February 3rd Developer Update - Fighting Undead BETA

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Loren, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. SLG

    SLG New Member

    So far I'm impressed

    I have to say seeing the same 5 names on the fight list all the time was old. I am enjoying the undead feature, thanks Kano for addressing the scarcity on the fightlist. I would personally prefer it as 1 page for the reason mentioned (fluidity of fight).
  2. SLG

    SLG New Member

    I amend my prior post. Not that impressed after all. My fight list is smaller (who knew that was even possible), i have now exhauted all of my undead attacks and have NO-ONE else on my fight list... um, so what am i supposed to do with that.

  3. The Coffee Drinker

    The Coffee Drinker New Member

    I have to change my initial thought of this being good to something i wished I didnt have to see, my fightlist is non existant now and I have to keep refreshing to try bring up new ones, once my 25 are up i cant attack them anyway.

    Perhaps once the 25 attacks had been used up they would dissapear off the fightpage completely
  4. SteveW

    SteveW Member

    I agree, having played with it some more it would be quite nice if the undead disappeared when you can't attack them.
  5. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    I would like this feature to disappear all together. Besides the fact that I've not had fight list since this started, attacking for reduced XP is a complete waste of stamina. What is the point of hitting the undead without them knowing? Battling is a part of the game, if you are afraid to attack and get hit back then you should be playing a different game. Fluff Friends may be more your speed: http://www.facebook.com/fluffbook. I understand higher levels needing this feature for their useless GP's, but this has definitely hindered my game.
  6. Duje of Skuje

    Duje of Skuje New Member

    I also agree. Please remove the undead option once your quota of 25 has been expended. :)
  7. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    That is a good recommendation, we will look at removing the UNDEAD once you have exhausted your total attacks.
  8. sub

    sub New Member

    I hit level 500 recently, and this is my point of view as one of the most active fighters:

    I can't play a fraction of the way I have in the past. I know that when the fight list "refreshes" you have a certain number of people out of the total people that are available to attack from the list, and you can whittle that down until it is "empty".

    Now with undead in my list, the first time I access the fight list I end up with 2-5 players at the top, and the rest is undead. After I kill them or hospitalize them, I am left with a list entirely made up of undead players.

    I click Fight, and every few times I click that I will get a person at the top of this list that isn't undead. I know that there are more people available, but I seem to be forced to wade through the pool of undead to find the real players, and I think this is stupid. It seems like each time the fight list is repopulated I might get 5-10 real players to attack, versus probably an average of 15-30 players just one level before. Or maybe I just have bad luck refreshing my current list of people to attack and just get undead? Either way, it isn't working.

    Suggestion: Have another tab for the undead players, or have a static 5 or half or whatever number of real players on top that will populate the list first if they are available.

    Just my two cents, and this is probably only having serious affect on a small population of hardcore fighters, but it is pretty hard to play now as a fighter.


    tl;dr: Active fighter can't attack many people because list full of zombies.
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  9. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    No, it's not your bad luck. That's just how it is now. I've expressed my objection of this feature a few times in this thread, and nothing has changed. This feature does not enhance the game, it hinders it.
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  10. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    Good morning Slayers, as per your request we have just released the following update to the Attack Dead feature.

    Once you have reached the maximum number of Undead Slayers you can attack the Undead will no longer appear in your battle list. Once you are able to attack the Undead again, these players will appear in your Battle list.
  11. malific

    malific Member

    I appreciate this, thanks!
  12. jon french

    jon french Member

    As Peggy said somewhat earlier

    "would love to see that feature not only in the 'fight' list ... seeing undead 'rival squads' would be nice"

    I only have ever have 3 Undead players at most on my fight list (im lvl 954), a rival list with undead on would be much much more populated and much more useful.

    So, any chance at looking at Undead Rivals as well please?
  13. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    Why must we first attack 25 undead to clear them off the list? Attacking the undead is a waste of stamina, this feature is useless, why is it even an option???
  14. malific

    malific Member

    You better than anyone should know that some undead fights against the right people prove to be way better XP than many regular fights...
  15. Angel

    Angel Member

    what is the level for this feature is available?
    I am now on level 408 and Ihave allways the problem with an nearly empty enemylist and for I am low level fighter it may take month to get to level 500 ^^"
  16. Red

    Red Member


    To me it was after level 500 exactly.
  17. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    I think I average about 1/4 of the XP when I attack an undead. My undead fight list usually consists of players at the low end of my attack range.
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  18. Ace

    Ace Member

    Actually, they give half exp. Though I agree with you, Undeads should be on a different tab (just as Rival Squads and Hitlist) since right now the only reason I fight those it's because they obstruct my fightlist. Most of them are crappy level 470-480 slayers who give 30 XP in the best of cases. When I clear the undeads, the fightlist gets good (a bit more than ten people) again, while they are present, my fightlist's reduced to between 0-2 people and the rest's full of worthless undeads.
  19. icedfate

    icedfate Member

    I like they they are giving us more targets, but it's only 25 more a day...so people who have 200 stamina left after exhausting their fight list now will still have 175 left after exhausting their fight list.

    it's helping but not by much
  20. icedfate

    icedfate Member

    I'm not getting half xp.

    I got 30 xp for someone that I normally would get 130xp

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