Disgusted over this 30 day protection CRAP!

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Bob Sciarrone, Apr 25, 2012.

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    Bob , put your big boy pants on and go play the game and stop griping and sulking :p and try to remember it is a GAME :)
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    If you join wars the player will be removed from protection. If it does not this sounds like a bug, please send in a msg to support indicating the player that is in wars and still under protection so we can look into further: http://www.kanoapps.com/support/
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  3. Kendall

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    If you are attacked on the hitlist by a player that is under 30-day protection, the player will / should be added to your retaliation window. If it is not it is a bug, please send a message into support with a link to the account in question: http://www.kanoapps.com/support/
  4. Kendall

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    If you write into support as you do on the boards I am not that surprised that you haven't gotten an answer. Our support aims for a 24-48 hr response time on emails.
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    I agree that the 30 day protection is not needed and I will even go further and say that it is not only hurting the game but its unethical.

    Tens of thousands of players have played these games successfully and continue to do even when this protection wasnt offered, offering it to players now is just begging for a whole new generation of crybabies and whiners. If the newest players cant see, read and understand the numerous warnings that appear b4 certain gaming actions are taken....what makes u think they have a clue about the protection status? Even if they do realize they are protected....they are still in for a rude awakening once the protection status ends abruptly and they are still going after bounties.

    I also dont think players under protected status should be able to participate in the wars, its hardly fair to all those who can be scored upon in a multitude of ways. Its a team competition where every point counts, its simply not right that you've a segment of the player population that cant be fully scored on.

    personally I think Kano is to blame for all the whining and complaining. The games are completely different at the lowest of levels. Not only do these players have no idea what the game is really gonna be like because they battle nothing but a seemingly endless supply of abandoned accounts that dont fight back, but they also are rewarded with favor points at a much higher rate than everyone else. Leveling is easy as pi and Kano makes no mention that the XP needed to level takes significant leaps and even doubles at a point. They r offered discounted limited item packages that werent offered previously. Between the protection status and the free Favor points its pretty much like Kano is a drug pusher trying to get the young players hooked and soon as they are.....Out comes the carpet from under them and they r introduced to the harsh realities of what the games r really like.

    If u ask me...I think Kano has it ass backwards...They should be happy that the lesser players get weeded out at the lower levels leaving those who can stomach the true reality of the games. They should be rewarding the players that have stuck with them not trying to trick new players into something that simply isnt the way it is. Personally...with all the time and money Ive put into these games Im offended that some person new to the game gets Favor points at nearly every turn when I need nearly 300 k to level and Im lucky to see a a tenth of the Favor points someone who needs 100 XP to level does. Im not shocked in the least that Kano is losing playes at both ends of the level spectrum in droves.
  6. Wonder Bread

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    Hello Bob! I've looked into the support emails, and couldn't find any unanswered emails from account. If you're still waiting for a response on something, please email in and let me know, as it's unclear to me what you would be waiting for.

    Also, just so you know, Moderators are unpaid volunteers who love our games and help us out by answering questions and moderating our forums. I would kindly ask you to be nice to them, as they're wonderful, hard-working people who do this out of their fondness for our games. If you don't feel you can be nice, please email in to support and be not nice to me in an email :)

    If you are genuinely interested in improving our games, and believe they would benefit from not having new player protection, I strongly urge you to post about it in the Ideas section so we can see if there is popular support for the idea.
  7. Kendall

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    A player under protection loses protection when entering wars permanently, if that is not the case then that is a bug and msg should be sent into support. A protected player is restricted from attacking players out of range, only place a player under protection can attack a higher level player is on the hitlist which should put that player on the higher levels retaliation window, if that is not the case then that is a bug and a msg should be sent into support.

    Our games lack in the new player help department, ie. rules of the game etc, which we know and are working to improve. Protection is part of the new user intro section to give players time to learn the game without taking on 1000-day players accidentally. Protection is clearly identified and is something we are working on improving to improve the new player experience, as a higher level hopefully you can appreciate that we are looking to engage more new players so they will some day end up on your own battle list.

    You are correct, this is a bug if it is happening please send in a link to support where you are seeing this issue.

    I could be mistaken, but I am pretty sure are one of the ones that would like to see fuller battle lists at the higher levels of the game. There are not more favor points for lower level players, everyone has the same opportunities for earning free points with levels and through other areas of the games.
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  8. Eric

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    @DMQ - Thanks for the message. All players that have protection enabled and are in war mode should be getting their protection disabled. We have however identified a certain loophole which does not remove their protection for a single play session and we will be fixing this today.
  9. PINZA

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    It seems to me that some people are taking this game way too seriously, lighten up.
    So there is a 30 day protection rul in place, and that is apparently annoying.
    So what? Wailt 30 days and thump them if you feel you have to, though by definition a player under the 30 day protection would be a new one, so your desire to thump them says rather more about you than it does them ;)
    There are a number of frustrating issues with the game, but whining and whinging is not going to get them changed.
    The fall off in challenge help points beyond a certain point is annoying, the 30 job help limit is annoying,and the 50 stamina limit on levelling is.....annoying, and of course, the perennial favourite, being attacked repeatedly by players much bigger than oneself,( and the original poster is an expert on this one )but hey, guess what?
    Them,s the rules, and I still enjoy the game.
    So may I respectfully suggest that if you don,t like it, play something else.
    Farmville perhaps?
    Or at least please whine and moan somewhere else where I don,t have to read it.

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