Delete notification who killed arena player.

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Remove the notification of the player that got the kill in the Arena?

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  1. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    good point jerome alts are the biggest problem in the games my space an face book an untill kano checks ips an blocks the using ip blockers to keep from being band for alts the arenas will never be fair , they could try it this way but i'm sure some will have a problem with it have one arena with the player from 3500 an up an the next with only the player 3400 an lower ,i have looked many times an there are lots of players above these number an below them an just so you all know this will not help me at all for i am a high level player well in the 6000
  2. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    in order to build you health you do not always have to steal a kill just pick your targets correctly if it takes the same or more of your health to kill them then its not worth going after. stealing a kill is going to happen from time to time. even a high level player can lose health killing someone if the reward does not offset the amount of health lost in the killing. so the showing of the names need to stay because that is how everyone no matter the level can see who got the kill and check them out with 1 hit which usually will not get you hit back. @ John since you are over level 6000 and i am not even level 5000 if you lost to me i would pitty you so bragging about being able to beat me shows me you have trouble with players in your own range :).........have a nice day
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  3. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    lol was not bragging there larry boy an no i have no trouble beat anyone at my level lol to point out they are like you buddy most can beat me an once again leave it to one of jj team to say leave it as it is lol but any way i was in the first two an lost kill to you an jj who were sniping lol but you want to be able to kill some one who stills one from you lol how funny is that ,ok once again i'm sorry for getting side tracked lol ,lets just do this kano leave the kills as they are an just take away the ablitty to change your name an just go in with your game name they that way everyone can try to stay away from those they can't beat ,and everyone can just hunt down those they don't like then maybe this will fix the joke of an arena
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  4. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    just so you i admitted to stealing a few kills and i know i put myself in a position to be attacked for that. so i am not asking for anything i dont expect. what you failed to read was i also said that if you pick your targets wisely as Linda also said you can and will gain health without having to steal kills all the time
  5. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    lol larry i have been in 3 arenas my best finish was 105 an i had 39 kills an did not still any of them ,so i fully see the point . btu what you an some are failing to see is there point that way be the only way of getting there health up ,so in hiding who gets a kill an how many kill player have it makes it so player who chose not to be in a team an do it on there on have a chance to get a better place when face a group of 20 or more that are working together to make sure they are all in the top 25 such as the pimp team on myspace ,so in saying that feel good that the only way you are getting to the top every time is the if need the little guys in you team or as some of like to say gang go in to deff mood an then call on the to level 10000 to come an take them out ,so they don't get taken out ,an skype in my book is how you guys are getting to talk ,so why not just play the arena as it was ment to be every man for him self ,till then it is an will all ways be a joke in my book take it how you want it but you an jj an polish will all ways shoot down anything that make it hard on you i would think you would be up for a challange lol so take the who killed who out an the name search an see how it go's i don't think the out come will change much jj an polish will still more then likely win but some of the top 100 will for sure lol
  6. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    no it should stay and i would even bet you did steal a kill even if you didnt know it lol its happens all the time what i am saying is that if you pay attention you can tell if someone big is also hitting the player your attacking so be careful of when you do go for a kill
  7. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    ok if you say so as i said you an the pimp want no changes that make it were you can all make it to the top ,so you guys keep it lol an i'll just keep play out side the arena lol i know how to use my stamina an can get more levels out side of it anyway ,guess you guys need it to level an feel good that you are all so great lol you know were i am on the game an if you really want me to see it your way convence me there i am the same me i have all ways been lol i;m not scared to go after any bounty an will take my beating for it ,i guess kano is just like burger king you guys want it your way ,an once again i'm sorry to everyone else for getting away from the main point witch was to help not me but the lower levels out
  8. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    if you had been in the arena you would have seen that the lower levels win alot more there than they do in the game. and Kano themselves do suggest that everyone get help from friends so when they are being attacked by a higher player they can call them for help
  9. I know Kano responded to my question before the Arena started and stated that smaller clans would be able to gang up and take out a large one but I honestly do not see that being possible. I could be wrong.....

    Could they not turn off the notification of who got the kill just in the final round after it gets down to just the folks who have already placed?
  10. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    the lower levels do have a chance and as i have said earlier you have to pay attention to what is going on with the health of the person you are attacking and believe it or not some rewards just are not that good to invest alot of health and stam into so yes they do get further even if they steal a kill or 2 but the ones that do it all the time and don't try to get their own kills are the ones that die early. therefore the name of who got the kill should stay. As i said earlier 1 hit to a person is all it takes to see how big they are and most times as far as i know they are safe from retaliation with just the 1 hit. Why dont they get rid of the def. mode when there is only 25 or so................if you noticed 1/2 the arena started with over 1 billion health this time
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  11. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I would very much like to see Def mode gone once Arena is down to the last 20 players.

