[LCN] Goodbye ? It`s up to you, Kano !

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by B L O N D Y, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Since the situation with the stolen raids has gone too far - I have to make a radical move.

    During the last raid season the two of my raids, which I was saving for the last day - were stolen by ANTONIA, not because she needed them... NO, she just wanted to demonstrate her power + to make fun of us all in our raid group.

    How she did it ? WHO CARES HOW – ANTONIA stole them and tossed them, that is only important !

    Instead of HER apologizing to our raid group, Kim aka xxxxx has publicly apologized to her many times in lounge (!?!), but hey, that wasn’t enough - PUB have been constantly bullying and targeting all RRR players + their alliances ever since.
    xxx /xxx bullies ? What else is new... but enough is enough.

    As a sign of my deepest protest - I will DELETE my LCN account, though I have invested time, effort, lots of love and some $$$ to build it during last 2 years.

    I love this game very much, but in my world, when someone STEALS something – that one is a BAD guy, NOT the one whose thing was stolen. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Oh, I`m sooo naive, but I trully HOPE Kano will take a stand and do something about those keyboard warriors, who are ruining the game of 99% LCN players.

    I might come back - only if Her Royal Highness (?!) sincerely apologizes to Kim + all RRR members + if PUB / ICE learn to respect and treat a 300 level newbie the same as they are treating an Alexandrite-tier 30K level player.

    If not - Kano will VERY soon learn what is a (negative) domino marketing effect in practise.

    Adiós, or maybe - hasta la vista... ?

    Remove Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra? Hell – YES

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Sargeinmi

    Sargeinmi New Member

    Guys all know that I made the Rockin Raiders Room, for the other lcn, the ones sat on by pub, We had over 500 participating people Kano, Not your precious Pub, has yet decide to destroy what We as a TEAM have worked so hard to build. My constant bugging you about the ingame, is nothing compared to the 500 plus folks you might lose............ due to this....... I guess it is your call now. Heads up more than 20 alts in VETS 3 are in this raid that was stolen https://apps.facebook.com/la_cosa_nostra/boss/raid/5b1e8a1c7cc1fd3c39200736 at this time ill be removing the app as well you know how to get in touch
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  3. Dodge

    Dodge Member

    To be honest I can't see a lot being done, the game is going down hill due to the spending on the game getting out of control. I will not spend my hard earned money on this game no more. This used to be such a good game too...............
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  4. Tiny Vile Lyn

    Tiny Vile Lyn Member

    What, exactly are you looking for KANO to do?
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  5. Icebreaker

    Icebreaker Active Member

    Hello, Kano you have not listen long ago, i told you so...... first in regarding stolen /killing off raids, simple solution.... BLACKLIST FEATURE.... you throw my feedback in trsh bin, thank god i stop paying you for that reason..... among others i asked for fixes which only kano did a few , no all.... soooooo good bye kano you dont listen too good
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  6. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    Yes indeed it is going downhill. A certain group along with its minions had destroyed the game. And for what? For them to reign supreme? I wonder if indeed they reign supreme, and no else is playing anymore, what will KANO do? Give them a reward?
  7. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    @B L O N D Y, I appreciate you taking the time to post this and it is unfortunate that your last raid was so negatively affected. I am curious though, how were your Bosses "stolen"? Unless you set it to be Public you should very much have control over who you are inviting to help you.

    Was one of your boss links shared to someone you didn't want it to go to? If so you can always regenerate those links which would invalidate any of the older ones. This won't resolve this for anyone who has already joined but you could get into a situation like this:
    1. Start a Raid boss.
    2. Invite the players you want via the referral links
    3. When you have your party set, regen those links and don't share them with anyone
    This should provide a little bit of security.
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  8. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    To all those unhappy with LCN on Facebook you should head on over to Kongregate. Yes it is a smaller community of players however in my opinion that is what makes it better. It just more fun and less hassle. Just a suggestion if you really like LCN but dislike the company. KONG has great core group. If you do decide to join look me up. I'll share some bosses with you to get you started once you get some stamina built up.
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  9. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    Also if I am reading between the lines correctly Blondy is in a raid group which probably also contains the aforementioned accused. The accused have the ability if they are so inclined to down a raid all on their own. So they get in this raid of a rival synd and finish before others even get the opportunity to minimum it. Which probably violates the agreement of the raid group which is why they are requesting an apology which probably wont come. Not a KANO issue at all. Sadly just need to bite the bullet on this one and next raid season start a new raid group and/or hand out the raid invites.
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  10. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    Good suggestions RafeDavid, but you dont spend a lot of time and also fvps to just go start over.
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  11. Geoff Heretic Wild

    Geoff Heretic Wild Active Member

    I'm in ICE and not too sure what you mean by "respecting a 300 level"?
    As far as I know, no one in ICE is being disrespectful.
    My only beef was with 1 individual in RRR who took the liberty of posting my COOP Boss on your pages without asking me.
    I fixed that by demobbing that person.
  12. Navy Chief!

