Delete notification who killed arena player.

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Remove the notification of the player that got the kill in the Arena?

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  1. As it is, around 1500 people join the Arena and most are just FED to the top 30 or so clans. I wish I could find the thread where I told KANO that is how it was going to be and they assured me it wouldn't
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  2. Morbius

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    exactly to me team work is the same as trying to steal a kill but in all fairness the person working alone trying to battle and win it on there own deserves more respect than those who have decided to team up to take the easy way out and again if you are lucky enough to be friends with a few top players your set and if you are a small player who comes across that player and they pass your name onto the higher player and boom your dead, how is that fair ????
  3. I too totally respect anyone trying to play on their own as I do most the time because you can not trust anyone in a fighting game full of so many EGOS . But without friends what are you left with? I do have a few though and they have been with me prettty much since day 1 !
  4. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    I play BA in MS ZS and in my experiences it is the higher levels that are stealing the kills from the lower levels doing all the work. They start the Arena with more health so they have the luxury of being able to sit around waiting for others to do the work and then step in for the last few hits doing doubt the damage as the other person hitting it and get the kill. I have played BA on my own as well and being in a chat group of very strong players and have finished with the same rankings doing both. The only difference is when working with a group of people, overall, i do less attacks. I don't see working in a group as a problem, but it does tick me off when we agree on a target and a couple of us will spend a huge number of stam and then one player will just tap it every now and then and be the one to get the kill. I think once a target is dead, if we could see who how many attacks other players did to it, people would have to earn their kills or get kicked out on their ass and do all the work on their own.
  5. Linda

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    My not being a team player in most areas of my life, when I join the arena, I play for myself by myself.
  6. You know, That is probably correct.

    I did thousands of attacks but it didn't go for nothing as I gained a lot of XP and racked up a decent amount of kills but since I did not steal any kills I stayed pretty close to the health I started out with the whole time until my kills started getting stolen by the higher levels then I was done. It only takes one steal for someone at my initial health to be out.
  7. Have they never given out anything for number of kills?
  8. Morbius

    Morbius New Member

    good points I agree
  9. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    i understand what Jillian was saying and the the names should be revealed as they are now if anything the defense mode should be taken away in the last 25 or so
  10. Yes, we "let" them live. Where is the problem? Isn't the battle arena about killing everyone? We prefer to use a strategy that benefits us, and if that means choosing who to kill and who not to kill, then so be it. Your lack of objectivity is not allowing you to see the whole picture from all levels' point of view. The battle arena is NOT supposed to be another version of the main game. It's a free-for-all battle with less restrictions than the main game. That's why it's separate from the main game. I encourage you to go back and find Kano's original posts about the arena because you are sorely mistaken. No where did they say that any level/build of player would have the "same" chance of winning. Kano just said they would have a chance and that they would need to employ strategy to further themselves.

    The whole reason Kano created the arena was so players with short or non-existent battle lists would have something to do. If you're going to ask Kano to level the playing field, between higher and lower level players, what would be the point of having a battle arena?

    We have all the limits and restrictions we need out in the main game. The arena is supposed to be where we can use our full strength and strategy to prevail without being handcuffed by excessive rules.
  11. My comments in this thread did pertain to the topic at hand. If you choose to read them as condescending, that's on you and your own personal bias.

    Perhaps you should go back and re-read YOUR comments and re-think your position on rudeness.

    Both Polish and I play multiple Kano games on both platforms. As far as playing all day, even if that were true, does that somehow make us less knowledgeable on this topic?
  12. Fair enough, Funny you would ask someone to see things from your perspective..... If you would kindly go back and re-read all my posts you will see that I said a few times that I totally see your side. Have fun.
  13. I totally disagree! For starters, "fairing well" is pretty subjective as every player's goals and the amount of time they can dedicate to the arena varies.

    As I stated before, we don't kill everyone who steals a kill from us. Also, players of all levels have "fared" very well depending on their idea of well, which would include ranking highly, multiple leveling, etc. Yes, Kano mentioned that sniping a kill is a strategy, but they did not say it was the only strategy. They also provided the player's name which is a link for players to go after those who snipe their kill. Therefore, it's pretty obvious Kano intended that as a strategy as well.