    It is ridiculous that someone can start the Arena with high health and just sit around sniping kills to keep adding to their health and then we it gets to the last 20 players left they go in def mode knowing it will get them a free ride down to the last few.
  12. The idea of multiple arenas has been brought up many times in other threads and posts, the idea just hasnt seemed to have caught on. I havent seen any insults "start flying" because someone brings up an idea for the lower levels. In fact it appears to be the exact opposite as some seem to not like the fact that higher levels are winning more often than not. Your initial response to my comments were clearly not objective. I believe my comments are as objective as they get, as previously stated we play multiple games on both platforms and have accounts that range from very low to some of the highest in the games, further more...we have played since the early beginnings of Kano as well as started over well after most of the major game changes had been made. Personally I think that makes us not only knowledgeable but unbiased, objective and with a true hope for fairness spanning all levels. Pleas dont mistake my statement of "fairness" as wanting to level the playing field, clearly higher levels should trounce on lower level as they have worked and earned the right to do so. Lower levels just need to work harder and use more strategy...just like we had to and still continue to have to in many of our games. Its just how it works....nobody should just be able to sign up one day and be beating the snot out of the highest of levels the next. The games are set up in such a way...not to mention that late coming updates have all but insured that the lower levels of today will catch and surpass the older high level accounts as long as they have a similar dedication.

    Yes, i clearly understand why someone would not want the name of the snipers to be shown. But in my opinion it would make the risk one sided and be anything but fair. As stated previously....A player who uses hundreds of stamina and invests a large portion of their health into bringing down a high health target is taking a huge risk and potentially jeopardizing their stay in the arena because there is always the chance their kill might be stolen. Why shouldn't a player who employs the sniping strategy have risk as well? You dont see this as being one sided or as a bias toward a particular strategy?

    The reality is...whether the arena lasts 6 hrs or 3 days most players can not or will not dedicate that much time to an arena, the same holds true for why some players are much higher levels than others. So Yes....the highest of levels win more often, obviously they are stronger and have more experience, but they also are obviously willing to dedicate the time, in the end thats gonna win out 9 outta 10 times.

    I may toss in a slight jab here an there, but who doesnt? If you are reading my words in this thread as insulting or condescending than you have misinterpreted my words. I choose to speak matter of factly based on knowledge and experience both here in the forums and in all of kano's games, if that comes across as surly that is definitely unfortunate as its not my intent, but it certainly does not warrant an apology as my intentions are always to make the games better for everyone
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  13. Well written JJ and if I did indeed misinterpret your words that does warrant an apology. I have been on the recieving end of newer clans coming up on me much stronger and doing so much cheaper with all the changes over the past couple years. I think that perhaps I need a time-out till I play in a couple more Arenas. But as of the last 2 I played in, no matter how wisely I chose my targets my health never got much better than my starting health. My character is high health high attack and I made 20K+ hits and 43 non stolen kills and placed like in the 60's. Now, if I played with a group of high players who would do most of the hitting then let me take the kill shot till my health had been built up high enough I guess I would be able to place much much higher. I don't know how it is in MS but in FB I had around 20K hits and 30+ kills in one arena then I had a kill stolen knocking me way down in health so I had to steal one to get back up. I was killed off instantly after the steal in like 648th place.
  14. Toker

    Toker Member

    When it says you will be able to beat the bigger levels, I always took that as If you Att Them You have the chance to beat them. Never took it as a chance of winning the arena. In reality for a small level to win doesnt seem realistic when you factor in starting health. Some people start of With WAAAAAY more health than I do Meaning I would NEver bother attacking them in the Arena. Maybe we should all start at the same health. Making attacking people more even on the health scale, and then Factoring in level vs level to determine health loss for attacking. You attack a low level you might lose less health than the attack award gives so you just gain health but you hit some one out of range, you could lose a couple million health. And then your on their sh*t list.
  15. As previously stated....We play all the games and have a wide range of when commenting on subjects that encompasses all of our accounts than we are speaking from the experience of all of them in hopes of benefiting them all equally...not one more than the other. Our thoughts and comments are always based on "both sides of the coin". Do u play all the games and have multiple ranges of levels that compete in the arenas? Do u know how it works first hand for low, mid and high levels? have u employed multiple strategies and combinations of strategies with these varying leveled accounts? Do u talk via the game, phone, skype and in person with other players of varying levels before during and after an arena to discuss how things worked in an attempt to fine tune things? How objective are u in your post im quoting.... "Of course you do or you wouldn't be so worked up on shooting this idea down. ". To me it appears you have made some assumptions based on nothing almost from the get go, or perhaps Im reading you wrong

  16. Hmmmm.... a few posts later John you stated you stopped playing arenas after the first one because saw how it turned out and didnt see the point of entering anymore. So your statement in the post Im quoting and your thoughts in general on the arena are based off 1 attempt at the arena?

