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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by wtfrage360, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. wtfrage360

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    Hey guys, been playing for quite awhile now and adding people in the add me section all the time, my question is how do people manage to get 1000+ mob members when they're level 500 with me? I've barely got over 220 and I add everyone I can, even send random people that I see online on the fight list an add me request and I'm still not getting anywhere near filling my mob. Is there some other way to get to the max mob members that I'm missing or another section with a lot of people wanting to be added that I've not heard of?

  2. Vinny

    Vinny New Member

    You can purchase up to 1000 additional mobsters using godfather points(for a total of 2000) - which is probably what it is.
  3. wtfrage360

    wtfrage360 New Member

    But that would be thousands of $s, surely so many people would not invest so much into it to get the amount of HGs to get that high?

    [BTH2] The Ice Man Commeth online now!
    Level 455 746

    True Blood FFD online now!
    Level 454 1079

    kiss my ash MWAC online now!
    Level 454 719

    [SHK2] FRoM HeLL WAR online now!
    Level 452 1063

    [SSM] Donna Bella Carlita online now!
    Level 446 592

    [AgB] The Boxmaster
    Level 458 1029

    [BTH3] Jari killer boy Abbandando online now!
    Level 461 271

    Bobby Fast Hands Panarella
    Level 461 1081

    Level 463 184

    [FEAR] ConcreteGorillazFEAR online now!
    Level 464 1015

    Kyle Crazy Mangler Riccobono online now!
    Level 466 51


    This is all the people on my fight list at the minute, with their level and mob members..5 over 1000 mob members just on one click of the fight list? -confused-
  4. wtfrage360

    wtfrage360 New Member

    Need to know lol
  5. garmar

    garmar New Member

    One thing I do is find someone in my friend's list that's in a family and send them all requests in-game. Many of them will send you a friend request. I just started playing seriously at the beginning of this month and have added over 550 to my mob. I should be maxed by the end of next month.

    It's a lot of work. Also, put ALL of your favor points into hired guns until you have 1000. If you want a special weapon/armor/vehicle buy one. For ten bucks you can get 52 favor points - enough for two, I believe. But use all of the points from leveling on HGs.
  6. there is the add me sections here in the forum where you can post your link for those to add you.
    another way to get your size up is to add everyone you see and weed out the bad clan later.

    and far as how those with over 1000 landed on your fight list well i can think of 2 reasons.
    1 is that its random.
    2nd is your probably high enough up where list starts to shrink or its both.

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