hacker in the game

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Amr ElSheshtawy, Sep 25, 2011.

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    dear admin,

    im suspecting in a player in the game, i think he is hacking somehow. my level is 453 and his is level 417 Skald Viking his attack and defence rates is always way above normal, (his boosts reaches about +100,000%, while the normal is 5%), i'm sending screenshots for you to analize this problem, please put this into consideration, thanks.
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  2. that is a ambush/counter attack

    perfectly normal

    taken from the game help

    There are a few ways to power up when attacking or defending in battles. Extra attack power can come from Stamina Boosts which are available in battles at higher levels. Extra defense power can come from Counter attacks (100000% Boost).
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    u do know that this was posted 3 months ago right? lol
  4. didnt see it before....lol
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    Thread Necromancer. lol
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    like the picture, but what's it doing there ?:O
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