[LCN] Gifting Menu , found it then I lost it..where did it go? Was it all just a dream lol.

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Brewpub420, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Brewpub420

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    Gifting to familia one profile at a time gets lengthy and just not feasible once you get enough members.
    A few nights ago while strolling through the , what feels like , 80 thousand different menus I came across one that allowed you to pick a gift and then a list of your familia with check boxes in front of the names came up. You could click up to 50 at once and send the same gift to that 50 members.
    3 quick passes through the menu and the familia was all taken care of. I figured I would find it again with no issue.
    Perhaps that was optimistic as I can't find that specific menu again for the life of me.
    So does anyone know where I am looking for it? I just don't have the time in life to send a gift to each member one profile at a time , that is hours frankly. 50 at once is a great option and seemed like a wonderful find.
    I am sure someone is thinking "how does this idiot not find this thing , it's right there". Now is the time to lord that above me and chuckle as you point out the obvious to me lol.
    Thanx for any and all who point me in the right direction. It's a decent game but this gifting ain't gonna work one profile at a time.
  2. JADES

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    Click famalia>gifts> choose 1 gift> then click "proceed to send" brings list up the list of 50 on 'Kanoplay ONLY', if on FB doing same will bring up your Facebook friends list.
  3. Brewpub420

    Brewpub420 New Member

    thanks a bunch.
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