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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Deltan, Mar 8, 2012.

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  1. 1000

    1000 Member

    you talking about been fair etc...etc... I was a level 3000 on HI5, i spend 1000$ from my money on this game... now i start over again on FB and all you guys doing is screwing us over here. the packs that you gave to us, it was nothing fair, not even minimum and you know....taking the capts... it is very low from you guys... but it is not enought right???? i want see what come next....i bet that you can go lower than that, right???????
  2. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    Hey! Let's be clear on something, the "elite" status i got on these forums comes from posting a lot on here. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME AND KANO! I DONT WORK FOR KANO, I'M NOT A MODERATOR. I'm just a member of this forum just like you, the only difference is i posted more than you so i'm an "elite"...
  3. Viliam

    Viliam New Member

    Perhaps there are some players in similar situation as yours, but "ghost" players I talked about have different number of days, but have one thing in common, they don´t have any gamer points. Maybe my conclusion they are not active is wrong, but is there any other explanation? My fight list is full of such players (80%). I can post 25 screenshots from today alone. Oh, I also found another happy camper.

    Camper 002.jpg
  4. Animal DeLuna

    Animal DeLuna New Member

    kano some answers...please we speak like stupids here??
  5. 1000

    1000 Member

    i take that back, donrado.... It has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME AND KANO! I DONT WORK FOR KANO, I'M NOT A MODERATOR//////// so. it is the MODERATORS FOUL..... DOES KANO KNOW ABOUT IT????? they can do that???? stir in the accounts and change, without warning when they want? no one told us, we did not get a warning...someone came in and changed the statistics of all HI5 player....
  6. DoNRaDu

    DoNRaDu Member

    all i can tell you is what they told us, you will get back the hired guns as you level up. i think it's 2 every level after 500. Not sure though.
  7. 1000

    1000 Member

    thanks Donrado for the patience... begins to make sense... ok, let's try to level up....
  8. Rossi

    Rossi New Member

    I guess you know the answer already, don't you?
  9. Linda

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    Moderators are players , they just volunteer their time to try to help with questions, they have no control over what Kano does or does not do. if you have a problem you can also write to support the same way anyone would:)
  10. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    On the contrary, google translator and babelfish are two of my most visited sites!
  11. Hello Kendal, Hello Deltan!.

    I play Mob Wars from almost 3 years now, I apreciate your work for having a nice game but I think what you did with the hi5 players right now is already to much.

    1. You removed all my 381 hireg guns once again, I got 100 hired with the FP gained here on facebook by leveling up, high rollers, bosses, so at least give me back those 100 hired

    2. Is not my fault that there are some facebook players that are playing Mob Wars from 3 years and they only have 100 mobs (this is the cause of high rate killings) Exemple: Wayne Crazy Sausages GaggiLevel 509 online now! Mob 14 Joined 815 days ago

    3. Please aply the rules for all the players without discrimination ( at my level there is some players who are alowd to have 2000 mobs and I only have the right to have 1000 only because I came from hi5)

    4. The present situation is like we get nothing for transfering here even more!(I got 100 hired with the FP gained here on facebook by leveling up, high rollers, bosses, so at least give me back those 100 hired)

    Thanks Kano for understending and I hope you will remediate the situation!

    P.S. I’m still waiting for answers!
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