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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    Kendall--even if you take my whole favor points,my all weapons i win by helping every single strong boss ..I promise you i will still kick us ,you know why :
    -because i LOVE to play ,and i play hours a day ,so if i advance fast and kick some asses you consider it be my fault?
    - what should i do?
    _it will be alright to let your beloved Facebook players to win/
    /// hell no.i will play hours every day just to reach the top and kick everybody ass
    ................. EX LEVEL 2800 ON HI5
  2. Klaudinhu

    Klaudinhu New Member

    I guess that now all the FP's we make by leveling we'll just save them for buying new limited item's??? Restoring healt, energy or stamina??
    Cause we can't use them to get HC... The primary use or Fp's is getting HC be that on FB or Hi5 players!!..... Next step we'll be forced to give them to someone who's profile is of the same lvl as mine but has less chieftains so he can keep up... All in the name of the sport, right??
  3. Maler

    Maler Member

    okey, that's far enough. we didn't lose the hired chieftains, they were temporarily disabled. it's not like we even got to use them. remember that the game is made so you can't bring in battle more chieftains than your level.
    they people at Kano failed to explain properly, so we said a few bad words.
    now that's all over, let's keep playing.
  4. Quickstriker Bow

    Quickstriker Bow New Member

    Advantage? The advange has been created by this change.. Now we (Ex HI5 players) can't have the same number of chieftains that the other players have at low lvl... With this change i lost 94 wired chieftains, and everytime i get one more friend i lose another wired... THIS IS SO UNFARE!!!! There are normal players at my lvl with 1200-1500 chieftains and i can't compete with them because the system does alow me to... We got scrowed with that lame migration package and now this... Please reverse this or i will leave this game...
  5. Lil Jonny

    Lil Jonny Member


    Say 1:1 Transfer again. Say 1:1 Transfer again, I dare you, I double dare you **********, say 1:1 Transfer one more Goddamn time!​
  6. Lance Mustang

    Lance Mustang Member

    To all Hi5 players

    The issue isn't the fact that they want to win, the issue is you get 1000 or more free UN and they don't get shit makes them pissed off. When you get a bunch of free UN to play around with it doesn't make you better. I played Hi5 for 3 days and saw 7 level 34s on the hitlist at the same time. You will never see that bullshit on facebook with our hunters. If you want to prove you're better then prove it the old fashioned way. Start a new account, don't seek UN retribution, and play the game the way the facebook players had to.
  7. STFU. It's easy for some one else to say just start over from scratch after 2+ years of playing, 2+ years of hunting bosses for the best weapons. Everyone started at zero when they started playing these games for the first time, so fb aren't the only one that had to do it. I didnt play VC on hi5 so i started from with no god points, and I am not asking for anything, why?, because it was my choice, but the other games that we were already really high levels, it's only fair that we get somewhat of a boost. Trust me, sometimes just thinking about how long it will take to be up there again just makes some us sick but we keep playing and those FP help us keep playing.
  8. Lil Jonny

    Lil Jonny Member

    i agree.

    Ak'ing the crap out of a level 0-1000 fight list isn't impressive nor make you a good player it just simply destroys/disheartens the newer players coming to LCN. They see themselves with at max a few hundred normal friend mobsters to help them and sit there and watch themselves be totally destroyed by a dude with 2,001 mob/hired guns.

    Non of you can say you sat there and put x amount in to full your mob at level 100-400 so why should you be given that option here? You should be grateful that Kano have gave you anything at all at the risk of loosing more players than it's worth with the migration.

    They have undoubtedly put a lot on the line to make sure you ^5 guys still have a game and i still have not read a single ^5 post thanking for the opportunity to play again and the constant support kano are giving you and that in it's self must be pretty displeasing for admins to see/read.
  9. Lance Mustang

    Lance Mustang Member

    I came to ZS from bloodlines. I went around from app to app trying to find something or anything to do. It is a game, it is fun, that is your compensation for playing. Hell if bloodlines came back and i hard to start from scratch I would not care, I'd be grateful I'm still able to play. In about 150 days I became one of the most renowned killers, a friend of mine has been playing even less and has become one of the most renowned hunters, another friend of mine made it to level 1000 in i think it was 8 days maybe? So tell me something, why does it matter so much that you have to restart? It's a game not real life, just enjoy it because your not entitled to shit for playing it, personally everyone should be paying kano to play at all.
  10. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Kano did not even have to do anything to help players from HI5, most companies probably would not have done anything, Kano did not screw the players who played on HI5 , HI5 did, I understand your anger and frustration, maybe some of the HI5 players would rather Kano did nothing , then you would have to start from Scratch on another social network with Nada.
  11. clubber

    clubber Member

    The conclusion is that Hi5 players are hated by all networks. Anything that they have must be restrictionated this way not to bother FB kings or MYSpace females.

    If you give something Kano please let us use it as we wanted.

    As for whiners:

    Just curious what will be next to argue with?
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2012
  12. Lance Mustang

    Lance Mustang Member

    Clubber you're a ZS player right? Use your UN to power level so we can fight and find out who's better :). I saw you mention your kills a few times from hi5. Let's see who's better :D
  13. We said we didn't mind starting over in a new network where everyone had to start over, like google+ and other networks but to go to network where people had already played a lot then not. But you play zombies, you only need 20 weapons and stuff, but some of us play different games such us pirates or vikings where we need 20,000 weapons, and fight kills? thats nothing to be proud of, i mean, that's a bully right there, attacking people with low defense and increasing your attack. ok...
  14. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    i have 30 days played and level 700..in 90 days i will be nearly level 2000 ...with all my weapons up to 60 atac 60 defence ...we will see who is better.
    ps:i will kick your ass even if you have 2000 levels more than me then-it is a promise.
  15. ady4you

    ady4you Member

    hehehe it seems even facebook mates don't want you , :)))
    Lance Mustang

    Join Date
    Sep 2011

    Originally Posted by HeyUwereWTFpwned
    Oh Justain or shall i just call you by the name everyone knows you by. Justin aka Professional Jailbait..

