didnt level up

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  1. Hi All
    Im posting on behalf of a syndicate member

    He was level 499 and when he leveled up , instead of getting level 500 , he went back down to level 450 ....he is now 463, but should be 513 ...any help appreciated
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  2. thanks very much Athiestic ...ive passed it on to my friend
  3. thats crazy though never even heard of this before lol.
  4. Bo Baby

    Bo Baby Member

    pat on the back...

    that must be the person i listed until they lost lvls...lol
  5. Bo baby ..for real , do youknow who i mean ?

    I past the link on that Atheistic posted ...im waiting for him to get back to me to see what it is ?
    if it happened to me i would be gutted :(
  6. gods people

    gods people Active Member


    obviously a glitch or a bug in the game. BUMMER.....................
  7. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman Active Member

    This player should send a message into support with their account information so that we can investigate further. We need their social network and application ID/link/name. While we have had players report this before usually they play on different social networks and they are confusing games.

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