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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Dumb as a Stick SLT DLS, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. I'm here to help you if you need it!

    Dumb as a stick Level 555 Tycoon

    You currently have 183 of the 200 Achievements in Mob Wars! You want all these Achievements they make you stronger! :D

    Ask away, If I don't have an answer for you, I can asked around and get one.
  2. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    The Ice Queen Level 591 Tycoon

    #28 on the Made Man list!!

    Happy to help where I can :)

    Proud to be a Stick!
  3. Recruitment Officer, SLT DLS

    Treno Merci Operatore, been playing since before the game was offered in English.
    Let me know if you want to join SLT DLS!

    Hitlist now ask questions later. If you chain me then send friend request... you might as well rig me too!
  4. alfredteoh1

    alfredteoh1 New Member

    how often is 'ask for help in job' function reset?
    if it is daily, what time for ....eg GMT+0 ?
  5. alfredteoh1

    alfredteoh1 New Member

    another question, how is the 'Mobster Earnings' calculated?
  6. I believe that it is every 24 hours, from when you last asked.
  7. now that is a question I don't have an answer for, and have no idea what the number means to me or you?
  8. alfredteoh1

    alfredteoh1 New Member

    ok , thx for ur answer.
    now i am building a 2nd ID as my own leveling partner, do u have idea what level onwards we can hitlist / ambush? like level 20 or level 75?
  9. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    Alfred, that would be cheating.
    I will be pointing the Devs in the direction of this thread so they can freeze your ass!
    Lets hope you are as dumb as I think you are ;)
  10. wow, bright move, maybe do some leg work and get a partner? Then 2 people get the benefit of the game?
  11. Cyber Assasin

    Cyber Assasin New Member


    Do all the weapons you buy contribute to your mob or only the best/latest you have?
  12. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    If you have more weapons/vehicles/armour than you have mob members, then it's only the best.

    Each Mobster can only hold 1 weapon, wear 1 armour and drive 1 vehicle.
    Give them the best.
  13. But I think it will sub the best attack weapon on attack and the best defense weapon when you are attacked?
  14. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    It will Emily.
    I fight with GTR's (27 attack) and Armoured Bentley's (26 attack) but defend with Bentley's only (28 defense)
    Hmmm.. maybe I need to get more GTR's.
    The money earned for the job may not be as good... but I do earn sh*te loads per hour.. and that should do me for a week if I can resist chain listing people...
    More GTR's it is!
  15. robdb2

    robdb2 New Member

    The fight list...

    My level's in the 90's, and I have less than 30 members. Usually, the fight list is filled with mobsters close to my mob count, so I can pick and choose who to attack pretty easily. But, more recently, the mob sizes are all in the 100's, and I'm left with no one to attack. Then all of a sudden, when I refresh, the list will show mobsters in my mob range. Is this a glitch? Is this normal?

    TIGERS EYE TEK New Member

    Dumb as a stick - what a disgrace to lcn

    OMG !
    What a cheek to advertise offering to help players when you cant separate a game from your own personal attitude :eek:

    If anyone replies to you asking for help then they should find out what kind of player / person you are first.
    I have never seen such disgusting bully like tactics in LCN like I have seen with you the last week! :(

    So did you step down from SLT like you messaged Respected Killers?
    So Did you leave SLT? Like you stated ?
    Or was that your sick ploy so you can continue to kill ny assassin & hope that it's takes the heat off SLT members?

    Any members in SLT that have seen all the proof would have left if they realise the truth of your own sick personal vendetta against a tiny mob compared to your self !!!

    DUMB AS A STICK,,,,,,,,You are a disgrace to the members that show respect in and out of LCN.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2010

    TIGERS EYE TEK New Member

    Well said Ice Queen, How dumb to publically abmit creating an alt account to cheat :(
    I hope you get frozen ASAP Alfred !
    We do not want cheats in a game FULL STOP
  18. Thank you very much, yes all on my own now.
  19. Xealios

    Xealios New Member

    reset account

    does anyone know if there is any way to reset your mob wars account? thanks in advance
  20. The Ice Queen

    The Ice Queen Member

    There isn't one. You are stuck with what you have :(

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