Delete notification who killed arena player.

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Remove the notification of the player that got the kill in the Arena?

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  1. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    I would put up for discussion the following:
    There are many players that do not have a guild, or maybe 1-2 out of a guild do play in the arena, and would like to get as high as possible in the rankings, but with revealing who killed a certain arena player, can cause other players that also were going for the kill, and have many from a their guild playing, to gang up on the player that got the kill.
    To make it more fair to all players that play, I would like to see the notification who got the kill to be removed. This will to my opinion get more people to play the arena.
    When I noticed there were more player hitting, I backed off to gain my chance of getting further in the arena rankings, and I did. I know for sure if I would got that kill, I would have been gang attacked, and not finished as high as I did.
  2. Robert Belrose

    Robert Belrose Active Member

    there are allot of people that poach kills and let others do the work- they should be subject to retribution.
  3. I have to agree that a lot more players would indeed join and participate in the arena if the notification of who got the kill was removed. However, "stealing" a kill should indeed open you up to retaliation from the various groups as strength in numbers very well goes along with the theme of the game. I too play the arena without a group or guild and it is pretty much impossible to place very high in the rankings where the high level guilds usually land. No matter what strategy I use I have no chance of ever ranking in the top 40 or so. I am OK with that as I play to get the XP. Before the Arena came out I'm pretty sure the Devs. said several times that the way it is going to be set up it would allow anyone to win regardless of level and this is simply not true. As long as I get XP and have a little fun doing it, I'm fine with it as it is but it would be cool if I really did have a chance at winning. Anyways, your idea is a catch 22. I placed much higher by never going for the "steal" but as my character is set up I am lucky to just breaking even after taking someone from full health to killing them. So, this limits how high I could ever place. The only way I could add to my total health would be to steal a kill and then like you said, you will be killed off pretty much instantly afterward by the large guilds.
  4. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    Jerome, you got exactly what I was aiming for. By removing the name of the person who got the kill, you even the playing field to where players without a guild/support can still rank decent. At a certain moment you going to have to deal with the players that are playing in wolf packs, but you have minimize the chance of being gang attacked because you got a kill.
  5. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    Good point dutch, this is why i died because i helped out a friend by killing them because they had 2 umm, agressive players on them knocking them down, so after i got my friend they went for me. You should make this thread a idea, id give it a 10/10.
  6. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    Urg i didnt mean to hit post, I meant to add more. so here is the rest lol. By removing the players name that killed it would prevent bullys from killing people that are just trying to get rewards. I know if my name didnt show when i killed players that id do much better because then the people that were hitting them with me would not be able to tell it was me. I also love how you can make someone spend over 1.1k stamina and probally a few hundred million health knocking you down from 1.6 billion and in the end, you suicide off of someone else. Leaving that "agressive" player with a waste of time, stamina, and health, lol sounds familar huh biggin, since it happened twice now lol.
  7. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    If I do all the work and someone swipes it at the last moment, I would want to know who that was .
  8. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    Linda, you make a point. But that is part of the arena right? Making the risk of loosing a kill.
  9. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I still want to know who did it :) If they are gonna do it and some are really good at it, they should be out in the open, no hiding for them lol
  10. Akkhunter1

    Akkhunter1 Member

    Well, maybe they could get the names revealed after the arena is over. So they would know who stole it, but they couldnt do anything about it lol.
  11. Larry Skary

    Larry Skary Member

    stealing a kill is part of the arena game but when the same player does it often to the same person they should expect to be attacked and taken out because they put forth no effort in the kill. so i feel it should remain as is. i have had several kills stolen from me and i save the player that stole the kill so if they keep doing it i can go after them.
  12. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    If people lose a kill to another their first reaction is...They stole my kill... How do you know, maybe they were also attacking while you were, and have maybe even more attacks in then you....and yes there are people that will wait till the end, and have the luck of getting the kill. Is that not the same with hitting a person on the can hit that person multiple times, and somebody else can have a 1 hit kill...It is part of the game that is presented.
    Let us think about the commercial aspect of it. If people have more chance to finish higher without being killed by a wolf pack after they kill somebody, then more people would join, more people means more use of stamina, and they might need to buy a stamina pack, which could result in cash for KANO. Lets face it, KANO is not here as a charitable organization. They are here to make money. I think by removing the notification who got the kill, can result in cash for KANO...
  13. Obviously you either haven't read, or chosen to ignore, the reason the arena came into being in the first place. Revealing the name not only needs to stay, but I would go as far as to say that the name of the player someone suicides on, if they do so, needs to be revealed as well.

    Basically because the arena hasn't been set up for your type of build, you want to change it to suit your type of build. Selfish much?

    Having had the opportunity to go up against you in the main game, I can tell you that the only reason you went as far as you did in the arena was due to your unattractive numbers and the fact that you were largely inactive in the arena.

    The strategy you described here seems to have worked well for you, you finished 10th. Why would you need change the way the arena is set up to help you even further? As history has shown, a wide range of levels of players have won the arena so the current set up is already working.

    As far as "gangs"go, or as I like to say"teamwork", it is a perfectly legitimate strategy. The fact that a player is not in a guild makes no difference whatsoever. If they so choose, they are still able to work with their clan as a team inside the arena.

    Just as sniping a kill is a strategy for those who wish to employ it, so is going after someone who takes a kill from you after you have invested all the stamina to take one down. It is as much a risk to invest a lot of stamina taking down a kill, knowing that it could be stolen on the kill shot,as it is to snipe a kill. Why should all the risk be one sided?

