 2120
    X1 Crisobal M2
    X1 Boomerang
    X1 Diamond

    The Eiffel Laser

    [WEAPON] Attack: 69 / Defense: 56

    Paris – Level: 2520
    X1 Assassin Baguette
    X1 Rolex
    X1 Digital Recorder

    Exploding Leprechaun

    [Weapon] Attack: 69 / Defense: 57

    Dublin - Level: 3070
    X1 LPO 50 Flamethrower
    X1 Incinerator

    Roadster Bike

    [VEHICLE] Attack: 70 / Defense: 64

    Prague – Level: 3470
    X1 Jet Quad
    X1 RC Bomb

    Pulse Blaster

    [WEAPON] Attack: 62 / Defense: 62

    Berlin – Level: 4370
    X1 Panzerfaust
    X1 Shock Gauntlets


    [WEAPON] Attack: 55 / Defense: 69

    Madrid – Level: 4920
    X1 Gun Glove
    X1 Firecrackers
    X1 Detonator

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    Here is a downloadable copy of that list if you prefer (file is in .pdf format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader © v7.0 or higher)

    Updated September 09, 2015

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    Hi, where can I get the items for the dragon canon? Thanks
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    thanks for the list
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    What about the Dragon Cannon? How do you gain that item?
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    That YouTube channel is one that I started to help people out.
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    Yep I think we took care of them. Thanks for adding my link to your post. Appreciate it. Now just need to figure out what other videos I can make to help others out. :)
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    After becoming tired of constantly browsing the internet to search for Recipes on how to Craft all of the different Items in Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra, I have decided to compile a COMPLETE list of EVERY Craftable Item. FINALLY - we have ONE place with a list of EVERY Item that can be Crafted in LCN (as of September 19, 2015), so we don't have to search EVERYWHERE for that one Recipe we need! I have recently added images and the appropriate categories to which the Items belong (Weapon, Vehicle, Armor), along with their respective Attack/Defense Strengths, so you know if you will be using the Item or not (in the future). If you aren't sure what a particular Item is (or how to obtain it) for any given Recipe, most of the Items needed are either: Gifts, Items earned from certain Jobs, Rewards from Challenges, Boss Drops/Final Rewards Equipment, and some can be purchased from the in-game store (click on "STOCKPILE"). This took me a good bit of time to compile and make complete, so I hope many will find it useful. Credit for figuring out each individual Recipe is NOT mine, and a HUGE thanks goes out to those people who deserve the due credit for their work [some of those people include: @Gazember @Stefan Mihai @gods people and @Audigy for the YouTube Videos - Sorry to those I missed] - the ONLY credit I take is for compiling, organizing, updating, and Posting this list of EVERY Item that can be Crafted as of September 19, 2015 for Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra. All I ask in return is that you PLEASE give this Thread a "5-Star" Vote/Rating, by clicking on the 5th Star located top right of this page (see attached image below for location) Cheers!

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  11. I am sure I will equip any of the hidden blueprints just as often as any of the other items I craft (save optimal world boss weapons) perhaps the crafting needs to be updated. Till then I will collect fingers thanks.
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    thank you...I so appreciate the list.. do you know if there is a list with pictures of the items.. I thought I saw that type of a list last year... cannot locate today...thank you for your time and hard work...Karen
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    I could NOT agree with you more @Justin Cartier ! All of the Items that are available to Craft (including the last Craftable Item "Firebomb" which I can't even Craft yet due to Level restrictions) are MUCH too weak for most people to actually use (except for a very few Optimal Items that are Crafted from the World Boss Rewards Equipment like you mentioned)! I think it might be time for Kano to update the "Strengths" of these Items like they have recently done with LE and Loyalty Items!
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    As per user request, PICTURES of EVERY Item have now been added! Unfortunately, I found out that you can only Post ten pictures per Post, so I had to add a second Post (Post #18) in order to include a photo of every Item. So, between Posts #2 and #18, EVERY Item is now listed with pictures for your convenience! Hope they help(ed)..
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    this is post 14...I don't see a link anywhere
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    Who said there is supposed to be a "link" in Post #14 and what is this alleged "link" supposed to be for? o_O
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    I have finished adding pictures of EVERY Item now - hope it helps! :cool:
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    Unless you can't see it, there should be an Edit button on the top right of the poll. Click that and go all the way to the bottom of the page, there's an option there to delete the whole poll.
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    i guess i waited too long to respond to this, or i just didn't see it. i would have voted "never". i don't craft, it's useless to win fights unless you spend money to try to compete with the other moneyspenders.
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    same here, i don't bother with crafting, and you can't do much if someone is outspending you.

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