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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. Mystique

    Mystique New Member

    I don't undertsnad what is the problem!!! If you gave us that favor points shouldn't we use them as we want to??? you didn't said there are any rules to use those favor points!!!! plus WE DIDN'T EXCEED THE NUMBER OF HIRED GUNS ALLOWED FOR OUR LEVEL!!! it's impossible to do that.it's alreay a number of hired guns allowed for a low level so we couldn't have bought more than that! Plus WE DIDN'T HAVE THE EQUIPMENT FOR THOSE HIRED GUNS, just their numbers...So does that mean that you took back those favors used to buy those hired guns?? or we can use those hired guns as we grow in level???they we'll be there later???
  2. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    i dont even know what to say to this decision. i'll just wait a few days to see what you guys at kano come up with. if those hired guns dont come back with level ups you're gonna have a problem kano. it wasnt enough that we were bullied all day long with punches and listings just for beeing from hi5? now you're stripping us of everything you gave us. why give us a package in the first place? mob wars lcn is a great game, TOO BAD IT'S DEVELOPED BY PEOPLE WHO DONT PLAY IT!!!
  3. Susan Patrick

    Susan Patrick Member

    ... yup, some of us has been saying exactly that for 815 days !!!!!
  4. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    ok, the hired guns come back with the levels. didnt know that... but if you guys set a maximum cap for each level whats the problem? if i can get them by paying for them isnt that the same thing? at the current rate i get them back i'll be at lvl 900 when i get all of them back and thats BS if you ask me...
  5. Clue

    Clue New Member

    Deltan....what about getting the mobs back while the game progress? Or the mobs and fp u took back are gone forever? I don't care about what FB ppl think...either FB,HI5 or myspace....we all spent years in this game and increasing our character why now we from hi5 are the only ones that have no advantage? U should have transfered our accounts intact and then all would have been equal....FB top player is 7000 lvl....highest lvl mob on hi5 was close to 4000....we don`t have the chance to fight with fb high lvl players...we started all over again and still they ar those that have a problem with us? Why???? Lets be fair thats all I'm asking
  6. Mr Goodkat

    Mr Goodkat New Member

    Dev's, you should have just created a new game in facebook for the hi5 players then transfered there accounts across, by doing this no one would have a problem and we wouldn't be wasting time with all this rubbish.
  7. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    none of them play it so how would they know what to do? they just do things blind folded. if they think any of the hi5 players will spend another dime on their games after this stunt they are very much WRONG!
  8. Clue

    Clue New Member

    Here's the list of who put me on the hitlist :

    [THF] Skinner

    Level 2048
    1 hitlist attack in 1 second
    10 hours ago
    Attack | Ambush | Hitlist | Rig Ignition | Punch
    [PWN] Sonic Boom Boc

    Level 3058
    1 hitlist attack in 1 second
    10 hours ago
    Attack | Ambush | Hitlist | Rig Ignition | Punch
    [lord] JIM dogface B

    Level 497
    1 hit,1 punch in 26 minutes
    10 hours ago
    Attack | Ambush | Hitlist | Rig Ignition | Punch
    [TM1] SmokethatAss2

    Level 2143
    1 hitlist attack in 1 second
    19 hours ago
    Attack | Ambush | Hitlist | Rig Ignition | Punch

    Level 3906
    3 attacks,2 hits in 43 minutes
    19 hours ago
    Attack | Ambush | Hitlist | Rig Ignition | Punch
    [SWAT] littledel res

    Level 2896
    3 attacks in 4 seconds
    19 hours ago
    Attack | Ambush | Hitlist | Rig Ignition | Punch
    [NME] V Y K T A H

    Level 1746
    1 hitlist attack in 1 second
    20 hours ago
    Attack | Ambush | Hitlist | Rig Ignition | Punch

    keep in mind I`m only 307 lvl....so they don't get very much money if I'm hitlisted...you judge....who is the hater
  9. Clue

    Clue New Member

    Mystique....plus if its so they should have notified us from the begining not to spend FP on hired mobs....NOT FAIR
  10. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Hi ex Hi5 players! Just relax everyone, I am sure in the future Kano will surprise us with a lot more restrictions, but one thing is clear now: they do as they wish with our accounts, without any warnings and questions, until the last one is playing with their games.
  11. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    you gotta hand it to them, its a great marketing strategy to encourage starting players to spend money on their games. you CAN buy something but THEY give it to you WHEN AND HOW THEY WANT TO! :)))) any starting player should be an @@@@@ to spend money in these conditions :)))
  12. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    from my standpoint, I was being attacked by someone at my level , in the 400's, in VC, had just started playing after all my time in PC, so i am going along nicely and the other day this guy is attacking me ,at the end of his tirade over 127 times a few bounties all in one day, he went thru my counters,( even got an achievement for setting counter , lol okay no biggie but none of my long time friends can even answer a axe slap him since he has protections for 30 days, looking further into it I see he has 1500 clan and he is from hi5 according to his armada motto, so it works both ways, when I saw that hi5 players were being attacked my fb or myspace players, here is the complete opposite, I have been claning with anyone who I can find, and am only at 520 , mostly real people, so just saying, :) well 2 more days and his protection is gone ,muhahahahahahahahaha

