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    Hi, I've been playing Viking Clan on Facebook for a while now, but I haven't added any other players, well, now I want to, but I don't know how... So, to add people who say "add me" in the speak bar at the top, I will send them a message saying I want them to join me, they reply yes. Now what? are we clan mates now? Do I need to send them a friend request or something? I really have no clue what to do now.

    Any and all help is welcomed and appreciated, and (lol) I'll add anyone who wants if they tell me how to add them!
  2. You have to add them as a friend on Facebook first, then invite them to join clans in Viking Clan.

    There are groups for adding players all over Facebook, just search "Viking Clan Add Group" and find the one with the most members. Try asking members of your clan to suggest fellow players to you.
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    Thank you!! And I'll try hitting up one of those groups, but once again, thanks!
  4. kayjay

    kayjay Guest try this one or this one

    once they become your friends click on chieftains ,then friends playing viking clan ,then tick the block in front of the person and send then an invite to join your clan you will see when they join your clan
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