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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by B L O N D Y, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    Hi, everyone...

    My question is - how is it possible that syndicates with 15-25 members are in division D, the same as my synd. which has only 4 members ?

    I have always played SW as a part of A synd, but since I am on a short break from all that drama, I`ve decided to make my own temporary synd. and to play SW with a few friends. It doesn't matter how big or small these accounts are - we all get the same amount of tokens during 4 days of wars, so if my synd. (with 4 players = 4 set of tokens) have to compete in the same category with the synd. which has 25 x set of tokens, I have no chance to be #1, no matter how brilliant I am, or how good my strategy is.
    They can heal or hit any random target to dump tokens once a day with only half of these members, without even using a brain, or without having 1 single kill, or buying 1 refill, and still to end up on the throne every time.
    It has nothing to do with FP`s as a reward for number 1 place, I am talking about other type of satisfaction.

    Here is the example from this SW:
    Division D Leaderboard (February 23 2018)
    1. Sons and Daughters of Anarchy - 25 members - 342,197 WP
    2. Gambino Crime Family - 14 members - 315,961 WP
    3. MY WAY (my synd) - 4 members - 293,573 WP

    Though my synd. had been #1 for almost 4 days, the 2 of these syndicates sneaked from behind during last few hours, they dumped the tons of tokens on healing or wherever… when we had nothing left to beat them. In my synd. we all spent all our tokens + bought all 16 refills.

    So, in my opinion - every syndicate with more than 10 members, which is now E or D - should be a C.

    The other side of the same problem is when a high level player plays SW alone, though with high health / att / def skills, it is not fair to be a C if he is alone, or with less than 10 members.

    If you want to provide fair conditions for everyone during wars, it should be adjusted. Just my two cents...
  2. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    That's just the way it works.
    If you don't like the way it's set up, don't participate. I don't anymore.
    To have any chance of a top 6 ranking, you need to have at least 10 members willing to put some effort in. If you don't, you're just joining for XP, which you can get elsewhere.
    I would say you did pretty well with a top 3 with only 4 members, but you spent more FPs than you won to get that.
    I haven't heard of any plans to change things.
  3. ajui

    ajui Member

    just because they have full 25 members doesn't mean all members actually sign up. in server 2 my syndicate got full 25 members. but only 7 sign up. other is no longer auto sign up. and we not bother to remove them. with 7 members we win division D. but hey with 4 members and score almost 300k, that was really awesome.
  4. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    Yes, but I died to have that result, while the other 2 syndicates which placed ahead of us, achieved that without any effort, with at least 10-20 members who signed up for this SW. If they show up once or twice a day, and make 60.000 WPs in less than 1 hour, they can’t do that with 5 members only.

    When you play as a D, the best outcome from your tokens is to heal, as it is highly unlikely you can hit C, B or A and win 15 / 20 / 25 WPs. With healing you get 20 WPs for every token spent. So, with so many members + tokens it is even better if they don’t have any kill = no negative points when they are killed by others. And we had 95 kills / 46 deaths, with healing only we wouldn’t get anywhere on the board.
  5. Fill your D synd up with newbies; over time as you exchange laggard newbies with more active newbies, you will do well. You can't do well in SW with only 4 people, that's a non-starter. If you want the synd to be only temporary, you will just have to make do with what you can get in the short term. SW is a collaborative event; tailoring it to "make it fair" for mini-synds is in my opinion absurd.

    As for how they can remain D synd with 25 people; easy. Have a lot of really low Skilled people (as newbies tend to be) in top 15, hey presto!
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  6. ajui

    ajui Member

    HOLYSHIT!!! 95 kill!! damn fb/server 1 really scary.. lol. but if we talking about quantity of player instead of quality, then 4 members should be in division E isn't? 1-5 member is E. 6-10 is D, 11-15 is C, 16-20 B, and 20-25 division A.
    then you said ''It doesn't matter how big or small these accounts are..." ok. what if... syn with 5 members all lvl 10k++ in division E. meanwhile syn with 20+ members which average level 100-300 is in division A. what you think will happen? still doesn't matter?

    you might be very brilliant on get the killing. but still not brilliant enough to win the war. recruit syndicate members is also part of strategy. they passing your syn in last hours probably also part of their plan. they using their number very well. GGWP
  7. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    Well, I guess I wouldn’t have problem to fill my syndicate with 20 more newbies, but more ppl = more drama, that`s what I am trying to avoid right now. I don`t even have the recruiting link on, as it is only my temp. home, but that wasn`t my point… I still think some adjustments needs to be done regarding divisions + number of players.

