Delete notification who killed arena player.

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Remove the notification of the player that got the kill in the Arena?

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  1. What diff does it make whether its a team or a single player that goes after a sniper? How would that be any diff if they were to go after a random player on the fight list? Lets not forget that active players tend to show up on battle pages much more routinely than just by being active you run more of a risk at being discovered. How would it be fair to eliminate one strategy and not any other? Is it inconceivable that a player or a team of players want to take out the most active players sooner rather than later when they are stronger? How is that any less a valid strategy than sniping?

    Your idea of using less stamina/FP because of this not only seems counterproductive to every aspect of Kano games....but in addition makes no sense. The players burning the stam/FP are the players taking down the targets...not the snipers, dont you think your suggestion would run off the ones burning the stam? Your reasoning would suggest you want to hurt Kano financially to get your way....but its pretty clear its your suggestion that would do the most damage is it not?

    We dont want to trash your idea simply to trash on it, your intentions may be honorable but its clear that your not seeing the whole picture in how it will affect other things including the fairness aspect
  2. Wrong on pretty much everything youve posted here. Most of which we wont touch on because its either been proven wrong countless times already or its simply doesnt warrant comment due to its silliness.

    Perks are bias? They are exactly the same way for every player despite their is that bias in any way? In fact....if anything they benefit the lower levels more than any other. perks are based on percentages of skill point allocation to the diff attributes. higher levels who have much more need for things such as stamina (energy in ZS) have a lower percentage allocated to the pertinent attributes for which perks are awarded. Your idea of taking away perks would only insure more disparity in power between the higher and lower levels.

    Balance the playing field? So u are of the mindset that a level 1k should be as strong as a level 10k? What would be the point of leveling or ever allocating points to attack or defense then? What would be the point of having full clan or more powerful limited or blacksmith items? What would be the point of anything? Basically u want to give a player who has played less, earned less, payed less or all of the above the same as someone who done far more? So u would be cool if some player 5k levels lower than u that started yesterday came into the arena and whooped your butt? If we balanced the playing field.....than why bother playing out the arena at all? Whats going to differentiate one player from the next? Would it not become completely random at that point. At that point lets bail on the arena all together and all play the lottery

    Maybe its that u just want to increase the odds for the lower levels a bit....not make it completely balanced? How is that fair to the higher levels? lets not forget there is the random factor that already allows a significantly lower leveled player to win upwards of 40% of the time against an opponent they could never actually beat....and u want more? I think its important to realize a couple of things....For starters the battle arena is meant to be far less restrictive than the main game, its voluntary and completely separate from the main game, higher levels are already handicapped and lower levels have Far more to potentially gain.
  3. OK then what exactly does this mean:

    Originally Posted by polishpimp

    10) Approx how long will a competition be?

    03-23-2012 01:31 PM
    DarkStratus replied to Polish's question with this:
    10) We haven’t determined how long the competition will be but we are hoping it lasts 2 or 3 days. *This may change.

    Yes it changed LOL It's more like what 4 hours or so now? I don't just make up stuff JJ. That is pretty clear that they were originally hoping it lasts 2 or 3 days.
  4. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Jillian I'm almost 6k in FB VC and don't use any groups, and placed 15th. I see both sides as well but what could it really hurt to give it 1 try all I'm saying. I got few kills stolen from me, yes was P' offed cause I did the work, but same time I did snipe 2 kills as well.
  5. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    Jerome in all honesty what player can sit and play the arena for 2 or 3 days straight without having to take a break and get away from it so its a good thing people finish it asap
  6. That's all I was saying too. Give it one try. There are no stats or achievments attached to them. Would it really hurt that bad to try it the other way for fun? What would be the harm honestly? How would it hurt anyone?
  7. Understood, I was simply showing where I got the 2 or 3 days from to JJ or phone Polish whichever it is.
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  8. Hmmmmm off topic not to mention completely wrong much? Was it not you asking members to stay on topic and asking me to remove my head from rear when you thought i was veering of topic?

    1. Players attack us despite our health number often and your wrong on that one

    2. Larry brings down and kills his own targets just like the rest of our friends. Some times if we are doing ok ourselves and a friend is under heavy attack we will help them out (especially if being teamed up on by known enemies;)), because thats what friends are for. If you are against that...your either lying or a really crappy friend.

    3.You ranked that not considered high? Are u not included in "all others that would like to rank high"?

    4.As stated previously.....we dont always kill snipers....we often timesuse them to our advantage...its called strategy. So wrong again!

