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    time to work on stamina :)

    Health is lost during all types of Battles, how much depends on your opponents battle attributes (attack / defense / max health) compared to your own. Increasing Max Health will allow your character to survive more fights and increase the max damage potential that you can cause your opponent. Health refills with time. For quick refills of Health see The Gods. Increase your maximum Health with Skill Points from your Profile. Each time you level up you will receive bonus health up to a maximum of 5000 or your characters max whichever is less. Max Health is an attribute that will need to be increased as you develop your character if you plan to be successful in Battles and Boss Battles.
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  2. Your stats depend totally on how you play the game for instance if you have levelling partners your attack becomes less of an assett as a smaller attack can give you more XP on a higher level player. I would go for a balanced approach if I didn't level with higher level players or hit bosses hard.
    As I do I have a level attack and health with a lower level stamina and defence balanced. Energy I keep at 2000 as that is the max energy boost per day and I take full advantage over it. My current personal targets are (please don't look all you would be attackers!!) Energy 2000/ Defense 5000 / Stamina 5000 / Attack 7500 and Health 75000.
    On top of this you must hit the bosses to bring up your warriors and weapons and this means using FP's for stamina but once you've got your hired chieftains topped up the extra FP's can be used for this. Also keep up GP's as they give you loyalty credit under gods for some great upgrades at no extra cost. Hope this helps.
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    Martin I do not know where you got your information from but 2,000 Energy is not the maximum for energy boosts.

    I have just used a daily energy boost to double my Energy from it's maximum of 2,020 up to 4,040 energy.
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    I agree, high stamina+high energy is the way to go, not only will you get a ton more boss drops but youll be able to build with adventure drops as well which become REALLY important later in the game, especially in the blacksmith. a lot of people underestimate the importance of energy...if i were you, id permanently put the antlers gift in your wishlist

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