    I didn`t say Es with 25 members to become an A, but for example - Es with 20+ / Ds with 15+ to become Cs.
    Or if a high level player is alone or there are < 3 high level in 1 synd. - to be a D, not a C, because they won`t be able to play at all = Cs are being killed the most times during wars. Their high personal skills won`t help them much when 100 other syndicates start to attack, they only get 1 set of tokens to heal / attack back.

    I have been an A so many times, also I was a C once with 1 friend who has high skills, I `ve played as a D 3 times so far, so I am talking from my experience what I think that could be improved to make a fair SW playground for all.
  8. ajui

    ajui Member

    ho ho ho... basically you leave division A to start your own syndicate. you only recruit very few people to join you in war. because you don't have enough people, you lose the war and blame it to the system. someone suggest you recruit more low level player but you refuse just because you don't like the so call drama. instead of change the way you play, you insist the system to change things to your way.. what a drama. lol you don't want recruit more members, then it's your choice. if lose the war then suck it up. people play base on how system work. not the other way around.
  9. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    There is no perfect system. And I am not the one who is important… I am here now, who knows where I will be tomorrow, probably an A again.
    Btw, placing the 3rd, 3 SW in a row with 4 players, among the syndicates with 14 - 25 players - I wouldn`t call "losing a war".
    I am just pointing out what I`ve noticed that could be improved, so everyone could enjoy more during SW. ;)
  10. SW is collaborative. You wanna do well, fill up your synd. If you don't, if you go solo or play with a few people that is your choice...why change it to make it more "fair"?? If they tailored it to suit solo and "drama challenged" players, the whole collaborative part of it goes out the window. Having it your way would likely make most people enjoy the war LESS than they do now. You did really well with only 4 people, why not enjoy your result?

    Instead you are complaining about losing out on the two top spots however "brilliant" a player you are and how "good" your strategy is. Basis for good strategy is to tailor your plan after the conditions at hand, not after what you wish those conditions to be. And a VERY basic foundation for doing well in Syndicate Wars is to go to war with as many active players as possible. Any strategy seeking to do otherwise is flawed from the very outset. It's been like that always, and is more or less the heart of the event. You don't like it? Jump into Battle Arena and smash some heads there instead.
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  11. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    I guess I should stop trying to change the world…
    Thank you all for your advice.
  12. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    For what it's worth, thanks for trying to start a discussion. It's not your fault it's falling on deaf ears. Now, if you had something to say about raids, that would be a totally different story...
  13. S JORDAN

    S JORDAN Member

    Number of members of syndicate, Armada, faction or guild does not equal number signed up in war.

    .if a syndicate has 25 members and is a D ..either most of them are inactive andare not signed up for war or are really low level..like level 100.

    A friend around level 3800 set up a solo syndicate for a while and was a D.
  14. In SW, all members of a syndicate, including inactives, are automatically signed up when leader/officer signs up to SW, so that does not matter for division.
    However, it is true that the top 15 of those 25 needs to be low level to have the syndicate be D division...or low skilled, rather, which usually follows low level.
  15. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    it does not matter how many players are in a syndicate, the way syndicates are ranked , A,D,C, etc are by the strongest players in the syndicate , but it is not all 25, it is 15( I think) but it is the highest in that group, , not sure if I am explaining it clearly
  16. UNL Sassy Me

    UNL Sassy Me Member

    my syndicate is an A, there are many small players but their theory is not to hit C clans only A's and B's as C's do them no good. They are not in the top ten at the end. I play the other games and A clans in those let you hit the C's as they are easy kills and the wp's on some of those are 2500. One thinks that anything clan over 2000 wps is fair game. I get totally confused as to the logic that each game has. But as a small person in this game it's not easy to hit a B clan and win, unless you are lucky and find one in yellow or red. What is the theory about hitting A, B, C, D, E clans? Or is there none :)
  17. The theory is to maximize the war points you can get out of the average token spent. Exactly how to achieve that will be highly variable with the syndicate in question and it's strength relative to others. For what it's worth, I think it's very normal for A level syndicates to hit C levels. At least it is so on Kong.
  18. Sandy Barrows

    Sandy Barrows Active Member

    Server 2 rewards are disappointing - nothing for below top 15 - waste of time entering
  19. B L O N D Y

    B L O N D Y New Member

    I forgot to brag, I`ve managed to win 3-4 times in division D with 5 members only...

    SW beast I am, but - I don`t play anymore... damn

  20. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    Still received Xp for every token used even if no placement bonus. It does add up for leveling
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