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Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by haggis, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Elise Falcony

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    It is basics of mathematics. Basis is the first value and not the second.


    But im now have 40 min income (Songweaver) not 42 ( Blessed Thane Viking).

    34.3 /24= 1,42

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  2. haggis

    haggis Member

    Thanks for feedback everyone!

    Have purchased Blessed Thane :)
    No luck finding a partner, ~40 msgs sent out...

    Levelled quick last few days in Guild Wars, currently at Lvl415 with

    Health 4050
    Energy 481
    Stamina 335
    Total Attack 1936 (unarmed 650)
    Total Defense 802 (unarmed 150)

    Sometimes getting a message saying my battle stats are low, is that a health issue (i dont need to be upping my attack yet? still focusing on stam energy and health)

    344 chieftains, am crafting up everything i can, have only lost a few battles to people with 700+ chieftains with armies levelled up max... Fun game :D
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  3. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Not now. up energy to 500, stam 500. then think what you want.
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  4. Linda

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    Haggis , be careful at your level just level up and build ya self up if you level too fast with a partner,you may find yourself in an xp range that you are not strong enough for and IMO putting your level and stats here can make it easy for someone to find you and it may be someone you don't want lol
  5. haggis

    haggis Member

    am I right keeping health a bit ahead of level? lvl 430 H4700, still getting occasional message saying battle stats are too low? +H = +XP for PVP & PVBoss?

    Understood.. Was more looking to use a partner when in situation of no energy/bosses, empty battle screen and lots of space left in xp bar... Have been quite meticulous in using energy every time it rolls over, doing challenges, crafting up and getting as many boss drops as possible so I should stay reasonably balanced for my level. Constantly working on recruiting and getting more into hiring :D
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  6. coolestcool

    coolestcool Member

    I agree with you. This is something I failed to realise on time. Apart from PvP fight result, your loadout also determines the amount of damage & xp in boss fights hence it is worth spending favor points on items to be used for loadout.
  7. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    1. if you want. im always up only 1 stat then next.

    2. hp needs to do max dmg to boss /arena/gw . not omportant for you now.
    3. exp rate has low corelation with hp.
  8. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    in the long run, working on only one stat at a time isnt important...if you add to all stats evenly then its the same effect.....its also hard to ask one or 2 people what to add to since only you really know how you play. set long term goals for yourself and strive to reach them and repeat making slight adjustments as you find out what direction youd like to go in
  9. Kaspar

    Kaspar New Member

    Lv. 746
    Health 8500
    Energy 530
    Stamina 300
    Attack 1313
    Defense 1000

    any advice for me?:confused:
  10. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    My advice - up stamina to 1500 = 480 levels. On 1850 level is levelcup - you need twice exp to level, so you need many stamina.

    Are You use FP refill ? It is not good way to spent FP.
  11. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    on 1000 level you use 100 stamina to level, on levelup you get 50, so you need 50 stam to level.
    On 1500 you need ~75 stamina to level

    On 1850 you need 150
  12. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    Defence useless stat.

    Defence used on enemy attack PvP - it is not important.
    Defence NOT used on Boss
    Defence used on BA, but you need put many stat to up Defense Mode Time. Also if you level 700 - big players (2000chiefs, 3000lvl+ can hit you whithout any problem)
    Defence on BA give you +defence=+100*def - not good if you total def > 500 000

    Defence on GW added to your GW stat, but better put SP to attack it give same GW stat.

    => defence is useless
  13. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Bull Chit, defense deters low levels hitting you... Ever eat a counter? That's exactly what will happen with no defense.. Guess you eat bosses, no PVP

    Might be on your platform, come over to FB, VC, and give it a try:eek: ,I still have no clue how you can ramble nonsense and get away with it Elise, you might be trying to help new players, but "MOST" of the chit you say is BS, I doubt I'm only one that feel's like to say chut the feck up, especially on your post updating your character. With no defense, you better have a big base bounty, or will never work out, and even at that still doesn't
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  14. coolestcool

    coolestcool Member

    I'm not sure if this is true. It is even a question I've been wanting to ask. From observation, your defense determines what fraction of your max health you will receive when you attack a boss. The higher your total defense(personal + loadout), the lower the fraction of your max health damage you will receive. I feel this in return should earn you more xp. By this I mean, if two players of the same level and max health attack a boss and deal the same amount of damage from the same amount of attacks but receive different damages, I feel the player who received the lower damage should gain more xp than the other player like 80% of the time such occurs because of the random factor involved.
    Please, may anyone with a better info clear this?
  15. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    They can hit you 5 times then you go to hospital anf nothing happen.
    Is it PROBLEM?
  16. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    It is interset but im havnt data, statistik to analize. And i dont want put my SP to def to check your hypotese
  17. Elise Falcony

    Elise Falcony Banned

    BA defence.

    Can you win arena if you dont top 30 player? Yes but is is very low random chance.

    But maybe better on arena make exp? If you have big attack and big hp you can make on BA good exp. You cant win but you get easy exp. 40-60 per stam (boss hit give you 10-50 per stam)
  18. coolestcool

    coolestcool Member

    Well, you don't have to add SP to your defense, you may change your loadout from attack to defense.

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