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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DirtyPanties, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. DirtyPanties

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    Hello all I’m pretty new to the game, I am wondering how stats work as far as attack and defense? I know items boost the stat but is it worth it to dump a lot into attack to be a glass cannon? And vise versa for defense? Or is it best to be kind of conservative and just want to go mainly into stamina/energy?

  2. JADES

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    All depends, what's new to game? (LVL??) Defense is not needed "if new" to game because all you will find is inactive accounts, (work on defense later) energy needs to be increased to 500 as quickly as possible (being max obtained per level up) Build of how someone plays is different with everyone, play for awhile and adjust as "you think" needed is my best advice.

    PS: Change your panties
  3. DirtyPanties

    DirtyPanties New Member

    Thanks, I’m about level 48. I started to get a stat up early on. But I will be changing to getting my energy up and then finish what I was doing since you
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  4. mi7ch

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    Reads name:

  5. DirtyPanties

    DirtyPanties New Member

  6. Clifzag

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    here's what i think... u want 5k sta, 1.5k energy and the rest in health for a long while. att/def personal are meaningless drops in the bucket compared to chiefs. and how battle works is the more health u have compared to damage u take u win not exactly who does more damage and it gives u a stronger axe slap and may affect overall damage for everything else im still not clear on that. and go with sta/coins characters because energy is boring
  7. Clifzag

    Clifzag Member

    some explanation... 1.5k energy because there's a timer reduction benefit per achievement in energy til 1.5k.... 5k sta because u get 5k refills with fp then u can get up to 7500 but that's at like lvl 18k so take ur time there... then u may want to work on ur energy too because it refills completely with boosts and refills but i'd prob still focus mostly on health
  8. Clifzag

    Clifzag Member

    also spend ur fp on sta refills u want to lvl as fast ast possible to lvl 5.4k to get the best character and all the level timer reduction achievements. that's the best build info i got hope it helps

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