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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DMQ, Jan 10, 2012.

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    As changes have been made to war mode i guess this would be the Number 1 place to discuss it before it happens yet i cannot find any information about latest changes and the reasons as and why ... Does this mean people in war mode have no input and ppl outside war mode can discuss it in some other way with game developers and get the changes they demand in some other way ive not found yet ?
    Seems a little one sided to me !
  2. Kendall

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    We would love to hear input/feedback from all players.

    The major reason why this change occurred is that when we first implemented we did not take into consideration that the base bounties would extend the increase of hitlists costs so much, basically because it is offered at base a players increased bounty cost would never reset.

    We are trying to find the balance by rewarding those that are in a war and providing a more open fighting experience but at the same time not restricting or disabling some features for those that are not in a war. For example, someone that has their increased hitlist cost ramped up to a huge number from being in a war for a week or two, can go after players outside of the war and basically remove the option to be hitlisted as a retaliation because of the increased cost.

    With the rewards added we wanted to make this change. Please provide your feedback / opinions.
  3. DMQ

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    One simple suggestion would be to only make war mode bounty's available to war mode players only, then increase the bounty in war mode only for more than one list in the period.. Anyone outside war mode has no access to war mode bounty's what so ever. My reason for this is in WM it takes a lot of money to get points if you like to list ppl like I do/did, share the money get the points... When ppl outside war mode kind of complained about the high bounty price as before then i suggest it only fair they have no access to bounty's from wm to wm players full stop.
    Your suggestion of ppl using there high bounty price to "go" after other players without retaliation is kind of right 'but' i would believe most players that complain of this are of higher level and are just a little 'grumpy' that they cannot chain list the other 'lower lev' player.. But hey that's just my opinion on that, its a defensive game and its great that we have certain ways to protect our tails from higher lev players..

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    .........All o heard is "they messed up A good thing" And o see people leavin war mode - go figure....................look ;a trillion dollar bounty is such a prize for a hunter And you just destroyed that - thats All o know but got to say, war mode is great but not for everyone, it seems. Have the feeling it favours non war mode players, the changes And its s'posed to be an attacking game, basically, though you can play it anyway u want - become a real estate developer if u want - but is it mob WARS
    #2. if u have enemies outside war mode, which we all do And yr bounty doesnt go up when u are listed - stays the same then yre a sitting duck - quack, quack so that favours the non war moders And o also heard that the non war moders talked you into making the changes hahahaha so who's ya daddy ? lol - o dunno but if the chicken is in the kitchen, it shouldn't be cooked by people in the street...........And war mode is the heat in the kitchen - its not for strolling passerbys
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    its been tweaked a bit - its good

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