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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by cesarr, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    I was fighting off the fight list and i noticed the fight list was getting smaller and then this happened at level 272.
    This happened yesterday btw.

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  2. not in that game, but in vikings and pirates it has...just running out of opponents I guess
  3. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    Happens to me ALL THE TIME!!! :mad:

    I sign in, go to the fight list, hospitalize everyone, go to the rival mobs, hospitalize everyone that I can (have to be careful there, sometimes there are some really big names there from all the hitlisting I get), sign out. go clean the house, watch a little tv, do the laundry, load the dishwasher, sign in, go to the fight list, hospitalize everyone. go to the rival mobs, hospitalize everyone that I can, sign out, go mow the yard...

    BNPLAYN Member

    Yes this happens all the time. Due to the fact the list gets smaller as you go up in lvls. because the list only shows a few lvls above and below you. so when you attack someone they drop of the list until the get enough health to come back out of the hospital.. so if there is only 20 on the list and you put all 20 in the house of shame. you are left alone. :cool:

    and at lvl 723 right now I only have 3 others on the list right now. because they hide all in the house of shame. but the most I ever see is like 10 people on the list . So it's pretty skimpy.:mad:
  5. cesarr

    cesarr Member

    I know all you high levels always get this but the thing is that im a low level, had to hospitalize over 50 people
  6. Eric

    Eric Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback, we are looking into this issue and will be making accuracy adjustments to the fight list sourcing.
  7. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    Just pushed a change to try and source more players. Give that a shot and let us know if it improves your list.
  8. Ashardalon

    Ashardalon New Member

    Yes seeing many more. And it seems to refresh more quickly after being emptied! :)

    **EDIT to add the following**
    Thank you!! Thank you!! This is SO much fun again. The one down side is that people I past long ago are now back on my fight list, some of them with dozens of ambushes still set. But I'll GLADLY live with that to have the list more full, more often!! Again, Thank you!! Thank you!!
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  9. Mr Killer Man

    Mr Killer Man Active Member

    No I don't use fight list. I'm too busy figting bosses and waiting on stam.

    BNPLAYN Member

    I see not change on the higher LVLs. I am now lvl 762. and only 1 person on the list. How about opening it up for 100 lvl below your current LVL. to help out us. since they can hit us. :eek:
  11. steal toes

    steal toes Member

    It has come to my attention that a few players have learned how to hide from the fight list.
    I would like to see a full fight list for my level range, meaning everyone that's online within my fight range, even if they are in the hospital. ;)

    I don't care about offline players just the ones online.
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  12. Moe

    Moe New Member

    I believe any limits on the sourcing for the fightlist is a mistake and lessens the possiblities within the game and should be looked at further.
    My conclusion on the current parameters is that they are self defeating, (from Dev's pov) any restrictions to protect one, effectively limit another... The game should either choose to enforce their limits based on interactions or based on STRENGTH (not level) BUT NOT BOTH !!!
    More choices = more fun = more activity = more players
    = $$$$ for KANO
    1. Exp of a kill should translate into exp. bonus for that kill
    ie. kill a level 10 = get 1 exp, kill a level 1000 get 1000 exp
    The above dynamic alone would sort out several issues...
    Picking on low levels wouldn't be attractive option for bullies.
    High levels would be happier with more action
    Incentive would enhance a broader range of players and restore the basic premise of the game - its called Mob WARS not Mob Hide-and go Seek, or Job wars... Sheesh

    I realize that protecting weaker and noob players is essential, but a sliding scale of limits on certain actions would be way better and open up the game to be enjoyable again.

    Due to recent changes, which promote alt or fake accounts as a war tool... and the games current design which effectively nurses the alts and provides blanket protection to these alts...
    The game needs to respond to this and make it less restricting.

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