Do more to eliminate alts, bots, and scripts

Discussion in 'Accepted Ideas' started by rompicoglioni, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. rompicoglioni

    rompicoglioni New Member

    I'm not in the computer industry, but I've seen several suggestions on ways to improve removing alts, bots, and scripts. I'm sure fighting the bots and scripts will be a constant battle, but the battle must be fought because the cheats ruin the game. I'd assume you'd have to set up alerts for specific gaming behavior.

    I would think alts are much easier to identify by checking IP addresses in addition to tracking gaming behavior.

    You may not think this battle will add to the bottom line, but the more fair the game is, the longer you will keep the players, Players will be more positive. More players will play. More players will pay.

    IMO, the devs have done a very good job trying to keep this game fair. It is much improved over the original Mob Wars, just continue to fight the cheats.
  2. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    We are always working to keep the alts, BOTS and script player out of our games. If you suspect any players in particular then send a message into support so that we can look into the accounts. We have it on our todo list to make some adjustments to the process so that we can keep LCN fun & fair for all players!
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  3. Bri7591

    Bri7591 New Member

    Recently saw a youtube video of someone using a mouse macro to hunt with.. don't know if it is possible but when you click the hitlist button could you have the attack button appear in different areas of the screen?
  4. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    You're kidding, right? That would in essence annoy everyone. Not only those cheaters, but honest players too. Very bad idea, buddy.
  5. Bri7591

    Bri7591 New Member

    Just thinking instead of one place move it around by an inch or so randomly... eliminate the mouse macro, and everyone would be on the same playing field.. Just the initial attack button that opens up the fight window..
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  6. rompicoglioni

    rompicoglioni New Member

    Any low level mob with loads of cash should be suspected of being an ALT - Cash Cow. A way to minimize these cash cows would be to stop their income after a period of time...say 1 week.

    Any mobber that can ride the hitlist (auto-heal) should be added to a watch list. Not to say you can't ride it manually, but it would be awfully time consuming.

    Your movers and shakers for kills should be added to a watch list. Take the top 10% in increased hitlist kills and add them to the watch list.

    Look for redundant IP addresses? Not sure if this is the right term, but those with alts would be logging in to multiple accounts on the same computer - add them to the watch list as well.

    I would inform people when they are added to the watch list. See how their game changes. Once they are informed, it is a tough decision. Lay low to prevent getting caught might lead to a massive change in game play which is equally suspect. Keep cheating to keep game play as normal and risk exposing yourself as a cheat.

    You guys have very good suspicions of who is manipulating the game. I'm just not sure you prioritize punishing them because in the short run it's a player lost.
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  7. i like the idea ..i know there is way to fix program to bounty hunt wile you are on shoping dinner xbox psp .. ect
    need proof how i can send Kano if they want proof .. tested bot programs for kano before long time a go and yes they are real..
    hope Kano fix bounty like Bri7591 said ..make game more intresting and give other players get bounty and bot program can suck away hehehe
  8. pineappledog

    pineappledog Member

    The bounty hunter being on a 15 minute timer would fix the bot bounty hunters, a little clock on the screen counting down 15 minutes untill the next wave of hitlistee's are added so bots dont get the eliment of suprise. To clarify, anyone you hitlisted would go on the hitlist in between 0-15 minutes depending on how long untill the wave. It would also add an extra element of skill as if you wanted to hitlist someone in quick succession you would wait untill a few seconds left on the timer then re-hitlist them for the next wave!
  9. alka

    alka Banned

    So how does it work if the person is already listed or pk'd or died on a boss?
    As for Bots, moving the attack button won't stop them getting the bounty. I've been through this with programmers on other apps.
    As for Kano stamping out Bots and alts, it's a joke reporting them. I listed a bot 65 times in 45 minutes, reported it with history and she's still playing. Cheats have been caught and had the alt accounts banned while keeping their main account. Factions swap passwords to do GP's etc. It's well know certain people have a whole faction filled with their alts and others have at least a dozen alts. They have all been reported and still play. The game is ideally set up for cheats to have extra accounts with the way it favours Energy accounts over fighting accounts.
  10. pineappledog

    pineappledog Member

    Well thats the sacrifice you make when removing the bots advantage, you would only be able to hitlist someone once within this time frame
  11. Deltan

    Deltan Member

    We have detection systems, we ban people regularly on a case by case basis. We are constantly making changes to aide in the prevention of cheating but it's a bit of an uphill battle. If you spot suspicious activity, please report it to support. Future games will have better deterrents, implemented from the game design phase.

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