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    Some people prefer to play from the old FB canvas version of the game so that the chat remains, but i prefer to just have a FB Home in the adjacent tab with my chats so they don't pop up in the way.

    When i fail a PK i give the link of the survivor to one of a few chats, and it's quite simple to convert a Connect link to a Canvas one.

    Here's how-
    Paste the link into your chat [CTRL+V]http://fb.kanogames.com/zombieslayer/profile/user/5318008

    Scroll through the chat (or type :p ) to find a regular PK link from someone else, or even one of your own. Copy up until the number of that link http://apps.facebook.com/zombieslayer/profile/user/

    Highlight up until the number of the text you have just pasted, and overwrite that with the copied replacement.

    The beginning number was just a suggestion, you could only copy the very first section (the "http://apps.facebook.com") and only highlight up until the slash after that but i find the number an easier reference point to quickly highlight to.

    Not sure if anyone else will need to do this, but i just thought i would provide some possibly useful information to pass some time, as if i didn't have enough games to play... I just cba typing is more relaxing :p

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