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    It does seem like that at times but I dont know if Im ready to state that as fact quite

    One would think that two players going head to head for a bounty ....the far stronger player would definitely have the advantage (based on the simple fact they are doing far more damage with each attack. (yes i realize there other things that come into play such as timing, speed etc etc.). But talking with many other players whom Ive attacked on bounty it sure seems like there is something else being thrown into the mix, Especially when it comes to the lower level bounties when being attacked by a much higher level....this seems to get worse with the more disparity between the levels. More often than not in situations where Im the only one bringing down a target and ripping off huge amounts of damage......if a much lower level player jumps in at the end and gets one will go to them. Almost as if the lesser level gets some type of edge in the event of a tie or something. Idk....Ive asked kano about it here in the forums before and they claim that theres no such thing and that its all just a matter of timing.

    Personally I think its ridiculous that players are essentially handicapped by what other players have or havent done with their account. Its never made sense to me that I do thousands of damage to a strong opponents and when I hit some low level my ax basically bounces off them, especially when it comes to the bounty. When the subject of bullying comes up I always snicker. Not only does the lower level have to initiate things, but when they do I have little or no chance of killing them and they end up on my rival list getting pummeled for the next 24 hrs if im so inclined. Where as if a much higher level yet still lower than me puts themselves on my rival page I can usually kill them in pretty short order. How does that make any sense?

    In the end I dont think players should be so restricted and their numbers should be allowed to do what the are intended to do....thats the whole point right...get stronger and whoop ass? Its not as if I can just go and pick a fight with some low level, sure I can slap them but I cant do anymore damage than anyone else regardless of strength/level. At the very least when attacking someone on bounty our numbers ought to count fully. Thats why we add to them....we should get to use them. Be gone with handicaps, delays and freebies. Let players use what theyve earned.

    As usual Im sure there will be those that that say its not fair to the lower levels and to them I say BS. All us higher levels were once low levels ourselves. Ive got a decent number of bounty kills and the vast majority came at the much lower levels. If u wanna talk about unfair then I will gladly discuss how unfair it is that this bounty delay does not exist at the lesser levels and only increases as u get stronger. Hows that for a reward for spending ones time and money doing exactly what these games are designed for us to do. Level up, level up, buy/earn items and refills so we can penalize you for
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    There are mechanics in place.

    Id agree with your statement that its worse when it comes to lower level bounties, Im much more likley to get hits in on somone closer to my level than farther underneath.

    I've noticed that a certain player very slightly less level has a very fair shake at my bounty,

    as I have noticed I have a very fair shake at the few that are higher than I am.
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    I agree if you've put your time and effort in there shouldn't really be a delay when it comes to bounties.. Only explanation I can think of is trying to get more lower leveled players involved, get them acclimated to what is going to be in store for them as they progress, kind of like training wheels.. Can't really expect pups to run with the big dawgs do ya? If I see a bounty I go after it, and if I catch it, great, really don't notice much of a delay, but I don't ride the list either...

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