    Terrible strategy? I have low level accounts in other Kano games and have used that strategy with what I consider great success. Furthermore, anybody, especially a lower level, who thinks one strategy is going to fit all situations every time, is pretty much done before they start. The key to success in the arena, the game and perhaps in life, is the ability to think on your feet and adapt. If you can't do that, give me your next arena name. LOL ;)
  14. True, but I used the word "objectively". I wasn't feeling the objectivity from you and some of the others posting on this thread to my initial post.
  15. Can we please be allowed to post ideas without getting pounded in the ground. There were points made for both arguments and I stated I see both sides. I even stated that why couldn't we have more BA's and run one with the abilty to see who gets the kill and one without that abilty. How would this hurt anyone's game? Objectivety goes both ways. Why is it that when anyone posts ideas for the low - mid range players the insults start flying? I stand behind my comments as they are objective. My views are probably more objective than the average person on here . If I had Mr. P's account, I would for sure not want KANO to take away the ability to see who steals the kills. I see THIS SIDE CLEARLY! Now, can you see why someone would want this taken away? I really do see it and totally understand why they would. I honestly do not care either way. See, that's where I am objective. I DO NOT care either way. I enjoyed the Arena as is for what I wanted out of it when I played it. I just happen to see why the OP started the thread and I WILL voice my opinion when I feel warranted. Thanks
  16. I can read, you said, "Your lack of objectivity is not allowing you to see the whole picture from all levels' point of view." So forgive me if I took that to mean I wasn't seeing things from your perspective. So you worded it that I couldn't see things from all levels' point of view. I honestly do and if you would kindly stop typing and go back through what was said you could see that. At what point in time did you ever in this thread see it from the other side of the coin? You do not think it would benefit the people asking for this change? Of course you do or you wouldn't be so worked up on shooting this idea down. Of course I could be wrong and you may indeed see their point..... PS.. I do not even know the OP or talk to him so what he says has nothing to do with me.
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  17. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    lol this is funny you say no gang up by you an your gang lol when i have been in it the sec i start take one of your little group down you an polish show up an take me out ,i think all chat between player should be take out of the arena ,an see how many of your group makes it to the end
  18. big john klad

    big john klad Member

    i like your point of view ,an as far as jj an them go any change that would make it hard on them to know who is build health up ,would hurt their ability to know who mite take there group out, but i all so see all points in this , i say make everyone happy an do not allow the top 25 winners to be in the next one ,an then all could be happy an the arena can stay the way it is ,but this all so will not make them happy
  19. Dark Stratus stated the following on 4-2-12
    The amount of health you regenerate is based on two things, how much health you have as an individual and the amount of skill points your opponent has. You have to remember the high level players will be killing the low levels at a high rate so giving the same rate across the board would make it so high level players would be encouraged to kill the low level players. Its a fine line we have to cross and when we release the battle arena your feedback will help make it fair.

    So my question is to the Devs:

    In FB VC , I am not allowed by the "powers that be" in this game to make strategically placed kills as you outlined in your tips section for the BA. If I make one "steal" POW Im done! DEAD DOA..... Ok, that strategy is out now. So I played the last BA being VERY careful not to step on ANY other players toes. I lasted much longer, however, my health never ran much over my original level. There has to be an imbalance there somewhere. I hit loads and loads of players and every one of them gave the same results. If I took them down all by myself as you HAVE to now or you get gang banged I can not advance my health. Then at some point a high level player will steal one of my kills and Im about put out by that. Is it my build or is something needing adjustment?
  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Give it a try I say, either no names on kill, or no search bar for retaliation for 1 arena. Prove yourself being #1 without teamwork, CAN'T SEE HOW ANY HIGH LEVEL WOULD NOT BE UP TO A CHALLENGE UNLESS CAN'T DO IT ON YOUR OWN? LOL, EVERYONE GO IN BLIND FOLDED NO STATS SEEING WHAT EVERYONE HAS DONE BET YOU, WORKS OUT PRETTY MUCH THE SAME.
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