February 3rd Developer Update - Fighting Undead BETA

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Loren, Feb 3, 2011.


    RjBESTNUB Member

    where is it?

    Where is it? I dot see any purple attack buttons or tombstones just regurlar living people lol
  2. Hated

    Hated Member

    "THIS!!!" ????

    im not asking for the feature to be changed at all, i like it (its that my fight list is cloged of dead zombies when there are healed zombies ready to get attacked- some how this will be looked into)

    kano wants all the feed back they can get hence "BETA"

    *Smiley face*

    RjBESTNUB Member

    how do u fight undead?

    how do u fight undeadall i see is alie people hasent ben 1 undead person and wont lt m attack behond hospital/kill do knowif i have to do something to attack undead i refreshed page multiple times?
  4. Lyca

    Lyca Member

    It says higher level players only right now so maybe it starts at level 500?? I don't really know...
  5. NoMau

    NoMau Member

    In 99% all I get is this: This Slayer is no longer Undead
  6. Lyca

    Lyca Member

    It's the same for me this morning.. last night it was working fine.. maybe everyone is healing so they can attack the undead??
  7. cloude

    cloude New Member

    I like it
    but i think it should be 2 seperate lists
    that you can hide/show

    becuse when/if this is relesed to lower lvl players or many high lvl players
    they might have to update the page a couple of times to see someone alive
    could be for not wanting to attack or being out of attacks

    i had to update a few times to see if anyone was alive
    but there wasnt too many in that list so it works for now
  8. Peggy Bundy

    Peggy Bundy New Member

    would love to see that feature not only in the 'fight' list ... seeing undead 'rival squads' would be nice :cool:
  9. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    Yes, this exactly. This feature is in Beta, however, it is effecting the live game when there are only undead to attack.
  10. kimmerz

    kimmerz Member

    For me it is the exact opposite. I usually have the same 3 people on my fight list. So the addition of the undead make it around 10 - 12 now. This could be because I am on Myspace so we probably have a smaller pool of players (I'm level 706).

    Perhaps keeping this feature for higher levels only or creating two tabs as someone else suggested. One for undead and one for live slayers.

    I really like the addition :)
  11. self

    self Member

    I see the same undead people on the list after they are "no longer undead", they stay on the list and continue to be undead. It would be great if the undead who are no longer undead would no longer be on the undead list. The other thing is that at my level 545, a few times there was 2 live people all 200+ levels higher and the rest undead and I was stuck and was attacked by someone who could see me, where I could not see them. Was a tad frustrating. Interesting idea though

    RjBESTNUB Member

    when will lower lvl,s b tested

    I wana test this undead fight list aso im lvl 479 and i want to fight the undead sooo when will it be released to me? -facebook user- its like lowerlvl,s are being teased that high lvl,s get to view it first
  13. Red

    Red Member


    Yeah just let everyone fight them, and donĀ“t cap them to 25 fights a day.
  14. Jager

    Jager Member

    Would it be possible to add a countdown so we know when we are allowed to attack undead slayers again?
  15. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    A quick follow up about the Attack Undead feature:

    You should not notice the Undead clogging up your fight list, when grabbing your fight list we first grab a list of Zombie Slayers that are not hurt. From here, if the list is too short, we plug is any Undead Slayers that might be in your range. Every time you grab a new fight list, this logic applies.

    If you take a look at the help, this feature does not unlock until level 500 so anyone that is not seeing it this would be the reason.

    We are weighing in on shifting all of the Undead Slayers to the end of your Fight list, will let you know what we decide. Moving them to a separate tab may not be a favorable choice because it creates two separate lists and takes away from the fluidity of Fighting.
  16. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    This is most definitely not the case. I am level 508 and I have to refresh the fight list countless times to find new, active targets. My fight list is now either all purple, or one active target and the rest purple. My fight list before this new feature was plentiful. Refreshing the fight list over and over again also takes away from the fluidity of fighting.
  17. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    Kano appreciates the initial feedback from everyone, we have just released some modifications to improve the way that it operates:

    - All Undead Slayers will now be displayed at the end of your battle list. This should make it easier on the eyes, and easier to quickly differentiate between the living and the undead.

    @there will be blood: the battle list does not in fact reload EVERY time you reload the page. It instead loads a battle list for a period of time. This has never changed, so contrary to what you are saying the list reload at the same rate it did before.

    - We applied some other updated logic which should help keep you lists fresh and reduce the number of times you encounter the, 'This Slayer is no longer Undead' message.

    Please report any issues or feedback, we will continue to streamline this feature.
  18. There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood Active Member

    Really? Well, the fight list updated periodically before the implementation of this feature, however, now the fight list changes every single time I refresh it. That is not the issue because there is still no one to attack on it. This feature has ruined fighting.
  19. Hated

    Hated Member

    Thx a bunch kano, new update is nice.

    only saying this as it may be a up comming issue for lower players, since there so many little players does that mean that since healed people come strait to the top, lower levels will rarely if ever see any undead??

    RjBESTNUB Member

    undead lvl 500

    to be lvl 500 is ridicilous but i guess its sorta like a bonus to look forward too im lvl 482 cant wait to be lvl 500

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