[PC] Different Types of Builds.

Discussion in 'New Player Area' started by Reefer, Jun 27, 2015.

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    1) Boss Slayer: All out stamina and health(1 personal attack 1 def): boss slayer, very fast leveler and able to score very high in BA.Perks: 40% boost in BA, def mode. 350x total attack. Excellent for BA, Excellent for attacking in wars.

    2) Drainer Build: 100 health , attack gets 1 skill per level defense 1, stamina 2 skills(save extra for stamina). You can attack a player with high health multiple times depending on health and take max cash from them. Does fair in BA. Poor in wars, not good healing not good attacking. Raids benefit the leveling issue. Very high stats.

    3) Rider Build: 1 skill to def per level, 4 to health. (500 stam 500 energy max). You will be able to stay long on a hitlist since most can not do anywhere near the max damage. Good for hiding in BA, does not get many points. Great healers in wars.

    3) Hunter Build: 1 skill to attack 4 to health per level. (500 stam and energy). Able to max damage and makes a good bounty collector.(Yes you will lose but the point is the damage dealt will be maxed). BA does fair, good in wars if in attack gear.

    4) Balanced: 1 skill to health, 2 to attack 2 to defense.(500 energy 500 stam). You have a 50% chance on battles, does fair in BA. Works fair for wars.

    5) Scatter Build: Go for all achievements type build. You will have to allocate skills into everything until you get highest achvmnts. 50/50 chance battles. Fair in BA and wars. Gets more free favors, excellent for adventures/jobs good in raids.

    6) Beat Down: 4 attack 1 health. ( 500 stam 500 energy). You will win most battles when attacking. Fair in BA mainly because of low health. Fair in wars as attacker. Relies on raids heavily.

    7) Defender: 4 defense 1 health per level. (500 stam and 500 energy). High chance of wins when attacked. Poor in BA but has high def mode time. Excellent healers for wars, some case of 19m-25m+ heal per token. Relies on raids heavily to level.

    Feel free to add some builds or add to the benefits and cons. Please don't bash on a build, this is intended to inform players of different types of builds.
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    Yes I have tested plenty of builds, I had over 800 accounts on Playdom Mobsters for myspace. Most games that are similar to this I have played including zynga and others. I now have 1 acct per server since that is the rules here. 4 server 4 games 16 accounts. If you feel I am doing something wrong then by all means feel free to report me. I have nothing to hide and in fact encourage Kano to check and players to waste their time over a childish emotion, jealousy. You are only wasting the devs time on a false and trivial matter, when they could be fixing the game and adding features :)
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    Remember, which ever build you choose, it is advisable to join an armada. The armada offers help, protection, the availability of extra bosses. These bosses help your avatar with drops. Also by joining an armada you are able to participate in AW. During AW you have excellent chances at drops, it does not matter if you are built for healing or attacking. Your mates will also share their raid bosses during the raids. Raids are great for leveling and a chance at an awesome item when defeated.

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