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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Das liebe Beil, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Das liebe Beil

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    As I have seen it come up in the feeds some times, I wanted to ask what Kano's stance is on dual or triple played accounts.

    To explain, a dual/triple account means that 2 or 3 people play on one account without having other accounts. Example: I ask 2 of my friends who don't have MySpace if they're interested to play on my MS account.

    And what do people feel about this, when three people work together on one account?
  2. Linda

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    lol what if one of your friends makes some one mad and then you all have to deal with the retaliation lol, but better yet why do they not open a MY space or FB account and play their own game ? just wondering :)
  3. Maler

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    because maybe they are in a different time zone or they work during the night, when i usually sleep. so, my character will always be online. i thought about it too. haven't found anyone willing to do it though :)
    however, i seem to remember there can be only one person per account.
  4. Linda

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    I know when I lost power after Hurricane irene, for a week, my boyfriend would do my dgps for me since I was in an armada at that time, (no longer in an Armada that would care about such things) and did not want to screw them up there and to kill off my boss , so sometimes people step in for emergencies , but in my case he has his own game, and just helping me out was time consuming for him, so hopefully the power never goes out again, :)
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  5. Personally I don't mind that, however I would advise against handing your personal email address and password out to people you don't trust, or only know online...

    I did that once in another game I play, and they found it necessary to list everything with my cash, and sell some properties...
  6. I believe Cara had told me only one person to an account. That sharing an account was against TOS. Am I mistaken?
  7. Linda

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    Yes you would really have to trust the person, for sure ,I have also seen accounts hacked and the hacker wreaks havoc on the game
  8. polishpimp

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    this a violation of The TOU, basically the result/outcome of having someone play your account is the same as using an alt or a bot. If you yourself didnt accumulate the stats yourself than your cheating
  9. That's what I thought...........
  10. Wonder Woman

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    It is a violation of the TOS to have or play more then one account. Only the account owner is able to play that account. This is very difficult to prove but if you think that someone is in violation of the TOS then send a message into support with the game links and I can investigate further.
  11. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Realistically there is no way to prove more then one person is using an account.

    That is probably why so many people do it.

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