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    get a life with my posts

    Is your post the example im suppose to be following? Thanks but no thanks!
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    Just curious...Hows is thread rated 9.6 stars out of 10 down 2.6 stars from last that possible?

    oh....and how does a thread with ratings such as this not get replied to by Kano....when threads in the same category with lesser ratings posted well after this one get replies from Kano?
  3. It is down 2.6 % not 2.6 stars. I think that maybe in the idea section Kano should consider making the OP anonymous. I know I have been upset with you Polish and wanted to rate your ideas down just because at times LOL. Sorry , but I am being honest. Oh, and don't forget that Kano can vote on our ideas too.
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    Polish u give valid points on some ideas, yet you seem to be like tracy aka ruthless king on the old fb db grabbing every thread, just my opinion
  5. LMAO! good ole Ruthy! You have to admit though reading his comments on the old DB was some of the most fun in the game. Those were the days.
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    ahhhh....that makes perfect sense,,,Ty! Its all good Jerome... I know I can be a lil rough around the edges at times. As much as it may seem I dont like these games and its players....I assure you thats not the case , so at times my impatience and my passion for things seems to show through a bit more than
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    some ideas? LOL. Your probably right, Ive played these games a loooong time and have had a lot of fun with them...just hate seeing em go to hell is all
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  8. I'm happy to see someone who actually experienced the delay give a time frame reference. I have experienced delays so long the bounty didn't even make it to my screen before it was gone. I was clicking on the bounty button the whole time! Nothing even flashed across my screen at all.......I was amazed!

    And about the math equation, if you are riding the bounty list, it should NEVER come up! You can actually be killed trying to answer the darn thing while you are in the process of being hit heavily by your enemies. It's happened a few times to me and if I die trying to answer a math problem, it will be small comfort to me that it proves I'm not using a healing bot as my enemies love to say.
  9. So what

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    i have emails going to support that i can post here ...almost 2 months ago

    i too am complaining about the time delay....its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY to obvious

    and as for the ....slayer already been attacked
    i sent that to knao as well ....i get it all the time .,...and yet when i am on the hitlist
    MULITPAL players are at me SEVERAL ( 1 TO AS MANY AS 7 ) SAME TIME
    yet i cannot attack as the other slayer already has one at them

    i was assured was not the case
    despite ...sending several emails DETAILING and showing THE SAID WORDS

    but i have noticed

    #if you in the levels 500 - 1000
    it dosent exist

    theres no time delay for them

    as you say PAY TO PLAY level and sence an abuse.....

    dont pay to play stay low and RIDE THE GAME FOR ALL ITS WORTH.........

    added in
    Selected opponent is already in a fight.
    all i am getting on hitlist
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    wanted to bump this highly rated thread up by asking some of the questions again that have gone unanswered by Kano. Thank goodness they're at least 5 admins. online in the forums....looks like we might finally get some answers, I was beginning to worry since its been a week or so since it was originally posted and hadnt got any feedback from the staff

    So how about it Kano....

    1)do bounty delays exist?

    2)why do they exist?

    3) Do bounty delays exist at all levels?

    4)At which level do they kick in?

    5) Do they restrict honest players that have built their accounts specifically for bounty hunting?

    6)In essence do they punish those that have excelled at a particular aspect of the game as u have designed it?

    7)After how many bounty's and in what amount of time activates this delay?

    8)Does this delay become more with the amount of bounty's one collects in a certain time period?

    9)Does this delay become more pronounced with ones level?

    10) Do bounty delays exist for all Kanos gamesand if not which games have the delay?
  11. polishpimp

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    Still nothing from Kano? wth? Considering these r straight forward questions and Kano is obviously refusing to answer them,,,I guess that its safe to say that bounty delays do exist and that Kanos claims of transparency do not.

    Hopefully those reading this thread will spread the word about these bounty delays and how they nullify most of what a players does when they build a strong hunting essence Kano is punishing them for excelling and no matter how much more time or money they spend with Kano it only will get worse.
  12. Kano, I hope you will answer this thread soon, I've been checking back regularly as the bounty delay severely impacts my game on a daily basis. Thank you.
  13. Das liebe Beil

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    Well, I can think of a very good reason, why bounties would get a delay.

    Namely: Money Transfers from Cash Cows. We all know that this happens, so imposing a delay on the one cashing in from a cow has its merits. Otherwise some players can and will increase their income artificially, by bleeding Cash Cows dry.

    And furthermore, here the line between honest listings, money transfers to a friend and cash cow exploitation blurs. Is it legit if a guild donates all their money to their leader or their strongest player while wrecking their own income stats that way? Sure, the rules say nothing about it, but any decent crooked lawyer can help you adhere to the written body of the law while violating its spirit in entirety.

    Bounty set-ups exist, I'm sometimes setting up bounties for my guild to collect, but I also list people into the blue. I have transferred at least 100T to my apprentice over the time. Most likely much more.

    I guess this delay is a counter-measure to set-ups and cash cow exploiting.
  14. Allen Sumaran

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    I agree with Polish. I would also like to see the bounty delay eliminated. Why should high level players be punished by having a delay? And like what has already been said, nothing else has a delay or limit.

    Allen Sumaran

    Level 4965 Blessed Thane Viking.
  15. While I see your point, Biel, I still disagree with bounty delays. Putting a bounty out there is still risking it. ANYONE can get it with a lucky hit or superior fire power.

    Now, with the guild wars, bounties are more plentiful and it is not appropriate to handicap a player because they happen to be a good hunter. Not all bounties are about gold transfers, especially now.

    And, Kano, I know you were considering, at one time, allowing only war participants to be eligible to collect on war bounties. I never heard a resolution but I think that would be appropriate. If a guild doesn't have the courage to enter the wars, why should they be allowed to collect? That gold needs to stay with the brave souls entering the arena. Too, it may convince some of the fence sitter guilds to join in. We need more participation at this point.
  16. polishpimp

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    Transfers from cash cows may have been an issue at one not saying that it still doesnt happen....just that its far less significant a problem then it was and its negative impact on the honest players far out weighs any benefit. Bounty hunting has become a huge part of these games....for some its everything. There are far more players stalking the bounty page today than there ever was....even if u are transferring and know when that bounty is coming.....u still must contend with the countless others stalking the page 24/7.

    Besides we all know that Kano doesnt want to rid the game of alts(cash cows)....if they did the player count would be cut in half. There are hundreds of players that not only flaunt their alts but freely admit to having them all over every feed. All Kano would have to do is play more or set-up undercover accounts to catch em. That would be much more preferable than having ones hands tied behind their backs once they achieved exactly what these games have us all striving for...TO GET BETTER! I cant speak for anyone else...but it pisses me off when I think of the time and monies spent only to get restricted/limited because it finally started to pay off, seems a bit counter productive for us players and completely shameless and dishonest by Kano. Hell...they wont even acknowledge this thread let alone that the delays exist.....That pretty much says it all!
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    WTH Kano....Why r u avoiding this thread? Please either confirm or deny bounty delays your players can make a more informed decision on this topic.
  18. The claimed bounty delay has been spotted today near area 51 , however a Kano spokesperson can not confirm nor deny its existence. Stay tuned...
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    totally agree with this
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