February 25th NEW Hidden Recipes!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SkylerF, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. norte420

    norte420 New Member

    well i got all until the silver spike exept snap flashes if any one wants them i got them and im still trying to figer out the snap flashes
  2. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    I apologize for shouting

    Did you see the link I posted? Oh, wait, you quoted it.
    I'm more than a little peeved. No, I only *discovered* a few of those recipes but I helped with most of them and I am simply compiling all the recipes players have found and posted into a single thread.

    The purpose of these collective threads is to SHARE EVERY RECIPE ONCE IT IS FOUND.

    In Pirate Clan, there are 3 recipes that have not yet been solved: Old Tyme Sniper Rifle, Bahama's Bar Shot, and Snap Flashes. :( We have no clues at the moment, sadly enough...
    That is why it is good to READ the whole thread (or at least the last couple of pages) to see what other players have tried. Then you can make a list of what has been tried and add to it.
  3. Pattiwasson

    Pattiwasson New Member

    I went to the web site you listed for keeping PC /VC hidden recipes and I think I have some that are not on their. My email is pattiwasson@rocketmail.com
  4. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    It isn't a separate website. It is a link to a different thread on THIS forum.

    If you think you have them, why not list them?

    And I don't give out my email, sorry.
    (emailing you counts)
  5. Pattiwasson

    Pattiwasson New Member

    well i printed my doc for both and I don't sorry but I have some tips for you on VC[

    Autumns Hammer = (gift) + (gift) + (non-gift)

    ^^ this is what I've heard, but I'm not able to craft it anyways (Margaret)

    Aurora Knight =

    - "The Aurora Knight requires three unique items to craft, one of the three items is a gift."

    Stonepillar Axe =

    - "The Stonepillar Axe requires three unique items to craft, one of the three items is a gift."

    Crystal Saber = 1 Legendary Spear, 1 Goldenbristle, 1 Skull Dagger

    ^^ this is not a hidden recipe, it's already unlocked


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