    No disrespect John, but do you really think we need help taking you down? Are u saying helping clan or guild members is wrong? You do realize that there is no chat in the arena right? Are u proposing Kano shuts down in-game messaging during every arena? What do u suppose they should do about any other chat site, phones or skype?

    Being anti team work in the arena pretty much would doom any and all chance for anybody but the highest of levels dont u think? Are we to believe that if u came across one of your guild mates that u matched up well against and had a nice kill reward that you would just take them out? Because if u is that a form of teamwork or diff than coming to the aid of a friend? You do realize these are social networking games right? The more clan and the quality of your clan make all the difference in the world, I know with 100% certainty that we wouldnt be where we are if not for our of course we do whatever we can to help them. Perhaps this is where your lacking?

  17. Thanks Jerome. No doubt that high leveled friends can be a great asset as can a large group of players looking out for one another. Its definitely a strategy...a strategy that can sometimes come at a price. The players/friends we have the luxury of knowing and playing with not only know but are absolutely willing to work together and sacrifice themselves if need be. In one of our games our group has far less players as another group of players who have dominated the arena, and to say we are far out gunned as far as levels is an understatement. But our out gunned group through teamwork, strategy , communication and self sacrifice have managed to take the arena away from the other group on a few occasions. Each time a diff member of our team has taken first....all of which have been thousands of levels behind the others #1 player.

    I hear what your saying can be difficult at times to actually gain health, sometimes regardless of your level. Match ups are important. We see strong builds in game that are not all that strong in the arena. But more so...we see players who simply are playing it wrong for their type of build or the time they have allotted themselves to play. What we recognized early on was there was ways to build stronger arena accounts we went that route with some knowing full well it was going to be detrimental in the main game. Its a choice like any other.

    Then theres just plain old bad luck....showing up on the wrong persons battle page at the wrong time. Sometimes it makes no diff whether in Def stance or not, its just one of them things.

  18. We agree with you Toker but we also think they meant they actually had a chance of winning as well, not as good a chance but a chance none the less. We think thats the way it should be...The arena was intended as a free for all in which there were far fewer restrictions and limits then in the main game, seems to make perfect sense to us that a level 10k is going to have a better shot that a level 660. Honestly, who thinks it would be "fair" that limits were put into place to actually increase a lower levels chance of winning, to do so would be to decrease the higher levels chances which would be handicapping things and defeat the whole purpose of levleing and making ones account stronger. Not only does a low level have a chance.....they are already given an edge that higher levels do not get. , in fact the highest of levels are already penalized, its the random factor. In the regular often does a level 1k beat a level 10 or a level 10K lose to a level 1K? Since the beginning of the arenas ...Kano has significantly increased this so called "random factor" in favor of lower levels. When a lower level attacks our level 10k accounts they use to win approx 10% of the time now we have seen them win upward of 40% of the time over a span of hundreds of attacks.

    As stated in a previous post...diff players have diff ideas as to what success is. As others have pointed out in this thread and as we have pointed out in numerous others.....the rewards for winning fall far short of what a player actually has to put in to it. Our high level accounts who regularly have far more attacks and kills than others rarely win more FP then spent, the number of levels are far less than that of a lower level. Battle drops that can actually be used are few and far between at best as there are far fewer high levels to score them from. As far as the lower levels go with sound strategy and perhaps a lil luck can easily get a hundred levels, usable battle drops from every single player they face and a chance at beating out a bunch of higher levels in the rankings.

    So I guess it all comes down to how one defines success and or if they are greedy and want even more than what they can already potentially have. The upside for the low to mid levels in the arena is much more than that of a high level and there is no shame if they do perform well. For us it seems that some players just want to use high level players as their excuse for a poor showing, Imagine our frustration with them as we know full well it is they that have an unearned advantage and a chance at benefiting far more

  19. Not allow the top 25 from the previous arena? You actually want to penalize players for doing well regardless of their level? whats the logic behind this? Is there something wrong with players doing well regularly? Would you feel differently if a level 660 had one most of the arenas? Do u really think this would "make everybody happy".

  20. They wanted it to last 3 days? Im sorry but I dont believe that to be true. I think they allotted 3 days because they had no idea how long it would take nor did they know how many players might participate in any given arena and they didnt want players to intentially drag it they had to put a reasonable time limit on it
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