Guild Quests Walkthrough and Feedback June 27 2019

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    Hey all,

    Tomorrow we’re trying out the second run of Guild Quests for Viking Clan! This event will ask you to band together with your fellow Vikings to complete different tasks varying in difficulty.

    This run of Guild Quests will go from Thursday, June 27 at 9am Pacific to Monday, July 1st at noon Pacific.

    For every completed quest, each member of your Guild will be rewarded with a special Quest Loot Chest when the event is over with prizes inside ranging from items, to Boosts, to FP, depending on the difficulty level of the Quest!

    As a refresher, here’s the basics of Guild Quests:

    Every Guild will be given six random Quests at the beginning of the event, with two in each difficulty category (Easy, Medium and Hard). These Quests must be completed before the end of the event. Once the event ends, you can then collect any chests you have earned.

    Only the Easy Quests will be unlocked at the start, and every member of your Guild will automatically be contributing to them. The Quests are randomly chosen when the event starts. The bar in the Location header will switch to track whichever Quest you’ve contributed to most recently.

    Once you’ve finished an Easy Quest, a Medium Quest will unlock and so on. Once you have completed all six Quests, that is it! No more Quests will open after the two Hard ones are finished.

    You can find the Quests on the new “Quests” tab on your Guild page, and your current Quest and progress is tracked in a bar on the Location banner.

    Based on the feedback we received last time, we have also made some updates to the Quests! Here’s an overview of what is different this time around:
    • Added Gifting Quest to the Easy Quest pool.
    • Added Bounty Quest to the Easy Quest pool.
    • Adventures Quests allows your highest four Locations to contribute, instead of just the highest.
    • Diversified Quest pool so Guilds have a lower chance of repeating Quest types across difficulties.
    • Personal contributions are now displayed on each Quest, so players will know how many actions they have added to the total.
    • Collecting Quest Cases post-event will now bring you to the Loot Chest page to open them.
    Image of the contribution tracker in the Quest tab on the Guild page.
  2. ajui

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    Why Help elite Chieftains not count as help in quest? also help other people boss should also count as help isn't? 1 boss = 1 help
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  3. ajui

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    question. battle Arena will start tomorrow. so if we win a fight in arena, will it count as a battle win?
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  4. mi7ch

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    No, it will not.
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  5. ajui

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    5000 Adventures is actually doable i think. i mean with 25 members in guild, everyone only need done about 200 adventures each.. so it not really that much actually. but maybe because you unlock it late that make it look ridiculous.. because time is pressing.. but don't worry there still 1 day remains.. so don't give up before trying... ;) 600k stamina divide 25 = 24,000 each person.. yeah maybe it still too hard for low level player and mid level player that don't have big stamina.. but should be easy for high level player. they can even cover up some for those low level player. believe on your team. there still 1 day remain which should be still plenty. it can be done without spending favor points.. or at least not much. just need more guts to try and teamwork to finish it. ;)

    overall i think quest is turning into a good direction.. as there has less complaint about it.. but not really sure if the reward turning also into the good direction as the quest has become a bit easier.. lol
  6. Steven Jordan

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    Until the quests came into game bulking up energy past 2,000 or so was pointless. So now to do 200 adventures it takes about 15 refills. Its doable but rather expensive
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  7. ajui

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    no, i'm not kano cheering squad and i live on planet earth. but i can see that kano is do care at least a bit. add 2 easy quest that can be done almost instantly so we can move on to next quest faster. then let player go back to the 4th highest location to make completing Adventures quest a bit easier. so to said kano don't care at all is not true. they at least try. also this is hard quest after all. so it suppose to be hard. if your energy still not high enough to keep up with this hard quest, then how about increase it again. this time still only beta version. not official yet. so you still have time to change you stats built to adapt to the quest later..
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  8. Irnbru

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    kano gave a weeks notice, i saved up my daily chests and the bonus boost. our guild finished them with 2 days left, freya stop crying. quite frankly these are too easy!
  9. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I have notice on several Quest we get to do we dont barely earn that much favor points no more outta of the reward boxes?? I just collected all mine an I only gotten 35 out of it?? I know I dump nearly 150 fps this is b.s. Not doing another Quest!
  10. Richard B Michaels

    Richard B Michaels New Member

    its crazy there is no logic what so ever as to how much percentage you do in the quests to get bigger rewards more like if you do the least the more favor points one gets and the weapon and warrior drops are all the same and low stats so you cant even use them on ones loadouts and them being all the same for everyone no advantage there either . Sad half hearted effort from the Devs o_O
  11. Richard B Michaels

    Richard B Michaels New Member

    Yeah Justin that's the feeling in our guild as well now
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  12. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Wasn't worth the effort... 2 items per chest? lol

    Least it got me playing for a few days i suppose.
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  13. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    On the way I see what is going on is that they are only adding in crap that is from the original when the game was first brought out but only buff the items up some but not really a big difference then they are taking some of these items out of Raids an putting them into the Loot Chest during Quests which that should be Prohibited a big no no! why not give us Stuff that are from the Item Crates an Limited Time Items you are selling?? that would make a big difference in the rewards an to cont for the players to keep playing but you will have to change em up each time on each Kano App! The More you mess up Kano Devs the more people are gonna quit playing even more including Spending Players as well once again!
  14. ajui

    ajui Member

    collect the reward... now time to attack... lol
    1. Favor points.. easy chest no longer have it eh? well, i don't want comment much about this. let other handle it..
    2. Gold.. i don't really mind about gold reward.. but why only 1x gold for each of em? why not 5xgold(easy) or 10xgold(medium) or perhaps 20x(hard) gold? 1x gold is already too common. other people don't like it. not suit for guild Quest Standard.. either remove it or increase the amounts.
    3. Energy.. why only 500? why not 1000? 2500? or 5000?(same amount as quest) i mean like 1x 1000 energy. not 2x 500 = 1000. also Why only Energy? Where Stamina? isn't stamina more popular and more needed? so why no stamina? p/s: don't you dare to give only 50 stamina in guild quest chest later.. lol
    4. items... Don't have much problem with hard chest.. but the easy one is just too pitiful. 1x gold and 1 old common Raid Drop. even normal daily chests is way better than that. i know that quest is too easy, but most of small Guild can only do that level of quest.. so please give something better would you?
  15. ajui

    ajui Member

    so nothing new on new quest? no changing at all?
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    I think this is a mistake! double Adventures in Guild Quests
    Complete 2,500 Adventures
    2,142/2,500 (86%)
    Complete 5,000 Adventures
    391/5,000 (8%)

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  17. GoddessFreyja

    GoddessFreyja Active Member

    That looks like a big screw up to me. You have a medium and a hard adventure quest both in progress at the same time? If someone does an adventure, where will the adventure be credited? To the medium or hard quest? That 8% in the hard quest should have gone towards completion of the medium one giving you 94% completion. That's not fair to your guild since adventures are being credited in both quests. I've had duplicate quests in medium and hard but we had finished the medium one before we got the same one as hard. I hope Kano responds to you and fairly remedies your situation before the event ends.
  18. they did this on the last quest also
  19. Irnbru

    Irnbru Member

    id imagine they'd both be credited. best to do them at the same time if that's the case .


    Yes GoddessFreyja, only on hard quest they count it up easy way not count it up pfffffff.
    okay Kathleen. kano need to work out this probleem out! no this not working on both way Irnbru

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