[LCN] Give us a Pawn Shop!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Michael Wheet, Nov 11, 2015.

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    If you search a little, you can find many similar ideas at the Ideas section, and maybe a few at the Ideas not being Considered section. Its taking them years to make the Elite and Optimal crafting already with 2 items, looks like the developers are super busy already and something like this might need decades, and the Raids are much more profitable for them.
  2. C.A.S.H.

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    Well, it's good to know there is some redemption on some useless items. To not need any limited items may take a long time for many, but it's there.
  3. Harrytard

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    I feel nobody really needs a refund for Limiteds, but they might if we did a system where all FP items are avaliable for a set price, but they have the sales as they do now. Then, you could trade in 4 Limited for one ultimate weapon, and you can only have one at a time, so all would have one, but its more personal. Also, yes goddamnit we need the Pawn Shop.
  4. AXXO

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    So does this applies to both limited time and quantity? and so if I sell it back do I get the amount I paid or a partial amount?
  5. AXXO

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    So the item has to be not using on both attack and defense inventory?
  6. mi7ch

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    Limited time or quantity. It's a percentage of the original amount.

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  7. cricket_jumper

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    Good to know - but Im along way away from meeting those criteria. I'll keep it a mental note of it though... might come in useful one day!
  8. Sir Opinion Alot

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    i dont like this the items should be at least 2 yrs old or not using it for you to change it in, what we wanted was a small refund on crappy items so we could throw 5 more fps with the trade in to get a item well improved. All i know is the way kano is putting new items out and going insane with att n def I have now stopped buying alot of items for this reason i dont wanna buy something then its really aint worth much its pretty bad when i bought items that was great years ago but know i can craft of get a boss drop that is equall or better. Now Kano with the people who invested a long time in this should be able to exchange old out dated items or you guys should double the stats on anything over 2 yrs or older
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  9. AXXO

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    fair enough so that we can at least get a stamina refill I hope. but currently no item I could resell

    GOING TO CATCH DAVID Well-Known Member

    I am not a big fan of a pawn shop as I see it being abused - but I would like to see better crafting options. There are so many things in my inventory that I wish we could trade in for better items.
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  11. Dennis Foster

    Dennis Foster New Member

    Pawn Shop, see Mob Wars 1. It applies useless boss drops.
  12. VK QHill

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    Kind of, you sell the old items and use the favors to buy new items. Similar concept, just the "middle man" aspect where u have to do it indirectly.
  13. foxysiren

    foxysiren Well-Known Member

    Yeah I believe the deal was something like a couple of GFs for something you paid 25 GFs for, good deal eh!
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  14. Amanda Westgate

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    I have 319 Zee Day Pipers which are totally useless to me, so I agree totally. Great idea for either extra crafting options or trade in for better items :)
  15. Dennis Foster

    Dennis Foster New Member

    Gift items would be abused, so they decide to do a Pawn Shop, it should only be boss drops and crafted items because they already do limited time or quantity items in the other area Mitch speaks about.
  16. Amanda Westgate

    Amanda Westgate New Member

    That's a point. There would be untold minis used for gifting, so boss fight drops would make it less open to abuse.
  17. Barry Turner

    Barry Turner Member

    Those who suffer with OCD and like everything in order should have the opportunity to remove/sell unwanted items.
  18. Starmaster

    Starmaster Member

    well, for the OCD (or more properly CDO "get it") you can go to your stockpile and remove them. This will clean your inventory but it won't give you anything back unless you bought it. Then you can sell it back for half price and also get rid of upkeep costs in it.

    Make sure you won't need it for crafting though.
  19. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    This has nothing to do with upkeep sorry to say, and BTW never remove items just cause... I don't even play LCN and get it.
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  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Tried finding original thread on this Mitch but came up empty, any idea where it is? o_O

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