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Discussion in 'Ideas not being Considered' started by polishpimp, Feb 23, 2012.

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    We prioritize tasks internally based on projects our small team is currently working on, who is available to work through ideas, the amount of time required to execute on an idea and whether it jives with our own internal priorities and road map for the games.
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    I hear ya. Like I said previously....when i was showing my kid the ropes earlier I was unfortunately reminded of just how much the game is geared toward helping, protecting and "leveling the playing field" for the littles at the expense of everyone else, so I figured Ide give this thread a lil bump so it didnt get forgotten in hopes that we will one day get our accounts balls back..

    I appreciate your reply
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    In the past there has been much debate on whether war bountys should be available to everyone, of course Kano had to give into the lower leveled masses that think they are entitled to something for nothing while others have to earn it. How about removing the bounty delay for all those involved in the guild wars? Not only are the vast majority of bounties out there generated by the guild wars.....but collecting them is critical to ones success in the GWs. The way it currently stands......not only do we have to contend with the masses who dont even compete in the wars....we have to compete with them with a delay. As A higher level player.....I am already very limited with the points i can score because of the lack of players within a third of my level.

    I dont think anybody should ever have any restrictions or limits but its even worse that players r even more limited do to their success at bounty hunting and or level. So at the very least lift the bounty delay for all those involved in the Wars themselves....its only fair that all those competing get an equal shot at every bounty generated by them. Who knows....maybe it will entice other guilds to join.

    Players outside the wars would still get an equal shot at all the bounties, unless of course their delay kicks in....not a bad deal for doing or risking nothing in comparison to those that r actually in the wars generating them.
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  4. I'm all for removing the delay, but you're not going to force me to participate in one part of the game in order to benefit from bounty hunting.

    I pay the price everyday when someone I've killed sits on me or kills me. I also suffer from the delay.

    I have 75K battles won, so I battle plenty. I'm not interested in joining Guild Wars because I know that it'd just be higher levels against me. I'm not stupid. I've seen a lower level clan mate who is in a guild war get bountied by his guild's rivals for the sake of "war points".

    You can't ask for restrictions to be removed while asking for another restriction to be enforced. It's contradictory.
  5. polishpimp

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    Dont take me wrong ....I would rather the delay be removed altogether as the delay is unfair to everyone, what I am suggesting is a compromise that might very well lead to abolishing the delay for everyone.

    In the interim you would not be forced to do anything to benefit from bounty hunting as u do now..
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    You have very valid points,Polish.
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    .I think so....TYVM!
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    Wow, you all complain too much, it's ridiculous. You complain about bounty delays, about how lower levels whine too much, about the devs not paying attention or ignoring you, about new things, about old things....about "fairness"???!! Come on man! Gotta respect Deltan for putting up with all of this.

    What I do consider is that the last achievements for bounty hunting are incredibly high. I don't think I'll ever get past the 100 and/or even come close to the 500. There's simply too many bounty hunters. Those wars significantly increased the amount of bounties out there but the fact is: there's nothing enticing about clicking the bounty tab 3-4 times per second to see a bounty. It may be exciting the first few times, but to do it enough times to actually reach the later achievements is a nightmare.

    -I would suggest lowering the values to a more feasible number but it's fair to say that polish would bark at me like crazy :p and you also gotta keep the achievement challenges alive for those who do actively hunt and have actually reach those numbers, so that's out the window.

    -I could also suggest restricting the level of the hunters in regards of the bounty to be more leveled so that only hunters close to the bounty level would be able to attack but there's an obvious problem with this. Lower to mid levels would benefit more from this since there seems to be a larger pool of players in this area whereas only a handful of higher levels. Wouldn't be "screwing them" high levelers but they surely wouldn't see the benefits. Possible but not quite there yet.

    -I would then suggest different logistics, modifying something, a value, so as to prolong the bounty duration? How about halving the total HP damage you do to an opponent on each attack without changing Attk or Def per se, but only damage incurred? Higher level players would still deal more damage than lower players and would still have better chances of getting the bounty but now more attackers are interacting and maybe even giving the bounty a chance to heal in between. This could also potentially increase the bounty roster with live battles where you can jump in.

    Ok, i'm out of ideas....feel free to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
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    Woof I like that your thinking outside the box, but just simply dont agree with your ideas. For me....bounty hunting is all about those who take the time to wait on the bounty page and get there first or who gets there and deals more damage and collects the kill. If u happen to do more damage because of your level/ be it, that why players should be trying to advance, if they are constantly running into limits/restrictions as they rise in levels or because they excel at a particular aspect of the game...whats the point? Lets not forget that the damage calculation is already based on the lower of the two players that not limiting enough?
  10. Is the bounty Delay gone yet? :rolleyes: :eek: lol
  11. polishpimp

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    lol.....supposedly it was in front of the Devs a long time ago but havent heard a word, I see other ideas r still being accepted though
  12. We can only hope then lolol, there's a huge backlog of ideas though, I don't envy them :D
  13. Has this been answered?
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    The bounty delay is real, I can answer you that much.

    but the logistics rules and restrictions are sealed.

    The best way Ive found to make the delay go away, is to simply stop playing the game for about 20 minutes, and let your game history reset.

    That will shoo away the bounty delay, not that It wont pick right back up on you again after you catch 3 bounties....
  15. Takes much longer than 20 minutes in all the games I play....which is all of I believe the length of time depends on a few variables
  16. agreed 10 stars make it so!!
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    Wake up KANO!

    I have to agree with Polish Pimp. Need to do away with the bounty delay! Why punish the good hunters?

    Just my 2 cents!


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    so is there nothing going on with this? the only thing close to an answer ive seen here is its on our list and we'll get it eventually...will eventually ever come??
  19. JADES

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    Probably not LOL guess we are all at a loss on this 1 just like so many great ideas
  20. Demonik1

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    i dont even care what, if anything, they do about just like to see more input than yeah we know, we'll get around to it then never get around to it and ignore it completely

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