Health - How much is acceptable?

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by 'Nick Gunther, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. 'Nick Gunther

    'Nick Gunther Member

    I'm at 10,000 health right now.

    What should be my target hp?
  2. Jon Ward

    Jon Ward Well-Known Member

    Depends on which game your playing nick. The more health you have it makes it harder for individuals when battling you to downright kill you in battles. Also the more health you add into a game the more damage you can actually do to a boss with a hit. But also if your doing bosses and you have players that you allow to help do damage to your bosses then you should be able to kill it easily within the allotted time frame of the boss being active. When you allow players to help on your bosses the bigger amount experience you would have gotten if you did kill your bosses yourself more reduces a little at a time with the damage and amount of people helping you. To many factors in the games wanted to give you the complete information more then just players saying a certain amount. In my opinion i went to every single achievement for stamina health energy attack and defense and got all the final achievements on everyone except the final energy one.
  3. There is a MAX amount of damage that can be done or taken in any attack.
    (boss fights, fight attacking, fight defending, punches given, and punches taken)
    The MAX Damage is determined by which of the two players has the lowest total health.
    At 10,000 total health you can give or take a total of 3,000 damage in attacks and 500 damage in punches.
    The closer two players are to having the same amount of total health the easier it is for the winning player to kill the losing player from full health.
    Due to the 10,000 health achievement I'll go out on a limb and say that 10,000 health is probably an average stat but how much you "should" have really depends on your other stats, level, and style of game play.
  4. I have less health then you and for all the reasons Midnight Special posted above, I'm content with that. One day I do intend to get the 10k achievement in health, but beyond that I'm not sure just yet.

    It really depends on your play style. If you want to do massive damage with a punch, against a boss, etc., the more health you have, the more damage you do.
  5. L1LOne

    L1LOne Active Member

    In my opinion, health is only good for bosses and punches. I haven't noticed much of a difference in fights, damage wise. Unless you want to ride the hit list. THEN, you would need a TON of health, and defense. What I always tell players, health won't win you fights, but if you can balance it with att / def. You'll do just fine.
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  6. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Health allows you to potentially take and deal more damage.Very useful in boss fights and also increases your chances for a fight kill.You should try and keep health at least 10x your level.So if you're at level 1000,then 10,000 health is perfect.
  7. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i have 20 times my level in health lol
  8. That is because you are THE KING! LOL...

    Sorry must stop saying thing's like this, your head may Exploooode! lol

    I have health around 6x my level, I guess it's personally preference, and it works for me, it will enable me to be stronger in the long run (I Hope).
  9. Pros of having a ton of health:

    • You're harder to kill.
    • You enter the hospital with more reserved health.
    • You do more damage to bosses.
    • Your axe slaps will do more damage.
    • You can heal with half of your max HP. So half of 40k = healing at 20k health.


    • Axe slaps will do more damage to you.
    • You could've focused on another skill instead.
    • Enables more attacks against you/gives rivals more experience.

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