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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DaBoss, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. DaBoss

    DaBoss New Member

    Hi guys ive seen a few of you post in different threads asking about weapon stats etc so figured this would help some of you. The sites created for FFD but most of the pages are visable for all so enjoy hope you like it :)
  2. very helpful indeed.thank you.
  3. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    I've tried to dig through and do some research. Not counting items that are purchased with reward points. I think I have arrived at a list of the best attack/defense items in the game. Is this accurate?

    W: 35 Samurai Katana
    A: 15 Tactical Armor
    V: 27 Nissan GTR

    W: 27 Sumo Wrestler
    A: 16 Exoskelton
    V: 28 Armored Bentley
  4. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    The only change I would make is

    Smoking Jacket - Defense: 16
    The attack at 8 is terrible but as they are free (Moscow Boss drop) you can afford to carry Tactical Armour as well.
  5. DaBoss

    DaBoss New Member

    yeah i put teh smoking jackets due to up keep and since the defense is equal it make sthem the bets defense item....the tacs are the best attack hence i put them as best attack. To get the best out come all 6 items are needed

    Glad its usful :)
  6. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    Cool! Thanks!
  7. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    We have a new leader

    Yakuza Supra
    27 Attack
    29 Defense

    Yakuza Armor
    12 Attack
    17 Defense

    And for those interested...
    Honda CRX
    Attack: +22
    Defense: +27
  8. DaBoss

    DaBoss New Member

    thanks ....Site updated those couple of drops have had a huge effect on building the max mobster lol.....and you'll have to do boss fights to earn them :(
  9. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    Anybody far enough along to no whats best now that the new cities are out? :confused:
  10. Rhenkle1

    Rhenkle1 Active Member

    The last job in Rio has a drop that is the EMP Grenade, it has 39 attack and 30 defense. That is the best i have seen so far, I am a myspace mob wars players and don't know if things are different for facebook or not.
  11. steal toes

    steal toes Member

    Level 800

    Weighted Gloves
    Attack: +37
    Defense: +28

    AN-94 Assault Rifle
    Attack: +24
    Defense: +32

    CEO Limo
    Attack: +29
    Defense: +25

    Harley Davidson
    Attack: +27
    Defense: +31

    Ski Mask & Gloves
    Attack: +16
    Defense: +20

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