Gamer Points Still in Beta???? Kind of a long time dont you think? lol

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  1. Achieve gamer points throughout the game. Outbreaks, Bosses, Fights and Helping friends all offer Gamer Points. Gamer points are in beta and will be used in coming features in the game. Currently if you're part of a Faction, your points contribute to the Faction's success in the weekly seasons.

    Get 100 GP Gamer Points each boss attack action.
    Get GP Gamer Points (based off of location) each action for performing Outbreaks where you have not received the achievement for yet. Gamer points are also given for Outbreaks performed in your latest unlocked location.
    Get 300 GP Gamer Points for each fight win and 150 GP Gamer Points for each Fight loss.
    Get 200 GP Gamer Points for each help action in the game where available. This includes joining Squad Contracts, Helping with Outbreaks, Bosses and Challenges, and accepting Gifts from friends.
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    Our Beta cycles are pretty long. :)

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