Delete notification who killed arena player.

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Remove the notification of the player that got the kill in the Arena?

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  1. True, What would it hurt really?
  2. Dark Stratus also said this:

    "Perhaps save your judgement until you see how the battle mechanic works. You still get XP when hitting those high level players and you will be taking off health, if you work together with other low levels you will be able to take down the big guys. "

    OK, I saved my judement, Now show me ANYWHERE in the FB - BA where low leveled playes have taken out a high level player!

    If your battle mechanics were designed as you stated then this should be happening by now. It is virtually impossible regardless of how the low levels work together.
  3. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    They need group is why GRIFF, played with no help FB VC and got 15th
  4. Crisom Melo

    Crisom Melo Member

    BRAVO! At least someone whit arguments to explain that ARENA has this name, because is one place to fight, and dont have one name like Chicken's house for example. If your name dont appear when YOU stole from someone, you will killed anyway, or stay fight and dont be in def mode just to take a place. The best of Arena is got XP and drops and you are only bordered with places.
  5. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    I want to thank all that contributed to this thread for mostly staying on topic. I would ask that all post after this one will stay that way...Thank you all for your input.
  6. Understood, but Kano originally wanted the Arena to last a couple days if not 3.
  7. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    So lets make it so you can't see who is attacking you too...would that serve you better? How about everyone that enters wins like in grade school ? Or how about just building your game character so you can do better??????? There are adjustments in place to help lower level players, and you want to punish players more for work they have already done to get better?
  8. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    If they originally wanted the Arena to last 3 days, then they might had in mind about people playing as individuals, and not as a pack of wolfs. Although I don't have any problem people have that kind of strategy, I still think that the identity should not be revealed after you get the kill. As it is now, I will do my 100 attacks, and hope for the best. This means i will not burn stamina, which means I do not have to refill, which results in NO money for KANO. If I could get a kill without being revealed, I would go for more kills, burn more guess the rest...
  9. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    the rest is there will be less people playing in the end.. I know I wont waste that amount of time. So we are back to the 'if you want to do better in the arena build your game character for it and hone your skills' concept. You won't stop the people that are working together no matter what, so find people to work with. This was supposed to be a game of skill and strategy.
  10. It was also suppose to be fun a fair to everyone regardless of their build so stop the argument of " BUILD YOU CHARACTER for it "!
    We were assured by Kano that our existing characters would all be competative in the Arena

    So, now you are telling me that I must change my character to play the Arena? If this is true then Kano missed the mark on that one and this warrants some changes in the battle mechanics.

    Just to clarify another thing, I like the Arena with showing who sniped a kill as I did not play to steal any kills last round and I placed probably as high as I could ever place. I am simply trying to see both sides. It seems that the majority of the thiefs are the higher leveled players not the lower ones. No one wants to stop friends playing together, on the contrary I would like to see some lower leveled players be able to gang up and take out the top players as one of the Devs said would be possible, but as you know that isn't possible. What is everyone so uptight about? If you are so much smarter and so much stronger then what are you afraid of?

    I say do one Arena with the abilty to see who sniped the kill turned off. Make it a special event or something , you wouldnt have to play. What's wrong with having one round like that???? These things are not tied to any stats or achievements........
  11. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    Well then, maybe you should try the 'hone your skills' aspect of the suggestion.. I was in one arena where I saw the same player sniping kills all over the place, it is aggravating to do the work just to have someone take it- if you aren't good enough to get kills on your own I think it is low to steal from others, and if you steal from others you should be open to retaliation
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  12. Adam Maguire

    Adam Maguire Member

    Sniping kills is the only way to win if you aren't near or over level 10,000 outside the arena. It is the simple truth. Has anybody ever won it who wasn't over 10,000? No. They can finish in the top 10 and I have done so but you cannot kill the big players. The way the perks are assigned is biased to bigger players and nothing can be done about it.

    Either the Dev's need to redo the math to make it a more balanced playing field,
    remove the names so kills can be sniped to allow small players to gain a large health base to handle the bigger players,
    or remove perks altogether so everybody starts with the same stats and it's a simple fight to the death and an endurance test.