    Once again, in regards to "teams", as far as I know, I've seen and participated in them in PC but have not seen them to be necessary in MSVC. Any arena in which I have participated in MSVC, teamwork has never been needed to take down any opponent. The only time there may have been a double team is when a player has been in defensive mode at the end of the arena knowing the outcome was inevitable.

    Although a higher level player may have a better shot at winning the arena, which they should since they are a much stronger player due to the work they have done to reach their level, thanks to Kano's more recent adjustments to the arena, lower level players are now receiving benefits that were never available to them when they were coming up through the ranks and will never be made up at this point. A tradeoff, yes, but one that has gone too far, imo

    I actually am AMAZED that this thread was started by one of the officers of the "WAR GUILD", the greatest, mightiest war guild of all time. Interesting that he needs to hide his kills in the arena, even as an anonymous player.

    The preceding post is a result of a discussion with Polish over the phone. lol
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  14. Lower level players have little to no chance of ever winning without stealing kills. This forum is mostly comprised of high level long time players, so this idea will be shot down fast. I would think that any lower level player wanting a chance at ever winning an arena would of course want their name hidden if they steal a kill. Stealing kills is pretty much the only way lower leveled players can place well . Also , someone who doesn't have the finances to keep refilling their stamina has a lot smaller chance of being able to take clans out without "stealing" the kill. Higher level players wants to know who stole their kill so they can take them out because they see the thief as a low life and want to retaliate but maybe sometimes the thief is just doing the only thing they can do in the arena. I see both sides and agree with both arguments. That being said, I didn't steal any kills in this last Arena but had 5 stolen from me and it didn't matter if I saw their name because how in the world would I retaliate? The theifs were all High leveled players! Hmmm...

    Is there any compromise possible? Maybe just reveal the "thief" if he or she is within a certain level range.

    Or set up a bracketed Arena based on level every once in a while. There may not be enough participants for a bracketed arena but Im just brainstorming.

    PS... I'm relatively new to the Arena so I'm just basing my opinion on the last 2 Arenas I participated in.
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  15. If one truly understands the arena, then one would know the potential benefits are far greater for the lower level players than for the higher level players. Particularly in light of the changes Kano has made recently.

    As for going after someone who has stolen a kill, that isn't always the case. We may hit them once to see their situation with regard to health, etc. and make a decision based upon that. We also look at how many attacks they have vs. number of kills. If their attacks are low, compared to their number of kills, then yes, we take them out for stealing. But if their attack numbers are high compared to their number of kills, then we let them live to help take out the dead wood.

    As stated previously, if someone is only stealing kills, or appears to be doing that, then that is the risk they are taking. We are taking an equal risk investing our stamina in a kill, knowing it could be stolen. Why shouldn't we know who stole our kill? The risk should NEVER be one sided.
  16. Dutchman

    Dutchman Member

    Jillian, I started this thread because I think I would like to give all players an even and fair chance in the Arena. This got nothing to do with being selfish, because according to you, my build does not suit the Arena, or whatever you think about my viking. Get your head out of your rear end. Why do you and Polish always have to start implementing a bunch of negativity in a thread.
    This is just a thread to see how people think about the idea, not to start accusing people. Stay on topic. You and polish can just let everybody know what you think without jumping on a person telling them that they have a bad build for the Arena or why I started this thread as an officer of a certain war guild.
    I ended up 10th this time, and I don't need to hear your excuses why I was "spared" by you...give me a break...
    All I ask is input about the idea, not to see or hear you complaining, bullying and trying to pick at people.
  17. Your statement " We let them live." says it all. Before the Arena was released I was assured by the Admins that "ANY" level player regardless of their build would have the same chance to win the Arena. This is not the case. Im just saying. I absolutely benefited from the last Arena because I had unused GP just collecting dust and I enjoyed a lot of stam but it would be nice to actually have a shot at winning though. Maybe The FB high level players will " Let me Live " to take the win sometime. I really think the Devs wanted to make it possible for anyone to be able to take the win no matter their build or level but they missed that mark.
  18. Can you please enlighten me?
  19. Morbius

    Morbius New Member

    I though the forum was a place for people to come and toss out Ideas to try and make the game better not a place for people to try and show up other people................. lots of people in this game don't have ( the spare time to put it nicely ) that you have to spend online all day long posting and analyzing the game, positive feed back will help the game more than cheap shot comments

    I agree with total anonymity in the BA, but sadly kano did not account for people working in teams to win ............ to have a level 10 000 and a level 3000 in the same battle arena is very unfair I am not sure how many play on other games or on my space but I am sure that if Kano split up the battle arena in FB VC it into 2 or 3 level catagorys would get a lot more people joining and make it a bit more fair for the lower players
  20. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    Honestly IMO being a winner in an arena is not the only goal, the levels and drops one can get without even ranking real high are worth being there as well as the xp for joining and I have seen lower levels do fairly well, The Arena was not here even a year ago, so people playing the game got to where they are without it, so this is an advantage for new or lower level players, I have to agree with alot of what JJ pertaining to the strategy , the more arenas people join the more they will find a strategy that works for them, as far as seeing who takes a kill from something I worked hard at, and yes I can tell if someone is attacking this same player, all I have to do is stop , go back and see the health is where I left it each time I stop and start, I don't want to know who stole it for any other reason than I am curious but that is just me, but to say that the only way a lower level can get anywhere in the arena, is to steal a kill, I disagree and if someone does that , then they are subject to whatever the player they stole it from wants to do or not do about it. IMO
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