    Navy Chief! Member

    And I believe that is a right and proper way of doing it; not lambasting, threaten, abuse anyone else that was not involved. But of course THEY have to show how strong THEY are.
  13. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    12 days without LCN, and counting...

    I see my original post has been changed in the meantime = too many "xxxxx" for my taste. I speak directly, using the truth / the facts, so I don’t see any reason for those xxxxx.

    Yesterday I logged on Kanoplay for 1 minute only - I had 97 new messages ! WOW, does it mean I am popular ?

    What I want ? I am just a 3800 level player / an airhead blonde who has gone BONKERS, who is trying to promote some extremely crazy things...
    FAIR PLAY is one of them.
    So "you may say I'm a dreamer ♫...” as it seems like an impossible task to behave more humanely in this click-click game.

    I have good and dear LCN friends among all tags, so I do not generalize - people are either good or bad, funny or boring, aȿȿ kissers or - whatever the opposite is... the same as in RL.
    But it would be so nice and refreshing to see certain tags asking politely other tags in lounge (from „forever rivals“ list) how was their day, without using insults.

    After that mess with the stolen raids Kim said for PUB R*dy: „I like him and I trust him – I want him to stay“, so I know she doesn’t generalize either.

    We all play this game to relax and to have fun, maybe to escape from some real life sh*t, not to accumulate even more stress and negative energy.

    And FREEDOM – the most wonderful thing in life... to say / do - whatever you want to say / do = it`s priceless... as long as it does not jeopardize anyone's rights.
    I’m always ready to DIE for that freedom, literally.

    (OK, maybe I would trade my freedom for 100 superior / 200 common raid loot... too bad I have deleted my LCN account :confused:).

    However, I do NOT want anyone to tell me who I should like, who I should hate, with whom I will do raids, which tag I should wear, or will I play w/o any tag.

    I miss this game and my LCN friends, but I spend so much time online, multitasking in 53 browsers / 476 tabs, so I can’t afford that level of toxic energy in my life, caused by a game.

    In the end, such a good combination ♫ for this summer - Goran Bregovic & George Dalaras - Ki An Se Thelo ♫

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  14. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Removed the off-topic accusatory posts. If you have a problem with another player, report it to Support. Linking another player's profile here will get that comment removed.
  15. A N T O N I A

    A N T O N I A New Member


    GLAD to see you doing raids - :) :) :) :)
  16. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    Good evening to you too.

    My game name is B L O N D Y.
    English is not my first language, so I didn`t know to spell “blondie” right when I first joined LCN, though BLONDY was my game name in Mafia Wars as well.

    B L O N DIE is a lady from Sweden, it is not me, nor my alt. She is in DBH syndicate, so it is very easy to check that out.
    When I lead a serious conversation - I use only the facts.

    B L O N D Y’s raid boss stats are zero, the last activity was 16 days 9 hours ago.
    ( my friend made these screenshots for me )

    So, maybe someone who looks like me, talks like me, walks like me, has been doing raids today, but - not B L O N D Y.


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  17. Chuck Rose

    Chuck Rose New Member

    its one thing to hop into another persons raid and to hit. Its another to sneak an account into a closed group for the purpose of taking them and picking the one raid you knew would upset that leader of the group the most, destroy it all on your own without giving anyone else a chance to get mins just because you have enough eng/stam or enough cash to buy unlimited refills. To destroy it out of spite and then make nasty comments on the lounge and laugh about the person you took that raid from. Then that person gets upset and YOU expect an apology from the person you took from is a little bit messed up. Kano, I know you are happy about the flow of cash but by allowing that people can BUY their way up in the game that much, you already lost a few long time players when it all started and you might lose a bunch of more that once came over from Mafia Wars. THIS is the shit that killed the Zynga game.
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  18. Crazy Inuit

    Crazy Inuit Member

    I totally agree with you Chuck Rose. And Blondy, we do miss you, hope you come back one day <3
  19. Thanks for making the Rockin Raiders Room. I get a lot of help when I post my Raid Boss there.
    I don't post my raids in Jobs, World or Lounge. That is why I don't get many campers and people who steal my raids.
    If KANO devs would do something to get rid of the bots, then they would get fewer complaints about the game.
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  20. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

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