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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Das liebe Beil, Mar 17, 2012.

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    I have seen this feature on other games, so I thought, I'd suggest it here, too.

    This feature basically allows you to pray to a god of your chosing once a day to gain a Skill Point and, based on the number of prayers to that particular god, a divine reward.

    For Vikings I'd suggest something like that:
    Loki - gives + 1 Energy for every blessing
    Tyr - gives + 1 Attack for every blessing
    Odin - gives + 1 Defense for every blessing
    Freyja - gives + 10 Health for every blessing
    Thor - gives + 1 Stamina for every blessing (once every 2 days)

    Concerning the sure to come worries of older players, that new players will have an advantage, I would suggest making these blessings being retroactive, tied to the number of days one played.

    The blessing can be taken once every 23 hours, Stamina once every 46 hours. 22 and 44 hours could be up for discussion, too.

    Retroactive blessings would be awarded as follows: Number of days played * 24 / 23 (or 22).
    Example: Someone played 500 Days. 500*24 = 12000. 12000/23 = 521,73... The player would get 522 blessings they can take. Numbers are always rounded up. With 22 hours cooldown it would be 545,45... i.e. 546 blessings.

    For every blessing you get 50 God Points, 100 for a Stamina Prayer. The last God Reward is unlocked at 6000 points (for now, can be increased later). God Rewards are Cash, FP's and unique weapons. God Points can only be acquired through prayers.

    I think this could be another feature that motivates players to continue playing daily.

    As for the rewards from the gods, I'd suggest the following:
    100 Points - 1x your Empire Income
    300 Points - 1 Favor Point
    500 Points - 1 Weapon with 80 Points total, for each god with different stats.
    750 Points - 2x your Empire Income
    1000 Points - 5x your Empire Income
    1250 Points - 3 Favor Points
    1500 Points - 1 Warrior with 60 points total, different Stats for each god
    2000 Points - 1 Weapon with 100 points total, stats depending on the god
    2500 Points - 5 Favor Points
    3000 Points - 10x your Empire Income
    3500 Points - 1 Warrior with 80 points total
    4000 Points - 1 Weapon with 140 Points total
    5000 Points - 10 Favor Points
    6000 Points - The God as a Warrior, 180 Points in total Stats, 3 Weapons of the God (one offensive, one defensive, one with equal stats) with 240 points, 15 Favor Points, 15x your Empire Income

    The same could be applied to Pirate Clan, Mob Wars and Zombie Slayer, with different Deities of course.

    Please comment and rate.
  2. I like the idea and saw it used in Castle Age, but I don't think there should be any retroactive blessings.

    If it's based on your daily activity of praying, then how would a level 1 who starts praying at the same time as a level 5,000 have an advantage?

    As for the rewards for points, they seem decent if not a little too rewarding. That's just my opinion though.

    If it can be fine tuned and agreed upon by everybody, I'm all for it. I'll give a 8 for now though.
  3. Maler

    Maler Member

    i like it. gave it 10 stars.
    like kul said, it requires some fine tunning, if it will be implemented.

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