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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by JADES, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    Ok so if we try to attack a hospitalized rival they're going to charge us 1 stamina if that person is still in the hospital? I'm not quite understanding what they mean by a failed attempt. Sorry. I do know encouraging hiding is the wrong thing to do. I mean we're still going to find a way to bounty/hitlist these people. What if this change isn't enough for the people that are complaining? Will you make another update? Like T said, when I started I could not stay on the fight list on Zombies w/o being attacked to the hospital or fight killed. I'd get super mouthy...But I knew my mouth would lead to more attacks, more bounty's/hitlists...I didn't expect you guys to update the game to penalize my rivals for wanting to kick the shit out of me. Instead I put in a little more effort to learn the game and where to put my skills in order to stay on the fight list and make others pay when they attacked. It wasn't hard. Just took time and EFFORT to learn & build. I'm a lower level on Vikings. I get super mouthy there to higher levels...I expect to pay for this with my players 1 stamina is just wrong. Especially when 1 stamina costs 2 skill points. Figure something else out. This is supposed to be a fighting game.
  2. Debra Otter

    Debra Otter Member

    WOW!!! I am just SPEECHLESS. I now will be limited, WHATEVER. I'll be making sure I don't lose my HARD EARNED stamina!!!
  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Maybe I can bring my old yoville and farmville accounts and merge them with my PC account :p
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  4. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Your understanding of a failed attempt is spot on in that it is attacking a player who is dead/hospitalized, however the penalty will not apply immediately. The vast vast majority of players will notice zero impact from this change. I completely understand that there are concerns around how this will affect PvP in our games and I look forward to hearing the feedback once we release this. Keep an eye on in game news for when this releases but you can expect it before the end of the week.
  5. In Pirate Clan, we have a whole host of players who are notorious for whipping / attacking, and then bolting into the hospital as fast as possible, effectively spending the game on their back the entire time. By the community at large, these players are considered to be "weak" or "bad" players. Getting an attack in on one of these players is borderline impossible if you don't sit and try to click attack while they are in hospital sometimes. In essence, what Kano is doing, is supporting these weak players, who shit-talk in world chat, drop raid health to zero and don't heal, and write tickets about every single interaction they ever have in hopes of getting somebody banned. These same people are the ones who are, VERY FREQUENTLY banned from World Chat, and are the REASON Kano has all but destroyed the ability to use it. So here, I am, trying to figure out this logic: Kano wants to HELP and PENALIZE that same group of people in stupid ways... while ultimately penalizing everybody else for trying to just... kill them for being a weak player. I just don't get it.
  6. john frances

    john frances Member

    So you might as well get rid of the UNDEAD PIRATES part of the game because when there is no one to attack in a fighting game and you hit an undead you will be charged Stamina the update is a joke is it April fools day already
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  7. KANO? ......Ummm, hello? What about the Armada Quest? The almost unrealistic amounts you want done on the battles for the "hard" quest? If you are going to "fine" people for hitting the undeads multiple times? Then you need to think about changing the required number of battle attacks on those "hard" quest for the Armada Quest. Without the undead, depending upon where you live, time zone wise or what time you are on. IT is almost impossible to find enough opponents to battle to make the needed amount the quest requires to finish it!

    Seriously, is a GAME! A FIGHTING GAME at that! Perhaps, you never heard of the old saying/analogy? "If you can't stand the heat? Get OUT of the kitchen"?.... It does not matter "how" high in level or how strong a person gets, while it gives them an advantage many times. The bottom line and the beauty of the game/s is, there is ALWAYS going to be someone stronger/higher level that can and WILL beat you! I still get beat multiple times, we ALL do. I know I don't lose any sleep over it happening, I doubt anyone here does. We don't go whining and crying to Admin to change the game for us. INSTEAD, it gives us more initiative to build our game character even stronger. It's called competition! All you are doing by ruining the game even MORE so then you have with the other prior changes, is chasing away the older and long term players. HELLO AGAIN? Most of which are the very SAME players that spend and have spent lots of very REAL $$$$$$$$$$$$$ in your games, which equates to lots of $$$$$$$$$ that have gone in YOUR pockets!

    You MUST be taking lessons from Zynga. Sadly, you are forgetting what happened to most of the Zynga games. Ie: Mafia Wars, Vampire Clan, etc. Each of which Zynga "thought" they had in the proverbial bag, with the real money people were dumping into those games. In the end? Bye, Bye $$$$, Bye, Bye GAMES!

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Kano. Open your eyes & LISTEN to the long time/experienced players here, before you kick your self in the backside like Zynga did! STOP making all the rest of us pay for a few whining low levels, that should check out games like Yoville & Farmville, if they are afraid of getting picked on! ……. End of Rant.
  8. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    You were charged stamina for attacking the Undead already. This change has zero effect on that.
  9. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    OK, SMACK answer me this question, as I do know how knew counter system really works and this is prolly on same note. So lets say if fighting (back and forth) and u hit them into hospital, obviously going to do a click or two extra if they don't heal, correct? Now you take that 5 times on beating them down few extra clicks when they sit in hospital yet again, now it's going to cost me 1 stamina to even see if not hiding? Or do I need to fight from my rival page, because seriously everyone in-range healed we cannot see, but if you played the game, you would actually know these little things/querks of programming errors.
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  10. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    ok, you understand that there are concerns...but you don't understand the actual concerns. You're basically making a change to charge people stamina for NOT attacking someone else. Everyone clicks attack on an already hospitalized account, it let's you know roughly how much health they have left so you can decide whether to bounty or just link in the chat for punch kills. If you choose the latter almost everyone that clicks the link will health check before/after they've punched.

