Devs...counter attack stragegy ?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by WTF was that, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. WTF was that

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    I have raised the question of counter attacks before.
    I would like to know how I am expected to be able to climb further with just 10 counters available, and only able to use 1 boost at a time.
    I have a clan of 1300 I am level 1382
    and here is the battle list right now.

    Chris Jon the Great online now!
    Level 1438 1451

    Dale Eir
    Level 1653 2000

    Thomas Gar online now!
    Level 1934 2000

    John Pal Jonsson online now!
    Level 1964 1853

    Bully Thor online now!
    Level 2119 2000

    Sharon Silver Hammer online now!
    Level 2274 1823

    Kel the Merciful King online now!
    Level 2390 1982

    Mike Ketil Thorsteinsson online now!
    Level 3066 1667

    A lot of the 2000clan people are not on line right now but as you can see there is little or no point in me even trying to climb further as I obviously will just be blocked all the time.
    I had allowed for this situation in my tactics making sure I had enough earnings and stamina to be able to counter bigger clans but with recent changes my tactics became obsolete.
    I would suggest you need to do somethig !!! as soon the only players to be climbing will be those that are willing to use there credit cards.
    Below is an example of a particularly large pain in the butt who chained me for a long time, without counters I would have given up on the game alltogether.

    ** ** **** *** ** ********, Level ****
    2562 attacks,1 bounty,29 axe slaps in 18 days

    He has 2000 clan, what is the defence against this person now. I am out of his range now as I stopped playing (it was pointless after the counters were dropped).

    I just think the balence has been tipped to far now.
  2. toeeatingdog

    toeeatingdog Member

    I very much agree with this. And started my own thread about it too (didn't see this one). Please fix this!!!
  3. Eddie

    Eddie Member

    Well once you get into level 1000+ there is not a big level-power difference. This means you have a chance of beating them with a small boost if any boost at all. If you are still having trouble finding people, go declan those around your level but make sure to tell them the declan is for leveling purposes. I remember I used to have the same issue long long time ago.
  4. Vampryss

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    I need to do that with about 700 players.. it not only affects the battle list but the bounty list as well..
  5. i have extra 1500 clan .... thats why i cant hit my 1000 bounty kill :D
    well i manage to list 1000 rival leaders but to bad last achievement is at 400 ...
    if you have levelling partner than you will see that no need declain so much ;)
  6. Vampryss

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    I don't have a "partner" - My leveling partner is anyone I can find on the battle list.. ;)
  7. toeeatingdog

    toeeatingdog Member

    I don't have an issue with finding people to battle, have PLENTY of those, which is why I need more counter attacks available...down to 18 now. I get hit constantly by players that are 100-150 lvls above me while I'm bounty hunting, attacking bosses, or even fighting other clans (that I actually can beat). I like having my back protected by those that harass me. I have no issues with those players that hit me a few times then stop, no biggie, it's the ones that won't give up and are right there every time I heal. Yes, I have countered them while they're attacking me, but in my mind the whole purpose of counters is to say "Hey, leave me the @%&#^ alone! I'm busy right now!" or "You're a freakin bully, #&%* off!"
  8. Eric Maximus

    Eric Maximus Member


    I said the same thing, well, until about level 800. I blew thru many of my rivals and ended up clanning with most of them. For random battles, I would always send messages of "nice battle", followed by "..heal, let's battle". It was my way to encourage a clean battle. If I had enough or had to go, I ended with the "thank you" message (hopefully to continue on a later day). Generally, most people avoid jerks (I know I did- I didn't like them leveling off of me, lol). I despised the hit and hide styles, I countered them and refused to have them level off of me.

    I hit really fast, and I recall one random battle, I out-hit him/her 5 hits to 1, so in the in the middle of this random battle... I ended up slowing down because I felt guilty getting so much xp out of this one person, lol. It was just my way of showing good faith. I ended up leveling over 100 levels during a one week period, with just this one person.

    After level 800, you will notice a huge drop in rivals. But if you respect your limited rivals, you will continue to rise rapidly. De-clan as needed, always with a courtesy message first, this makes a huge difference.

    After level 1000, consider joining a strong alliance. In all great wars, the stronger alliance will always win. Battle strategy 101 :rolleyes:
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