    Oh thats right you dont play that toon anymore, just to punch me, You play this one now. Your NEW ACCOUNT..

    Didnt think i'd find out.. Its nice to have respect and friends on here that appreciate the value of Legitimate, True , Fair gaming..

    Not People who just keep on making fake Facebook accounts and making themselves new toons to add to Factions and try to cheat everyone that plays fair on Zombies..

    Have a nice day ALT.
    Are you still going on in this thread? I at least have to give you some credit for not accusing me of being the other lances alt anymore. Same first name, new player, must be an alt. Whatever you say doesn't bug me, but tell me which alt I am next week. Next month? When are you just going to realize that people can start a game after having experience from other ones and be good. If you would stop crying cheater and start getting better maybe someone would actually consider you a threat.
    Fight Kills: 22,000...and counting

    Last 30 minutes

    Cash: +3.296 trillion
  16. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    Need to weigh in

    K, I recently found out that the Hi5'ers were having so many issues. I knew long before the transfers came about that there may be the possibility...and I know that many still fear that MS may have the same concerns. Kinda scary that the same situation may still happen for future accounts and MS may face the same travesty, so honesty I think this is of greater concern then many may think it holds. This may be a huge test run and learning experience.

    With that said, for those who weigh in just to say, what are you crying about, and Kano owes you nothing....perhaps you should keep your comments to yourself. If your account has never been screwed up or you have never lost a huge chunk of your account then you have nothing to say. Enough said about that.

    Kano has and always will, in my humble opinion do everything it possibly can to make everyone happy and resolve any issues present. That is not always possible. This transfer has been anything but smooth. I think this is a huge travesty on the part of hi5. Where as the lower account were able to bulk up, now the upper accounts are struggling to defend themselves. Imagine you spending 800 days to fine tune your account, only to have to start over just to rebuild your chiefs. NO FUN. I started over from ground zero and those chiefs are not something I EVER wanna redo. Building an account is a fine tuning masterpiece and something so personal that it cannot possibly be something transferable. Is there a reason that the accounts could not simply be restored to the original accounts that they were when they were transferred? Since there is soooo much controversy over the use of points, why cant they just be restored to where they were, forget about chiefs, where points are spent and just give the accounts to where they stood prior transfer? Just a suggestion. I know from a stand point of having to rebuild my chiefs and income that the work you have to put in to redo that to an existing account is grooling. Something I do not wish on my worst enemy.

    That brings me to my last point. The one that is most important to me. For all those complaining that the Hi5 group came in and were too strong. Stick your thumbs back in your mouth man and suck it up!! Seriously. I play on Myspace and it grew boring, no competition. I started over on Facebook just to have some rivals. If you do NOT have people stronger then you and a way to fight someone stronger then you....you will never grow stronger yourself. If you come to this game everyday and cry over someone stronger then you, then don't come a callin. That is what this game is all about. If you think you are being stalked, picked on, bullied....then you have no idea what kinda game you are playing...and you do not belong here. If you cannot find a challenge in killing, being killed and finding a way in beating a rival, then you have not found the game for you. If you have found perspective in this game, you will NOT go running to Kano complaining that you are being bullied and harassed. Dude, you are playing the game. Sure, some banter is expected and should be enjoyed. If you cannot play the game as an adult, and you cannot control your actions without calling names and starting your own stalking website, then seek help. There are web sites for that.

    On my last note, not everyone here hates that the Hi5 group has joined us. I invite you to join us in helping you regain your strength. Look me up on the leaderboard. You will find me on the killing board Lady McDeath. UrBOYfriendzGIRLfriend and I are willing to help you get your clan you need and help you get strong, level up or do whatever you need to get your stuff back. Help you get your mojo back and get back to bus-i-ness. The game needs some competition. Lets rock it...don't leave the game upset and frustrated, lets just fix this thing. DVOW is here to help ya. Let us know what you need.

  17. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    In my opinion. Very well said Lady Jewels. And i have also put out there to hi-5 players who are having to start over in pirate clan if they need another friend to look me up on the game also reaper of bounties is my screen name. I will help as many of you as i can.
  18. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    One other thing...if hi5 people bought those favor points, why does anyone think they can tell them how to spend them, even if the credits were transferred. And for those who are complaining.....less crying, more fighting. Or is that you who is in the hospital and will never heal for me to hit you????? Just sayin

    Or was that just your thumb in your mouth again.
  19. Lady Jewels

    Lady Jewels Member

    Nice.....glad to know there is more support out there. ^5. Hehe
  20. Doug1202

    Doug1202 New Member

    first of all i want to thank Lady jewels and Jon ward im a ex hi5 player and this has not been fun at all i have 1000 HC i can not use it all and just to have weapons for that has been hell i have not touch a fb player i have a level up partner also from hi5 we are more worried about leveling up that have fun playing the game i have put some money here and i can not use all my stuff not cool a lot of us are just to play with 2000 clan or chieftains i can not play with just 200 sorry but i feel like thats my stuff and i can use it as i wish GOOD NIGHT ALL OR DAY :)
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