    speaking of the devil he just showed up again 44 attacks half of them thru counters, hope he enjoys his ride the next 3 days , cause then Kaboom lol all his chieftens that he bought are not gonna do him much good then
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  13. hired gun

    hired gun New Member

    Those who are transferring from Hi5 have already lost too much as it is. Drastic level losses driving a player who was for example a lvl 1000 down to lvl 200. Special items lost that can only be replaced by obtaining them through FP again (those items won in past calendar games can never be replaced). Loss of all mobsters made through gaining friends and loss of hired mobsters. Doing all that in the name of "keeping a fair environment".
    Oh but now let's kick the Hi5 transfers around some more and say it's not fair to keep the hired mobsters they have already purchased before issuing this new rule that is only just now being applied. I must say that is really not fair. I would understand if this rule was issued and applied before people already purchased hired mobs. But now you are going to say it's unfair to the new environment that the Hi5 players were just tossed into for such players to obtain a high amount of hired mob yet also say that it's not fair to the new environment for the Hi5 players to maintain the level from which they already were in Hi5 (while playing for 800+ days). No, it's not fair to the Hi5 transfers to have this new rule applied. Especially when you have players that were originally from the Facebook environment gunning for Hi5 players and they are already 1,000 to 5000+ levels higher than the Hi5 player. This "fair to the game environment" thing is being taken out of proportion when you start rationing off hired mobsters that players were already within their level limits of purchasing to begin with.
    Maybe you will be happier when you just lose a bunch of players because of new rules you apply to keep the Facebook original players content with having an advantage over the Hi5 transfers that they did not really earn. People who play for 800+ days should not have to deal with garbage like this whomever they may be (Facebook original or Hi5 transferring). If you are going to keep yanking stuff away from the Hi5 transfers then you should peer a little closer at the advantages the Facebook original players have over the Hi5 transfers and start yanking stuff from them to make the environment more fair for all the players. Seems very one sided to me.
  14. madalina

    madalina Member

    Notice for transferred hi5 player: you currently have an excess of 644 hired. Level up to use additional hired members
    It's a stupid thing to do..so i will get those 644 mobs back when i will be lvl 1000...stupid again...i do what i want with my fp so...stupid again....first u give us a lame package and now u restrict what can we do with our fp?...you developors shoud play the game and and you will come to the same conclusion as i did...give us back our HG..i had/have 1000 hg at lvl 330...if not , just give me back fp for those 644 mobs that i can't use...you did a STUPID thing to do..FB players are gelous that's why they complin..they hitlist us just because we are from hi5..i've been hitlisted 150 times in 3 days..that seams fair?...not because i have 2000 mobs but because i'm from hi5 and they fear us...give us back our HG
  15. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    you guys dont have the b@lls to stick with your decisions. you're so affraid of the facebook players that you're gonna make all of us "valued hi5 players" (your own words Deltan) not spend any money on your apps but also quit altogether... too bad it got to this but its your own fault if you lose all of those "valued hi5 players". it's like we didnt spend a dime on the games, only facebook players did. we sure wont spend anymore, thats for sure lol
  16. Guppy_mx

    Guppy_mx New Member

    Hey DELTAN -----> First you or your people steal my Favor Points of Pirate Clan arguing that I haven´t sent my e-mail "to be in contact"(INCREDIBLE!!!!! when this was the same e-mail to acces to Hi5) ----> Second: Yesterday I had 1805 chieftains in Viking and today you STEAL 439 chieftains BUT don´t repay my Favor Points I used to get those Chieftains ------> Kano Apps are STEALING my Favor Points ----> Kano Apps dissappear my chieftains they steal 439 i got ------> KANO APPS = THIEVES !!!!
  17. Guppy_mx

    Guppy_mx New Member

    And now I saw at MobWars and you STEAL to me 169 mobs, ok, BUT GIVE ME BACK THE FAVOR POINTS I USED TO GET THOSE MOBS -----> DAMN THIEVES !!!
  18. crip

    crip New Member

    thas what im sayin we busy bein restricted n im sure another fb player can do the same 2000 mobs at our lvl and to those sayin they have been playing for 800+ days wat the F*** u think we have been doin sleepin under a rock??? last day i checked Insomniac LVL 1780 Joined 810 days ago n now i gots 2 start over / plus take bs with this restriction and fb players who can only say S*** while behind thier pc....
  19. TheKid86

    TheKid86 New Member

    Deltan, what about answering to my message that I`ve sent it 10 days ago? Or you don't know how to answer to it, you or kendal (because he received the same message) and your solution is to ignore me? Like you ignore all the other unanswered questions? Why are you here? What is your job? Not to help the players? I`m still waiting a non copy/paste reply to my question that was sent directly to your inbox.
  20. necrosis

    necrosis New Member

    ok....then deltan can you guys just manage to give back our fp....cause the fp you gave us we(hi5 players) as you said used it in a wrong way...though you did'nt mention earlier how to use our fp....
    now the thing is the fp we used to hire chiefs is all gone in vain....so i just request you to give the same amount of fp you took it from us....and if stiil misuse it then you can take it back.....ty
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