    Redoing the math is the best thing I can come up with as a solution to the problem. Instead of adding points to perks for all the good a person has done with their character, take them away. This would then make it a much more balanced playing field as the babies would stand the best chance but the higher level players are more experienced in tactics to try bring it back for a victory.
    Removing the name is plausible except that there would then be outrage and complaints in the forums about people sniping kills after they did all the work and people would then stop playing in the Arena for that reason.
    The last is impossible of course as they would then have no way to judge who wins or loses a fight. It would be simple chance. Well, to us anyway, not the server which would still run numbers to determine outcomes.
  13. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    in reply to your question Adam Maguire yes i have won the arena and im not even level 5000 yet so it is possible and no the names should be revealed just as they are now
  14. Fair enough. I agree with some of your logic. Like I said, I had kills stolen and it is a major pain. Was this player over level 5000? If he was a lower level player then he would not have been stealing kills all over the place because he would have been killed off after the first couple. I totally get it that you feel that it is low to steal a kill but that is really how the BA was designed. Perhaps the DEVS need to revamp the Arena to where folks will not have to steal so many to be able to compete. Why do you keep ignoring the one thing I have asked a couple of times. Why can't we run a BA every now and then with this feature turned off to allow the lower levels to have a chance? I have thought this through and I benefit more the way it is right now with regards to XP so I would be a fool to want it changed for good. It is just that maybe I would like to have a real chance at winning it sometime.
  15. Are you KIDDING me with the honing your skills thing? That is so laughable to me. How skillful does one have to be to click on a name and see they are weaker then clicking the attack button till they are dead? Seriously man, I really admire your honed skills and hope I can be able to click the attack button better someday soon. The Arena requires as much skill as killing bosses if all you do is hit offline or really weak opponents. I do not know how it works for someone with your perfectly Arena built character, but for my character , it does not matter which clan I take out on my own without stealing it leaves me either under my original health or just barely over. So please tell me what I need to do with my character. I chose all my kills wisely and made 40 or so of them without stealing any of them. I put in over 20K hits. Now please tell me I did not put in the work or that I need to "hone skills". Would you not like to see an Arena just for higher levels? I promise you that the low-mid range clans would love to have one just for them. Apparently, the majority of players that join the Arena do so just hoping that some strange error will let them win some sort of prize or slip under the programming and place high enough to get a reward.
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  16. How about this.... Turn the feature off during the final round ?
  17. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    Apparently more skilled than you,lol.. and it was a player way under level 5000 poaching kills that went deep into the arena. If you read back a couple posts you will see a lower level player that won the arena, and plenty of mid range players finish well. Changing things to compensate for somebody's shortcomings isn't the answer- this is a contest, not a charity. Maybe you just need some friends like Larry has . :)
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  18. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I have seen players of mid to high level do very well and even win in the PC arena, working on your health , which is something I have down since the arena's started is something to consider, have good health helps in all areas of the game anyway, I stil vote that I want to see who snipes a kill.

    @ Adam, I do not know what network or game your play but I have seen many people under level 10,000 win in the PC FB arena, Many in fact we do not even have that many that are even that high lol In fact the winner was a level 5,000, and I know the players there want to know who stole a kill :)
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  19. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    ok ok fb an ms are not the same playing feilds so get to the point ms an jj an the gang win unless the are not in it an larry, the one thing about your win is that you can't beat me in the game but you an jj an polish really wish us all to believe you won took them both out lol that an you are a joke an give me great laughs lol they beat each other down an they you took them out because thats how they wanted it ,ok so lets not hide the kill if fact how about kano just makes it were when you go in the arena you go in an use your name on the game then see how pimps team work ,works when eveyone can find them an a 100 or some player team up ,you guys dont want anything that will make it hard for you to do your thing
  20. I LIKE KNOWING WHO SNIPED A KILL! I was simply stating that I totally understand why the OP wants them to be taken away. I do well for what I want out of the arena. I have said enough on this subject , perhaps the OP or some of the others that have voted to remove the feature will voice their opinions on the matter now. Im done. Have a great day.
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