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Discussion in 'Ideas not being Considered' started by RAGM, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. RAGM

    RAGM Member

    half refills

    5 UN for half of your stam or energy

    alot of time people dont need all there stamina left and its a waste if they pay 10 UNS

    i know its been brought up in the past but it needs to be added come one now ;)
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  2. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    In the past?

    As in, another thread thats still on the front page of the ideas section?

    come on now.
  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    LOL So true
  4. Okay... so it's in the wrong place, and maybe it's a repeat of a previous idea, but it is a good one and makes complete sense to me :p
    AND, it's a opportunity for KANO to make some money... :p
  5. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I am not at all against the idea of half refills but i have to ask at what point would this stop? what about when half refills fall just short of getting you there as well? do we start asking for quarter refills as well? I don't want levels to be given to us to easy, so while i would like half refills maybe there is something else Kano can give to us so we get what we want but it's not a win win all the time.
  6. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Gave it a 10 on the last thread....gave it a 10 this time for what good it'll do :p I'm really beginning to miss the point in these idea forums :p
    Checking the idea's [Accepted] forum I see the last accepted idea was back in June 10th, only took 4 days to be accepted...accepted but never implemented. :p
  7. Toker

    Toker Member

    How bout adding half refills for 5 FP. Sometimes I just wanna Catch the Bounties that are getting tossed before i go to bed and Dont really want to have to get a full one and be up later.
  8. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    awesome idea toke, 10 from me
  9. Brosnik

    Brosnik Active Member

    Sounds sensible & cool :cool: Give it a 10 too.
  10. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    Been brought up at least twice before.
  11. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    I've merged two threads that are about the same thing. Unfortunately, it didn't merge the votes, so if you haven't voted on this one yet please do so.
  12. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    works for me 10
  13. viking fred

    viking fred New Member

    no i use every stamia i have there is always a boss 2 hit
  14. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    Although we appreciate the interest in this, this would unfortunately cause a large number of balance issues in the games. Consequently, I'm moving this to not considering.
  15. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Balance issues? hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

    My side hurts.... I cant breathe....

    Bank Balance issues maybe? I seriously doubt it, People would just be able to push their UN further.
  16. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    It was suggested for ZS guy.... The way stamina works is way different.
  17. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    actually it was meant for all games...i dont see how it would affect anything except kanos income, its alot easier to acrue 5 fps without buying them than it is to save 10
  18. Toker

    Toker Member

    Balance Issues? How is it any differant than a stamina boost except im PAYING to get a little bit more?

    And Yeah I voted this for All Kano Games. I do not Play ZS
  19. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    im with toke one this one, what kind of balance issues are you referring to dan?
  20. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    helllloooooo, can we get something more to go on please? whats wrong with adding code to the game thats the same as a full stam refill? the code already exists, you would just need to change a couple values
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