    5. Its very rare we tag team anyone, its normally only when they go into D stance near the ensd of the arena, you should know this as well as

    6. By removing the notification who has a better chance of ranking high...the sniper? Lol....think up that one on your own did ya? No kidding they would stand a better chance, the question is...why do they deserve a better chance for doing less? How is that strategy more viable than any other? Should there not be risk involved by all parties? What u suggest in that the players that actuall take the tme, effort and stamina to bring down the target should have all the risk while the sniper has none....selfish much? Heres a about not snipling kills and finding your own if u dont wanna have your name revealed. There are a few ways to tell if an opponent is being attacked. u yourself said that u pulled off targets knowing they were being hit....whats the problem? Sounds like a good strategy to me if I were in your position.

    7. Will u please show me where where Kano said anything close to "This is also what KANO wanted to happen, smaller accounts having a really fair chance to rank high."? I assure u thety said nothing even close. I think if players in this thread went back and actually read what Kano said their intentions for the arena were....we could clear up a few things.

    8. So u want to level the playing that in the arena as well as the regular game? Either way.....would be cool if I started a new account and the following day I joined the arena and whooped you? You want an even playing field right? What ever youve done with your account in all the time youve played should make zero difference? Sorry....Im just not down with that and to be honest I dont think u are either, what u want is to eliminate a strategy that just doesnt happen to work for you and your selfish enough to not care how it will affect others....BRAVO!

    9.Nothing in your post would be better for Kano....PERIOD!

    10. From the very first arena to the last... participation numbers have remained pretty I dont see that there has been any mass exodus by players who are unhappy. In fact....this last arena while being on the low end of the average as far as participation numbers....was by far the most active. arena to date
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  9. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    In the end it will pretty much be same outcome because of the strength of the character. Yet the sniping goes both ways high or low level, who has the harder time to snipe a kill? The lower level cause they do less damage. My 2 cents. If a lower level does snipe it IMO good for them they got lucky, but deserve to die for it is questionable.
  10. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    what was this about again? lol ahhhh gotta love viking clan xD
  11. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    all names should be revealed after a kill. it is beneficial to everyone playing in the arena. thats all there is to it
  12. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    I would like to ask all that are posting, to stay on topic. This thread is not who killed who, or who "stole " a kill. Thank you for your cooperation
  13. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I did not even see those posts you are talking about JJ I worked most of the weekend and had little time especially yesterday to check out the forum, let me go see what is up there, besides the fact I seem to be the only one moderating for the most part.:( Ok i got rid of some, I will let Dan take over as I am at work and don't have the time to look thru this whole thing right now, and do it justice.
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  14. John....its fine that you have given your opinion on the topic at hand, what would be nice is if you would be so kind as to explain your position, just stating something does not make it true nor is it going to convince anyone to change their viewpoint. What I have done is to give legitimate reasons based on first hand experience of having accounts in all Kanos games which range in levels from low to high that actually compete in the arenas of why this particular idea would be bad for Kano and its games. Perhaps if you actually listed reasons as to how this idea might help......Then I and others might actually be persuaded to change our view point to that of yours. After all....we want whats best for the game and all its levels...thats why we come to the forums to debate intelligently the pros and cons of each idea presented by forum members.

    John, you were in clear violation of the TOU and the rules of conduct, thats why your posts were removed. If your looking to place blame look no further than a mirror
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  15. If you throw EVERY point made on this topic out it just leaves me with this: I would like to see one "special" BA ran without the notification on. The BA is not part of the main game in stats or anything. It is just a Bonus game anyways. Seriously what would it hurt? This idea is pretty much split 50/50 depending on what time of day it is. People do not have to give a reason behind there vote. All they have to do is check which way they like and it looks like it is pretty even.
  16. @ Linda Understood , I was asking Kano.... If they have a short to the point answer of NO then we can just ask the OP to delete this thread and poof it's over lol.... Maybe we should not post ideas on the weekend in the future......
  17. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    I would agree on that last statement 100% :p I am waiting for Dan he can decide to close or delete what needs to be done.
  18. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    What I want with this thread is to see how people think about the subject, and many have done so. A discussion has started, and many posted their opinion.
    What I want to see is that any post would be related to the topic, and would like to know what KANO thinks about the subject. The poll shows we have almost as many nee as yea voters.
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  19. Wonder Bread

    Wonder Bread Active Member

    There has been quite a lot of civil and respectful discussion on this, which is great, however there has also been an incredible amount of trolling, some of which has been removed.

    It's clear that players on either side of this discussion are passionate about it, and we will take that passion under consideration. While we don't currently plan to make any additional changes to the arena, we do understand that there are players interested in the arena with different mechanics in place, and will keep that in mind.

    @Dutchman I'm closing down this thread as it's full of off-topic posts, but I appreciate the discussion generated around the topic.
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