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Discussion in 'Rejected Ideas' started by matiascattaneo, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Hey there! There´s a new link called Survey, which is a complementary item for these forums, it might be nice just to gain Favor Points or how ever called in other Kano games for rewarding the participation in them (the ones that did so before this offer should be rewarded with more FPs).... Also, active participation in forums should be rewarded just to encourage people to become more involved in the game´s development.... Regards, Matías.
    Hi Linda, I didn´t ask if it there was any reward for doing the survey, cause I know there is no one.... I´m just one of the nice guys who did it for nothing and it was just a suggestion to encourage the participation of others, but with such a nice and polite answer I got, I guess you´ll get lots of people participating!
    Regards! Matías
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    there is no reward for answering the survey.

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