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    Hy KANO,
    I'm a new player on viking clan,joined to a guild 15 days ago.I want to propose you some updates to the guild area to improve comunication between the members of one guild :) :

    1.When we write something it must be longer then 10 caracters , but i thing that the limit should be removed/or decreased to a lower number [maybe 2],because not all of ours words are 10 caracters long,such as:"yes"/"no"..and more others.

    2.I thing it would be great to put one case , below our picture , to send us gifts more easy so we wont be need to click several times to reach the members request gifts list.

    Waiting for answers/other sugestion.
    Calin G

    [CaliN KolF The VikinG-on the game]
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