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  1. daz2k007

    daz2k007 New Member

    im level 129 with about 155 mob members and now when i go to fight it totally finds people well below my range or well above it finds like a level 129 with like 5 or 10 mobsters or it could find a level 129 with like 400 to 500 mobsters it never finds anyone in my range is this normal
  2. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    You get a random selection of people in your level range. If they have the same mob number, well that's not part of the equation.

    My tip? Oversized attack value and the best possible equipment. Numbers begin to dimish then.

    And maybe try to add some more people and buy Mobsters for those FP once you have a decent personal loadout built from FP weapons. Don't fall for the trap of spending more FP's on weapons than you can personally arm. These weapons don't bring big differences in your att/def stats. One could even go as far as saying they have no real influence there. Unless of course you buy dozens or even hundreds of them, then they will make a crushing difference.
  3. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    The fight list selects random players from the same level/exp range to show up on your fight list. It doesn't select based off of mob size.
  4. Bo Baby

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    i agree daz

    i agree wit u daz, it did seem like when i was a lower lvl and less mob that my fight list either had people with way less mob or way more mob than i had at the time when i had full stam and then when i had no stam my fight tab would be full of people all around my mob size so they say random but i disagree bc when it happens on a daily basis there is nothing random about that at, but oh well, what can u do?

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