[LCN] Goodbye ? It`s up to you, Kano !

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    Babye blondy :D:D:D
  2. Chuck Rose

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    Hey Smack, the problem here is that the raids were open as they were supposed to be posted to the ingame group RRR. The group tries to help getting the raids filled with 30 people and not only 10, make sure they all have their minimums so everyone can get a reward. This is not the thinking of many other LCN players and it's fine, I understand that some guys are not patient especially with lower level accounts that weren't set up for fast leveling but for fight skills. They have the job and the world chat to go to and tons of other groups. But RRR wanted to make a difference and help those that are usually getting left behind. One certain person not in that group has someone passing info on - easy to make people help you when you pass out gift cards for the game. That person made it a point of joining the raid and before all spots were taken and the few that had joined made their minimums, intentionally defeated the boss pretty much all by herself. Yes, she spends a lot of money on the game so she can level up fast, buy refills as much as she likes and pay others for their "services". This is only possible, because you allow people to rise that fast by spending money. I know you heard that all before from your long time players, when all the Mafia Wars guys came over and you made changes on the game to help them catch up. As much as I appreciate that (Mafia Wars player here myself) and I also understand that you need to make money while you can, it went out of hand. They complained to you about the new players catching up too fast. ONE player dominating the game and directing other players how to play their game, intentionally destroy what they build up, can't be right. Yes, I know its a fighting game, I am fully aware of that. But that person didn't build her account by fighting. This person just bought her way up and if asked she just says its not her fault that she has a rich daddy. Yes, right. More and more people are losing interest. It's getting harder and harder to motivate them and they started to look out for games that haven't been "bought" by that person yet. I wish you would come up with something that would limit this a bit.
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    The answer may be to set up an account on Server 2 or better yet Kongregate if wish to avoid this player and their friends. Yes, it would mean starting over but may be more palatable than just quitting
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    On first sight a good idea, Steven, but you don't think that they are not hanging out there as well, right? And it would mean a whole group of 500 people move from Server 1 to Server 2 and start over. Hmmm, I don't think that this will work
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    hey blondy you say how you care about folks , but you believe a mole i seen him in your raids need to talk before you accuse

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