[KanoPlay] fed up fed up fed up about ready to quit

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Jerome Goulet, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. maddog1122

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    your wrong about that, they can still punch you or hitlist you is what he's complaining about. I know, i get attacked every hour on the hour by the same four or five people, its been going on for a couple months now
  2. maddog1122

    maddog1122 Active Member

    King, i suggest you fet foxey sirenor telfon pissed off at you and see what i mean, Ive stopped punching back most of the itme, at the time they were using the hitlists and punching to chain me, they ran thru amushes i kept setting up to over 60 ambushes, kept listing and punching for the next 24 hours, i didnt reutrn any attack, and for two days i got punched and hitlisted by them, so i know for a fact the 24 hour thing does not work, i also know for a fact they are using a auto healing script and i suspect they are using scripts for cash and other things too but i cannot positivly prove it. but i do know that at one time, we had a group of ten or more people attackign them at the same time and none of us was able to make them not heal, and the amount of money that they should have spend rigging all of us and healing and hitlisitng allof us should have drained any amount of cash they had at the level they are at, and yes they are a couple hundred levels below me. if they dont ambush, i can beat them but i never seen anyone human that could move that fast or have that much money to last as long as they do, especially whenits more then 24 hours straight.

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