    Also as I mentioned before...this could be coded out, grey out the attack button if they're in hospital/dead like you already do on the rivals screen. Instead you give us the option to click the attack button and plan to penalize us for doing so.
  11. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    In the scenario you describe above you should not be impacted. How many times a day are you checking if someone is hiding? So long as it isn't excessive you won't notice a thing.

    This change is now Live so if you are affected you'll know within the next 24 hours. We will be listening closely to and keeping an eye on data so that we can adjust accordingly. So if you are affected and have constructive feedback please send us a support ticket with details of who you are fighting.
  12. So you penalize the people who stay healed and reward the hit n hiders. Absolutely disgusting.
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  13. BLU 1SE

    BLU 1SE New Member

    So players with low health can hit and hide and we get penalized for wacka moling them, amazing, this game is getting worse day by day, no wonder peeps are looking about for a proper fighting game, ahh man, over 3 years wasted playing this poop, should have stuck with mafia wars reloaded when MWs ended
  14. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    I encountered the new system a little earlier on pirates. I even got attacked first by a serial hit & hider. I managed to get 6 attacks on him putting him in the hospital (where he was going anyways) So I went to his profile and spammed the attack button on purpose to see how long it'd take to trigger the message. Didn't take long at all and you started charging me stamina. So even though I got attacked first by a guy 294 levels ahead of me you're going to charge me stamina to try and get retaliation attacks in. This is not made to protect low levels being "griefed" by higher levels. This is made for people who attack and don't want to be attacked back. I mean we can just spam the rivals tab and see the instant someone heals. But what you've done with this reward the hit & hiders for that type of gameplay and penalized people by taking their stamina, the lifeline of your games, from them. You seriously need to tweak this update and rework it. As it is now just really, really sucks.
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  15. Kano should auto heal them if they are ahead on attacks.
  16. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    Sweet idea, 0 retaliation attacks in but it still costs stamina to try
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  17. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    I believe this Implented Idea is so dumb what is the point even playing these games anymore?? The Feedbacks you get the majority are crybabies who can't handle the game. an how is this even balance?? this is a fighting game ughh...If you are gonna do this then Why not go ahead an boot those who came from Mafia Wars n the original mob wars an get them the F off our game apps in this case? cause those player's are the ones who crys alot if they can't get there way but you let them get there way an now us older player's are suffering cause of your bullshit actions! you can ban me if you want just cause I said that BS word but I don't care I am pointing out facts!! Ever since you let these player's merge with us we had nothing but problems since then an now we aka us older players are getting punish for something that we had no part of! Sad how this gaming business is being run! which is being run into the ground. so whoever the owner of Kano is you need to go seek HELP cause your brain is brainwashed by these crybabies.. (Haterz Gonna Hate on this post but I don't care no more).
  18. AlterEgoT

    AlterEgoT Well-Known Member

    has just been attacked and has been killed or is too weak to fight

    Repeated attacks on a fallen player is disrespectful to the UN, your stamina grows weaker.

    Seriously? I have 1 thing on my Fight list. ONE. It has me ambushed completely up.

    I hit the limit this afternoon sometime i'm not even sure how, unless I just wasn't paying attention.

    I tapped once HOURS later. and lose a stamina?

    This is seriously whacked kano.

    Out of the 4 games I've gotten it on 3.

    Funny part? None of them were where I fight.
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  19. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    Ok, Kano. Seriously, please, pretty please, pretty, pretty please....Rework this. You all cannot seriously think it's a good idea that a higher level can attack you. Can initiate the fight and then hide from you and while you try to get retaliation by spamming their attack button WE LOSE STAMINA. We were not the ones that started the fight. Now we start to lose stamina so we don't check its health. 5 to 10 minutes later that HIGHER level comes out and surprise attacks you 7 to 15 times and goes straight back to the hospital to hide from your attacks. You go to check its health out of habit but lose 1 stamina again for doing it. Like I said in an earlier post: This update doesn't protect lower levels from being "griefed" by higher levels. This update has benefited people who want to attack others but not be attacked back in return. It's so very unfair. Especially when that hit & hider is a HIGHER LEVEL THAN YOU ARE. So that right there proves that it helps HIGHER levels. I'm not a low level I don't care about being attacked...but I do like to get my retals in if I beat the hit & hider that is attacking me. You need to rework this update to make it unavailable for people that hit & hide like that. Or just get rid of it completely. Taking stamina from people is fucking nuts. First off it costs 2 skill points to add 1 to your character. Secondly: stamina is the life of the game. it keeps things keeps people playing. That's what you should want, right? To keep people playing, right? The more/longer people play in their sessions the chance becomes greater that they will spend money buying something in your games. But i you're charging stamina to check someone's health to get retals on a hit & hder you're robbing them of the very thing that keeps your game moving. This is not a solid business plan. This is the type of shit someone shows to the chairman of the board and he says, "Nope take it back to R & D and rework it." FIX THIS SHIT...PLEASE.
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  20. Pinhead

    Pinhead Member

    Agree with above post, this was just a bad update.....Say you are sorry Kano, we made a boo-boo and we can go back to normal play
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