February 25th NEW Hidden Recipes!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SkylerF, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Bubba

    Bubba Member

    Rusted Hook unlocks at level 510, so your cousin is just too low level to unlock it. Have him wait for the correct level and try again. See if that fixes it.
  2. then it should either say hes too low in the failure message or it shouldnt be possible to get all 3 items needed.

    im not arguing with ya bubba but quite a glitch on the part of kano here
  3. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    Required Location: Davy Jones Locker
    Level Unlock: Level 510
    Crafting Cost: 5,000,000 coins

    i m level 485, told me no match as well, even though i got all the items
    it is kinda decieving, it should say not all requirement met or something similar
  4. yes either this needs to be open for all levels or it needs to say level requirement not met although thats kinda silly since a level 2 can have all these items needed
  5. Ky76

    Ky76 New Member

    That's why you don't even try for hidden recipe's that are Locked....(I mean to high for your level)....I could see where it is aggravating...but I don't really think it is a glitch on Kano's part.....the level is out of your reach....so...it's not a match.....(am I making sense??)...
  6. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Yes, but those level requirements always are there because you can't even GET the ingredients until that level anyways.
    Since ANY player can gather the ingredients for the Rusted Hook, there ought to be a message EXPLAINING that the player was too low instead of telling them that the combination of ingredients was WRONG.
    I mean, you get specific messages when you don't have enough of the item or when you don't have the gold cost.
  7. Ky76

    Ky76 New Member

    I agree with ya.....sort of......like I said...I could see where someone could get aggravated by it...I am just saying...why even try for items that are locked from you....that would be like me trying for the Imperial Warship which is locked for me...but i already have all the items. (it's locked to level 1340...I am level 1337......anywho....back on track.

    Has anyone got any clues on the prison transport??
  8. transport was already solved

    water taxi spyglass and zombie compass
  9. Ky76

    Ky76 New Member

    HEY...Thanks...I must've missed it.!!! Thanks again.
  10. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    See, the problem is that it is a HIDDEN recipe. The Imperial Warship is visible, but locked. What that means is you can see which items and how many of them are needed, you just can't craft it.
    With the HIDDEN RECIPES, however, it would be nice if they would become visible if you had the correct combination yet failed for some reason (money, quantity, level, etc). That way the recipe would still be locked until you could craft it, but it would no longer show up as ??? on your Blacksmith list.
  11. exactly.or at least show something in the fail message saying too low level although i dont see how you can get all items and its still locked......................

    kano defo overlooked it big time cause this isnt the only one like this.
  12. Ky76

    Ky76 New Member

    Blacksmith items

    High Calibre Flintlock Level 1
    Pleasurecraft Level 15
    Aztec High Priest Level 30 (Oceanic Pilot/Aztec Warrior)
    Snap Flashes Level 115
    Silverspike Level 175 (2x Atlantis Blade/Bottle of Grog/2x Red Pearl Compass)
    Minstrel Maiden Level 300 (Jaguar Knight/Treasure Chest)
    Rusted Hook Level 510 (Cursed Hook/Silver Hook/Captain's Hook)
    Bahama's Bar Shot Level 760
    Silent Assassin Level 880 (Wise Old Spirit/Samurai/Evil Eye Talisman)
    Prison Transport Level 1300 (Water Taxi/Spyglass/Zombie Compass)
    Old Tyme Sniper Rifle Level 1430
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  13. Ky76

    Ky76 New Member

    I agree that would be nice....all I was saying is why try and craft something that is above your level....
  14. Bubba

    Bubba Member


    Did anyone post this issue in the suggestion thread? I would post it there so Kano can address the issue and fix it or rather modify what is there already.
    I do think it needs to be corrected so that we don't get discouraged when trying out the recipes.
  15. norte420

    norte420 New Member


    does any one kno the snap flashes recipes?
  16. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    If you would read the threads you post in, you would know that we have NO HINTS and that players are working on a specific few at a time. I believe the Old Tyme Sniper Rifle is the current attempt.

    This is where I am collecting ALL HIDDEN recipes.
    For PC/VC, if it is not there, we don't know it.

    Hey, norte420, could you try to be helpful instead of begging for recipes? I'm sure you'd get more help if you contributed anything useful to our search.
  17. ZombieAngel

    ZombieAngel New Member

    I see that the cursed hook is a boss drop from the cursed pirate boss, which is not unlocked until level 510. I am sure I am missing something here. Do you get boss drops ahead of time from other people sharing the boss fight? Forgive me if this sounds like an ignorant question.
  18. hook is a drop you can get after the boss is done regardless of amount of damage done. its for anyone not just the owner and a level 2 can join any boss battle they want.

    its a oversight
  19. ZombieAngel

    ZombieAngel New Member

    I guess my ignorance lies in how I join a boss fight if I am not at that level yet. Do I need a mate to already be in a fight and then have him post it to the Facebook feed?
  20. if you have lets say the #1 rank in your clan and they open a boss.regardless of what the boss is you can join the battle even if you are only a level 2.the hook isnt even a min damage reward you just have a chance of collecting it after the boss is dead provided you did at least 2 hits on it.

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