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  1. Shifty Eyes

    Shifty Eyes New Member

    I have 333 Attack, 222 Defense, and in boss fights of doing 20 Stamina hits only do 1700 damage average, i can put on my lowest attack and defense items and still do 1600 damage

    My friend does 7000+ with a 20 stam attack with almost the same attack.

    Just looking for feedback on what could cause this problem

    Slot 1: Police Gas Gun
    Slot 2: Table Saw
    Slot 3: ICE Defense Tactical Vest
    Slot 4: Kano's Chopper

    Attack 127 138 13 55 333
    Defense 17 134 16 55 222

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  2. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Correct me if I am wrong, for I play PC and VC instead of MW or even ZS, but Boss fight damage is mainly determined by your max health. Attack/Defense DO factor in, but health has a bigger effect.
  3. Shifty Eyes

    Shifty Eyes New Member

    If thats the case it makes sense some what between two of my friends they have a 50 health difference but a 20 attack diff and a 4k damage difference but that could be why im not doing well in those fights i haven't put much in the health i will try that when i get more stam and level.
  4. Shifty Eyes

    Shifty Eyes New Member

    Just tested it on my nephews game and thats the main damage source i got him from 300 health to 600 and now he does almost 10k damage. Thanks for the feed back right away. Now if only i could just start the damn account over it would be nice..i have almost 1k energy and 100+ attack 100+ defense and 100 hp.

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